We are pleased to announce the completion of a masternode setup script, completed by community member and software QA/developer @emage which will allow individuals the ability to set up masternodes with a user friendly script, originally created by Nodemaster.

You can access the CIF Masternode Setup Script here.

What is a Masternode?

A masternode is a unique way of incentivizing people to both secure the network by running a node, and by encouraging them to hold a comparatively large amount of the currency. One of the most popular implementations of master nodes occurs on the Dash network.

Here’s how it works for CIF. First, one needs to own 100,000 units of CIF. Next, they need to have a preferably dedicated computer to become their masternode. The most popular choice for this is a virtual server provided by any number of server hosting companies. Such a server usually costs around five dollars a month to rent.

Then, the user configures their new server and installs the CIF software. Once the software is installed, they transfer their 1000 CIF into a secure wallet to act as a deposit. From here on out, the masternode is now running.

What is a Setup Script?

A masternode setup script is a script which allows the installation of masternode software on a VPS with relative easy. Traditional masternode software installation is a long and tedious process which requires a significant amount of manual steps. The use of a setup script allows for instantaneous software installation with little or no experience required by the user. This makes setting up and running a masternode much more efficient and user friendly.

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