Business Alliance – Setup Masternodes

CIF is pleased to announce a newly formed business alliance with Setup Masternodes. The Setup Masternodes team consist of dedicated IT support staff who are ready to help with the setup of your masternode. With Setup Masternodes you can choose from any supported masternodes listed on their site and they’ll guide you through a successful launch. You’ll have direct contact with a masternode specialist for setup and on-going maintenance. They’ll also be able to provide you with any maintenance or ongoing troubleshooting to reduce the down-time of your masternode.

Why should you choose their masternode setup service?

  • They’ll guide you through setup as well as support you for troubleshooting issues
  • You are in FULL CONTROL of all the coins, servers, and wallets
  • Setup process can be completed within 48 hours of the initial discovery stages
  • Troubleshooting support is available anytime after a completed setup
  • 100% money back guarantee if they are unable to service a completed setup

For more information, visit

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