What’s Bitecoin Network?

We all love food, in fact, we are crazy about food. We love eating out as well. However at times, you want to enjoy a meal with your friends in the comfort of your home, or you are too busy working that you want to order a takeaway, or that it’s simply convenient that way. Either way, we do a lot of takeaways. There are hundreds if not thousands of food delivery networks out there.

BiteCoin network offers you an intriguing alternative. As the world’s first decentralized, cryptocurrency-backed food delivery network.

Have you ever used a food delivery service and waited for hours only to be disappointed at the pathetic service and performance, or worse, to get a cold meal? BiteCoin is committed to improving this industry through the implementation of emerging technologies, contributing their share of the pie.

Bitecoin Network Mission Statement

1. To create a platform for food delivery in Paris as the launching city. Listing a wide range of
restaurants and accepting cryptocurrency as well as fiat currency for payment.
2. To reduce and remove pain points like delays, unoptimized routes, refund issues and
wrong item received experienced seen with current food delivery apps in the
3. To implement the most efficient decentralised delivery network and management system
using our proprietary AI-induced on-the-chain algorithm. To use MPC techniques and
guaranteed state-of-the-art active FTC algorithms using alpha-contracting invariant sets .
4. To implement one-of-a-kind loyalty program using tokens as rewards for users of the app
as they make the orders and thus token distribution is monetized.
5. To implement a digital asset exchange trading platform enlisting BiteCoins and other
cryptocurrencies right from the beginning with state-of-the-art derivative tools that no
competitors has yet delivered. To link the delivery app directly with the exchange
platform so that users of the app can sell their BITEs and withdraw fiat.

To learn more about Bitecoin Network visit https://bitecoin.network/

**Blockchain.Launchpad will be providing marketing support and general business development for BiteCoin.**

Remember: Participating in any ICO is an extremely risky venture. You could lose some, if not all of the money you’ve invested. Although Bitecoin is a customer of CIF’s Blockchain.Launchpad , we cannot ever guarantee the success of an ICO or speak to their ability to complete their project. Always do your own due diligence before investing in any ICO.

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