1 — Technology

2 — Emerging Blockchain Projects

3 — Partnerships

4— Current Status

5 — Important Note


As many in the community are aware, we completed our technology upgrade and swap from initial asset to our current Masternode coin. A combination of several months of development culminating in a seamless swap to our current asset which has been listed on CMC as well as numerous exchanges. The successful completion of this upgrade was and listing on several exchanges was a combination of our commitment to our goals, milestones as well as and company performance.

Emerging Blockchain Projects

We have worked with a variety of exciting projects introducing a variety of disruptive and innovative technologies and concepts, focused on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Some of the highlights include Elysian, Whalesburg and MyCryptoBank amongst many others. Read more at our blog to discover more projects that the Crypto Improvement Fund has worked with.


We have partnered ourselves with Setup Masternodes to better assist our customers with setting up and maintaining their Masternodes. This is to benefit our users and customers so that Masternodes can be setup within 48 hours, driving customer satisfaction. We have had the opportunity to partner with several analytics and data sites – all providing additional support and metrics for CIF community members.

Current Status

The “Crypto Winter” has been difficult on many projects and emerging startups in the crypto space. Stagnant markets cause significant hardship for our clients and ultimately us as a whole. We have adopted a new mandate which will be to channel energy and resources into potential strategic partnerships and mergers which will allow us to keep moving forward. This will be for the purpose of continuing to drive our brand with the leverage obtained through the partnership, so as we continue to look for larger partnerships know that we have the best interests of our brand in mind.

Important Note

This update is provided in order to relay information to our community so that they may stay up to date with company and its progress. This information is meant as purely informative and is not meant to solicit or promote the CIF Blockchain project. As always THERE CAN NEVER BE ANY EXPECTATION OF PROFIT associated with the CIF coin. There can also be no PERCEIVED OR EXPLICIT OWNERSHIP (resembling that of a shareholder) of the company by owning CIF coins. The only use for the coins if for purchasing products and services offered by the Crypto Improvement Fund.

We Seek Safe Harbor

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