Alleged Bitcoin inventor Craig Wright: Victory in court! What the “Faketoshi” verdict means

June 30, 2021

Alleged Bitcoin inventor Craig Wright
The alleged Bitcoin inventor Craig Wright was able to win a lawsuit. The result: is no longer allowed to host the Bitcoin whitepaper.

Inglorious victory for Wright

Nothing was heard of him for quite some time, but now Craig Wright is back in the headlines. Background: The ex-pastor has claimed for years that he is Bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto - and likes to sue when this is publicly doubted. In this respect, the programmer also assumes that he owns the copyright to the Bitcoin whitepaper - and has therefore sued various websites that make the document available for download. For example, Craig is demanding the removal of the whitepaper from and The reason: He sees his copyrights violated in it. complied with the demand. But "Cøbra", the pseudonymous operator of, refused. So Wright once again went to court - but this time with success.

According to his law firm Ontier LLP, the nChain scientist has just been awarded a so-called default judgment in his copyright infringement lawsuit against Cøbra.

However, this is not a real victory - because Wright only won because Cøbra did not even show up for the trial. The anonymous Bitcoiner (click here to buy Bitcoin at eToro) would have had to reveal his identity. However, he apparently values his anonymity more than a possible victory. So he completely refrained from even setting foot in the courtroom. And it is precisely this abstention that has now handed Wright the victory.

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"Important development in Dr Wright's endeavour".

Wright's lawyers are, of course, completely beside themselves, commenting on the victory euphorically:

"This is an important development in Dr Wright's quest to obtain judicial vindication of his copyright in his whitepaper. Although he won a victory by default today because there was no defence, it is notable that the English court has nevertheless prohibited 'Cøbra' from making the whitepaper available in the UK."

Important here: Wright only won because Cøbra did not defend himself in the first place. The ruling does not mean that the judges acknowledge his claim to be Satoshi Nakamoto - nor does it say that he is actually the author of the whitepaper as stated.

Nevertheless, is now obliged to remove the Bitcoin whitepaper. In addition, Cøbra must put a notice on the verdict and pay Wright's legal costs - the equivalent of at least 40,700 euros.

The anonymous Bitcoiner, however, is relaxed about this on Twitter. He writes: He will gladly pay Wright's costs for the case - and suggests sending them in BTC to one of the addresses known to clearly belong to Bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto (if Wright were really Satoshi, he could also easily access these addresses):

Happy to pay Craig his costs for the Bitcoin whitepaper case. How does a BTC payment to the address associated with block #9 sound?

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