Starting the conversation – the mission of the Crypto Improvement Fund. Helping the adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies through education and outreach is our primary goal and mission statement. @Robertabooye, a CIF community member – was kind enough to introduce CIF to the Yankees of the Lancaster-Depew Baseball League. The Lancaster-Depew Baseball League is over 60 years old and is one of the largest community organizations letting young Americans enjoy America’s #1 pastime!

CIF sponsored the jerseys of the Lancaster-Depew Yankees for their 2018-19 summer season. Cryptocurrencies are an emerging industry involving billions of dollars in investment and technology oriented professionals from all corners of the globe. The issues that currently stifle cryptocurrency adoption falls on the lack of understanding and education of the technologies by the average individual. By putting the our name on these jerseys, we hope that this gets some baseball fans talking about cryptocurrencies, blockchain technologies and the benefits they can bring to any industry! Although this may seem like a drop in the bucket, it’s initiatives like these that will help bring about the mainstream adoption of these emerging technologies.

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