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4 — Partnerships, Growth & Future Objectives

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Our online education platform has been launched and boasts over 30 custom mini-courses & guides as well as a plethora of videos and interviews with key industry figures and thought leaders. We are extremely proud to bring easily accessible education on topical subject matter to all interested cryptocurrency hobbyists and blockchain enthusiasts. Blockchain.Edu will continue to be the leading online resource for Cryptocurrency and Blockchain education. Our courses are carefully designed to help individuals learn and understand blockchain and cryptocurrency through education and consultation, all focused on making the acceptance of blockchain technologies seamless & pain free.

Learn more at https://blockchainedu.io/


We have established our Blockchain.Launchpad, which is an end to end, blockchain services & solution provider. We deliver blockchain development & software solutions such as coin creation, smart contract deployment, dapp creation and code audit.

We provide cryptocurrency & blockchain focused startup & business consulting, marketing, business planning, copywriting and take-to-market strategies.

We are experienced working with a variety of different blockchain technologies such as Bitcoin, Etherum, Dash, Hyperledger, Multichain or Quorom. We have extensive experience working with a variety of software development tools (Solidity, Truffle, JSON-RPC, Raiden, Serpent, Web3.js) and have a robust team willing and able to take on any project, regardless of size.

Learn more at https://www.cryptoimprovementfund.io/blockchainlaunchpad/

CIF Blockchain (Wallet Update)

We have been working diligently to update several features of our blockchain and have merged all commits, as well as updated all wallets. The upgrade to the existing node was as simple as replacing the existing wallet (node) executable file with the updated wallet version (make sure you NEVER delete and ALWAYS BACKUP your wallet.dat file).

CIF Github

• https://github.com/CIF-Github/cif-core/projects/1\

• https://github.com/CIF-Github/cif-core

Node Updates:

  • Incorporated all DASH Core Fixes to CIF Core
  • Created p2pool-cif
  • Created sentinel
  • Created CIF_hash
  • (Upgrade Core) Created CIF-Core
  • Reduced total CIF Coins count to 250,000,000
  • Updated Block Reward 50% Masternode 50% PoW
  • Fixed Testnet
  • Created docker container
  • Added Masternode Functionality
  • Added InstaSend Functionality
  • Added PrivateSend Functionality

CIF Blockchain (Features)

Included in our wallet update are several long awaited features that will add additional function to our blockchain.


Lending support to our network by enabling advanced features and enforcing network security.


InstaSend allows effortless & borderless transactions with instantaneous confirmation times.


PrivateSend allows individuals to send their CIF coins across networks with full anonymity.

Partnerships, Growth & Future Objectives

As we’ve grown out our education and consulting offerings we have placed a heavier focus on growing this portion of the business as we’ve been receiving significant requests to work with blockchain startups. We have sat down for meaningful conversations with a potential existing team of seasoned business professionals who have worked with organizations small and large, startups, and Fortune 100 companies with the common theme of doing things differently and delivering exceptional results.

Being a business development, consulting, and growth firm with a focus on executive training. They have extensive experience in growing and scaling businesses. As blockchain technology emerges, a variety of clients have approached them looking to grow their businesses in the space. They have been looking for a firm that focuses on blockchain (CIF) who will provide them with a well established resource while synergistically allowing CIF to scale it’s business and offer a wider range of qualified services to startups we work with. As this relationship

We previously mentioned that we had submitted our business concept to several startup incubators (IBM Innovation Space, Microsoft BizSpark). In an effort to maintain transparency, we have not received follow up statements from these incubators who are focused on utilizing their in house technology to further projects. CIF aims to help business in much the same manner as these programs through consultation and advisement and business development, therefore rendering these programs irrelevant to our business objectives. Working as consultants with startups in this space will be our primary objective for the time being and we will not be continuing to follow up with these programs as they serve no purpose for us at this point in time.

RTO, Staffing Updates & Future Plans

We regret that Duane Parnham and Joseph Lambert will no longer be working with the Crypto Improvement Fund Project. Although we value their extensive experience we have found that our future goals do not align and therefore have found it mutually beneficial to part ways. Although they provided experience in public markets we felt that they were not aligned to our future business strategy. We thank both of these two individuals for their time and effort committed to the project. As they were originally brought on to provide leadership and guidance as well as pursue a potential public listing this effort will currently cease as they have moved onto other ventures. We are confident that this void will be filled by expert mentorship and management found in future business relationships.

Blockchain Development

After interviewing a variety of individuals and firms, we have made the final decision to hire on our new lead blockchain developer & programmer. We’ve brought on Kirill Kirikov to spearhead the ongoing Blockchain Development of the CIF Blockchain project.

With over 12 years of dev experience, managing a team (of up to 30 specialists), and releasing more than 100 apps — Kirill transitioned from developing software for Chrysler & Ferrari to teaching courses on iOS and Blockchain as well as developing Dapps, Private Blockchains and Smart Contracts.

Important Note

This update is provided in order to relay information to our community so that they may stay up to date with company and its progress. This information is meant as purely informative and is not meant to solicit or promote the CIF Blockchain project. As always THERE CAN NEVER BE ANY EXPECTATION OF PROFIT associated with the CIF coin. There can also be no PERCEIVED OR EXPLICIT OWNERSHIP (resembling that of a shareholder) of the company by owning CIF coins. The only use for the coins if for purchasing products and services offered by the Crypto Improvement Fund.

We Seek Safe Harbor

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