What’s Bitschool?

BitSchool has been created to resolve the major educational problems. The BitSchool Personalized Learning Solution (PLS) will help learners establish clear individual learning paths accurately reflecting their abilities and interests, and guide them on their paths to excellence. PLS comprises 3 components. “PLS Assessment” will help education providers with optimal curriculum planning that would allow learners to choose the right courses to resolve their weaknesses systematically. “PLS Learning” will help learners examine their learned knowledge and identify knowledge gaps, and provide intelligently generated learning materials to plug the learners’ gaps. “PLS Test” will allow education providers to automatically create and administer adaptive exams to evaluate the learners’ true performances and minimize the exam cost. BitSchool’s blockchain technology will enable contents creators to trace transactions using their contents and get paid. This technology will help them transform into an education data company in addition to being an education solution provider.

Education Problems that Bitschool is Solving

  1. Education is tailored to average learners rather than individual.
  2. Hard to track learner’s understanding and progress.
  3. Difficult to find the right learning pathway.
  4. Learning resources aren’t provided as frequently and timely as required.
  5. Exams may not reflect the test taker’s true performance.
  6. The creation of educational content is not rewarded fairly and hence not incentivized.
  7. The poor can’t afford the same learning opportunity as their affluent peers.

To learn more about the Bitschool Network visit https://www.bitschool.io/

**Blockchain.Launchpad will be providing marketing support, general business development and content creation for BitSchool.**

Remember: Participating in any ICO is an extremely risky venture. You could lose some, if not all of the money you’ve invested. Although Bitschool is a customer of CIF’s Blockchain.Launchpad , we cannot ever guarantee the success of an ICO or speak to their ability to complete their project. Always do your own due diligence before investing in any ICO.

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