What’s Elysian?

The current landscape in the Ecommerce industry exposes vulnerabilities in several aspects. One of the more pressing concerns is the lack of trustworthy security. There are thousands of data breaches occurring annually, with hackers primarily targeting companies that are the least likely to combat cyber attacks. A prime example of this is evident in the breach of Equifax in mid-2017, in which 143 million Americans fell victim to a breach in the security that left their personal information exposed to hackers. As a result, several C-Title positions were forced to resign. It is no surprise that these kinds of incidents are extremely detrimental to the existence of companies in the Ecommerce industry.

Elysian is a revolutionary new Ecommerce platform created specifically to solve these issues. The cryptocurrency market is currently lacking an innovative hybrid platform that combines blockchain technology with Ecommerce. One of the primary functions of the blockchain is to serve as an immutable ledger to prevent data manipulation and validate transactions. Elysian integrates blockchain technology to provide a higher level of security for Ecommerce businesses that launch on their platform. Customer data will be stored directly on the blockchain, primarily personal information such as Name, Address, Email, Phone Number, Credit/Debit Card Number, Bank Account Number, and Driver’s License Number. Storing data on the blockchain immediately provides an increased level of trust between the business and the consumer. Consequently, this will create a snowball effect, leading to increased website traffic and revenue. In an industry that has experienced rapid expansion over the last few years, it is vital that new companies that enter the market can adapt to necessary transformations to allow the industry to continue to thrive. The ability to fix current flaws in Ecommerce to improve the quality of the technology will not only assure the progressive success of the market but may also potentially generate growth that could become hyperbolic.

Elysian is set to be one of the first Ecommerce companies integrating the cryptocurrency market into its platform. Businesses in the Ecommerce industry will have the ability to launch on the scalable Elysian platform to provide services. In addition, consumers will have the ability to visit the Elysian Ecommerce store, which will be the initial beta test for the platform, and use any cryptocurrency as a method of access to secure transactions.
The integration of atomic swaps on the platform assures that users will be comfortable in the Elysian ecosystem transacting with whichever token they prefer.

The platform will provide a drastically improved user experience by implementing technological advancements such as Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality. In the current Ecommerce industry, there is a lack of revolutionary user experience. The industry is currently at the ground floor of a technological movement which will see several businesses transition to these aesthetically pleasing aspects in several years. Elysian is entering the market at a time when these aspects are virtually nonexistent. The implementation of AI and VR is primarily meant to enhance user experience by improving overall website efficiency, including site navigation and convenience. Consumers will be enticed to engage in an experience that will replicate being physically present in a store. This will increase consumer satisfaction and assist in the growth of the Ecommerce industry.

Elysian will have first mover’s advantage in a niche that has surprisingly not been targeted yet. This will allow them to set the industry standard for scalable platforms that integrate blockchain technology to improve Ecommerce. Consequently, there is a sizeable portion of market share available over the next few years as the platform develops and becomes more refined. Elysian is positioned perfectly to thrive in both the Ecommerce industry and cryptocurrency market by appealing to both businesses and consumers and developing an increased level of trust between the two. The platform serves as an intermediary between Ecommerce businesses and their specific targeted demographic of consumers. The company is focused on achieving long-term growth and should grow drastically in popularity over the course of 2018.

To learn more about Elysian visit https://elycoin.io/

**Blockchain.Launchpad will be providing marketing support & general business development for Elysian.**

Remember: Participating in any ICO is an extremely risky venture. You could lose some, if not all of the money you’ve invested. Although Elysian is a customer of CIF’s Blockchain.Launchpad , we cannot ever guarantee the success of an ICO or speak to their ability to complete their project. Always do your own due diligence before investing in any ICO.

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