What’s Whalesburg?

Whalesburg’s initial goal was to develop a mining pool with a hundred of the most valuable proof-of-work (PoW) coins. They started gathering information, looking into open source solutions, and speaking to miners and investors within the mining industry. They also looked into trading on cryptocurrency exchanges and building in house mining rigs.

This process gave them a deeper understanding of the market and, allowed them to see exactly
what needs improvement in the mining sphere. A suite of software that would solve all the problems they encountered simply did not exist. And so, knowing that the best products are born of necessity, they decided to build exactly what was needed.

Whalesburg mining platform is a software bundle for cryptocurrency miners.

Their software has three primary goals:

1. Simplify the setup of your mining operation.
2. Increase your yield.
3. Offer you the best time-saving mining tools.

It consists of five main parts:

1. Multi-currency mining pool.
2. Operating system.
3. Whalesburg Cloud.
4. Profit-switching solution.
5. Hardware monitoring & management software.

To learn more about Whalesburg visit https://whalesburg.com/

**Blockchain.Launchpad will be providing marketing support for Whalesburg.**

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