Anycoin Direct Experience 2021: The Crypto Exchange Test

If you want to buy cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin directly, you have to go to one of the many exchanges that have established themselves on the internet in recent years.

Our reviews of the best brokers and exchanges should help you find your way through the jungle of offers. For a good rating, the exchanges must fulfil certain criteria.

Not only the offer counts, but also the regulation of the exchange, customer service, protection against fraud and more play an important role in our test of the crypto exchange Anycoin Direct.

The European crypto exchange in the big test: You can buy or sell cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin on Anycoin Direct. In our review, we report on our experiences with the exchange.

What does the crypto exchange offer in the test, how high are the fees and is the offer secure? You can find the answers in the review.

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Incl. wallet
Buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly in the wallet
Paypal, credit card and instant bank transfer
Regulated provider
Real cryptos or CFD trades


Anycoin Direct advantages and disadvantages


  • Bitcoin, Ether and many other cryptocurrencies
  • Payable via instant bank transfer, SEPA or credit card, among others
  • Customer support via live chat or contact form
  • Moderate fees
  • European exchange


  • Payment only possible with Euro
  • Customer support not available
    Wallet mandatory
  • Buy and sell limits

The Anycoin Direct Exchange offers a detailed FAQ on its website, in which the most frequent customer questions are clarified. In addition, it is possible to ask questions via the contact form or live chat to the customer support every day of the week.

In the company's own blog, the company informs you about background information such as different wallets and innovations on the exchange.

Anycoin Direct is not a broker and does not offer any financial instruments. You will not find CFDs, forex options or shares on this platform.

Accordingly, there are also no supplementary offers typical for brokers, such as demo accounts or training materials. Here, it's all about directly buying and trading cryptocurrencies.

What is Anycoin Direct?

The Dutch exchange Anycoin Direct enables a particularly uncomplicated and quick entry into trading with cryptocurrencies.

Founded in 2013 under the name Bitplaas, the company has been known under its new name since July 2014. Anycoin Direct is a Dutch company based in Veghel.

The exchange Anycoin Direct specialises in selling and buying cryptocurrencies.

The company's promise is that buying cryptocurrencies here is possible with established means of payment. Switching from one cryptocurrency to another is also made possible in the "trading" area.

All orders should be particularly easy to place and quick to serve.

What is Anycoin Direct

Anycoin Direct experience: Wallets mandatory

Anycoin Direct does not offer you the possibility to store your cryptocurrencies purchased there in your account.

This is in the spirit of the new technology: while in traditional financial trading, service providers such as banks secure and store your assets, the new currencies bypass precisely these middle men.

However, this puts you in charge yourself and makes you your own bank. This means that you have to decide on a wallet and think about how you can store it safely.

We have compared the best wallets for the most important cryptocurrencies.

For example, you can find our Bitcoin wallet comparison here.

Anycoin Direct Review - the offer

Which cryptocurrencies can you actually buy on the online exchange Anycoin Direct?

Anycoin Direct offers cryptocurrencies exclusively for direct buying and selling as well as for trading with each other.

You will not find financial instruments such as CFDs, Forex or shares here.

These are the cryptocurrencies offered by Anycoin Direct:

Bitcoin (BTC)
Ethereum (ETH)
Ripple (XRP)
Litecoin (LTC)
Stellar Lumens (XLM)
Cardano (ADA)

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
Monero (XMR)
Dogecoin (DOGE)
Dash (DASH)
Pivx (PIVX)

Stratis (STRAT)
Ethereum Classic (ETC)
Zcash (ZEC)
Qtum (QTUM)
OmiseGO (OMG)
Ontology (ONT)

Verge (XVG)
Gulden (NLG)
Gas (GAS)
Peercoin (PPC)
Blackcoin (BLK)
Ontology Gas (ONG)

broker has also

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Incl. wallet
Buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly in the wallet
Paypal, credit card and instant bank transfer
Regulated provider
Real cryptos or CFD trades


Registering and trading with Anycoin Direct

From logging in for the first time to making your first investment: we'll guide you through the Anycoin Direct sign-up process in three steps.

Step 1: Register

Of course, the first thing you need to do if you want to trade cryptocurrencies with Anycoin Direct is register on the exchange.

The required details include your full name, your place of residence, as well as your email address and a password of your choice.

Finally, you must agree to the terms and conditions and privacy policy. Then use your Anycoin Direct login to access your account.

You will receive an email with a link that you need to confirm. Your account is now activated.

Step 2: Verification

Anycoin Direct regulates how much money you can spend. For this purpose, it uses a level system on which you can progress step by step to be able to trade higher amounts.

Beginners start with level 1 after their first login on Anycoin Direct. Here you can already buy your first coins; however, there are weekly buying and selling limits.

For example, on level 1 you can buy cryptocurrencies via instant transfer for a maximum of €250 per week.

At the highest level (level 5), however, the buy limit via instant transfer is €25,000 per week.

To increase the limits, it is advisable to start the verification process directly. To do this, click on your profile at the top right and select "Account". On your account page you will find the option "Upgrade" on the left under the green "Level 1" badge.

Step 3: Buy cryptocurrency

This is how buying cryptocurrencies with Anycoin Direct works with a level 1 profile: Click on Buy in the header at the top and select one of the cryptocurrencies.

Then you decide which payment method you want to use. Instant bank transfer and payment by credit card are available immediately.

If you want to use a SEPA transfer, you must first upload an ID document to the site. To do this, go to your account page as described above and click on "Upgrade".

Then enter your desired amount. Click on "Select your bank account" and select "New bank account".

The simple instructions will help you verify your bank account. Once you've done that, all that's left is your crypto wallet address. Enter it, accept the terms of use and click on "buy".

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Incl. wallet
Buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly in the wallet
Paypal, credit card and instant bank transfer
Regulated provider
Real cryptos or CFD trades


Anycoin Direct Fees & Charges

Fee type

Fee amount

Wallet fee ("Miners Fees")

depends on the wallet used

Transaction fee

0.50 Euro per transaction, plus 1-2 percent of the volume (depending on the volatility of the corresponding market and liquidity)

Inactivity fee


Other fees

depending on the selected payment option

Most wallets charge a fee in addition to the amount you want to transfer. This fee is necessary in order for the miners to confirm the transfer in the blockchain.

Their efforts are rewarded by the fee. The higher the fee, the faster the confirmation.

Since each wallet has its own fee settings, if in doubt, you should specifically ask about your wallet before transferring coins to Anycoin Direct. This wallet fee is also known as miners' fees.

Anycoin Direct Fees by Payment Method

Payment method



2,20 EUR


0,98 EUR


4,13 EUR

Bancontact / Mistercash

1,33 EUR


0,30 EUR

Many CFD brokers charge a fee if an account is inactive.

This is not the case for exchanges such as Anycoin Direct, where fees are only charged when you buy, trade or sell cryptocurrencies in the ways described above.

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Incl. wallet
Buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly in the wallet
Paypal, credit card and instant bank transfer
Regulated provider
Real cryptos or CFD trades


Anycoin Direct experience: Payment methods

At Anycoin Direct, you have various payment methods at your disposal, from which you can freely choose one.

It is important that you have always set up the wallet for the coveted currency in advance and have it ready.

For coin-to-coin trading, i.e. switching from one cryptocurrency to another, you therefore need two different wallets to be able to trade.

What payment methods are available on Anycoin Direct? Here, the offer ranges from payments with credit card, Sofort-Ãœberweisung and Giropay to purchases with iDEAL (only for the Netherlands), Bancontact/Mistercash (Belgium), Mybank (Netherlands and Italy), TrustPay (Czech Republic and Slovakia) or Giropay (Germany).

To be able to use SEPA Credit Transfer or GiroPay, you must first be activated for the payment methods.

To do this, you need to upload identification documents to your profile and wait for Anycoin Direct to check and confirm them.

For SEPA transactions, it can take up to two business days for the payment to be made.

Paypal is unfortunately not accepted on Anycoin Direct. Those looking for a broker that accepts Paypal will find the best Anycoin Direct alternative for buying cryptocurrencies in our Exchanges comparison test winner.

Payment options:


  • Credit cards
  • Bacnk transfer
  • Instant bank transfer


  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Paysafecard
  • Paypal

Transaction fees vary depending on the selected payment method.

Unfortunately, Anycoin Direct does not provide a precise overview of all transaction fees that may be incurred, depending on the respective means of payment.

In general, it is noticeable that the offer is kept pleasantly simple, but there is a lack of information here and there.

In the order mask, you can specify how many coins you want to buy and which payment method you use.

Anycoin Direct then automatically shows you the fee charged for your transaction before you have to complete your transaction.

This way you are aware of all fees in good time and can still change your mind if the Anycoin Direct fees are too high for you.

In our experience with Anycoin Direct, this was never the case:

The fees are always within reasonable limits.

Anycoin Direct Experience: Licence and security

Anycoin Direct Experienced

Security plays a very important role when buying cryptocurrencies.

However, you are responsible for much of what Ancoin Direcct can do.

Which wallet you use, how you store your private key: You should think about this in detail and by no means neglect this topic lightly!

Nevertheless, Anycoin Direct prevents fraud on the platform to a certain extent:

  • For example, you can set up a two-factor authentication for your profile. With "2FA", you increase the security of your account considerably without losing much comfort.
  • In addition, Anycoin Direct offers you valuable instructions in a guide that can help you protect yourself from fraud damage.
  • The almost constant availability of customer support (more on this in the next section) is also reflected positively in our test.

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Incl. wallet
Buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly in the wallet
Paypal, credit card and instant bank transfer
Regulated provider
Real cryptos or CFD trades


Anycoin Direct Experience: Customer Service, Contact & Support

When choosing your online exchange, good customer service should also play a major role.

When it comes to your money, you want to know that you are in good hands and that you will get help quickly if you have any problems.

This is less true for crypto exchanges like Anycoin Direct than for online brokers, but it still plays an important role in our test.

Anycoin Direct Support & Livechat
+31 (0) 413 747 174
[email protected]
Live chat
Contact form

Anycoin Direct customer service unfortunately only offers telephone support in English.

The live chat and the entire FAQ section are also available and we were unable to find any communication problems during our Anycoin Direct experience.

Our fictitious questions were answered without further ado and we received competent help.

Alternatively, the customer support can be contacted via a contact form or by email. A telephone number is also available.

The live chat is open seven days a week.

On weekdays it is available from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., on weekends from 10:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m..

In the FAQ we find straightforward answers to many frequently asked questions.

The guides, which explain exactly how things work on the site, are also very pleasant. The site also has a guide to help you recognise attempted fraud in time.

By the way, you can also find such a guide on cases of fraud, see "Bitcoin Scams".

Anycoin Direct Experience: Regulation

Cryptocurrencies are not yet controlled by European regulators.

Accordingly, direct investment in coins always poses a certain risk.

For example, there is no investor protection.

Also, whether the provider of a cryptocurrency operates its business properly is not checked by any official body.

We do not get more detailed information about the server performance and other security-relevant factors via the website, or at least we cannot find it. Here we have to rely on a phrase:

"With state-of-the-art technology and security protocols, we protect your data and secure your transactions."

Anycoin Direct

The Anycoin Direct App

When it comes to trading, nothing really works without apps these days.Anycoin Direct app/Browser application.

When buying cryptocurrencies, mobile applications are less important.

Admittedly, there are now many traders who want to trade cryptocurrencies on the move and permanently.

But really, you want to take your time to make sure your wallets are set up correctly, access records and document everything independently.

That's why you won't find an Anycoin Direct app, even today.

Of course, you can also use the exchange via the browser of your mobile phone or tablet if you wish.

Thanks to the consistent implementation of the website, all applications that one would wish for in an Anycoin Direct app can also be executed with the browser application.

Buying, selling and exchanging cryptocurrencies is hassle-free.

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Incl. wallet
Buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly in the wallet
Paypal, credit card and instant bank transfer
Regulated provider
Real cryptos or CFD trades


Anycoin Direct Experience: The conclusion

Anycoin Direct Experience

Our experience with Anycoin Direct was largely convincing: The Dutch exchange for cryptocurrencies offers a very reduced, but also pleasantly clear and easy-to-use offer.

The cryptocurrencies available here also include coins that are often not available elsewhere, such as IOTA and Neo.

The customer service is available during the day, every day of the week, although. The quite extensive FAQ answers many questions that may arise when buying or selling or coin-to-coin trading.

However, our test was not without incidents.

We had to ask the press office for some information that is actually of interest to every user: What about the regulation of Anycoin Direct?

What fees are charged and when exactly? There are considerable gaps in the FAQ here, which we hope we were able to fill in for you with our Anycoin Direct test.

Nevertheless, Anycoin Direct receives an average to good rating from us.

If you know a little about wallets, you can use the exchange without any worries.

By the way, you can find a good alternative to Anycoin Direct in our preferred broker eToro, where you can not only buy cryptocurrencies, but even trade them with the help of CFDs.

Our recommendation: Buy cryptos with eToro

Incl. wallet
Buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly in the wallet
Paypal, credit card and instant bank transfer
Regulated provider
Real cryptos or CFD trades



What is Anycoin Direct?

The provider is a crypto exchange where cryptocurrencies can be bought and sold.

Is it worth opening an account with Anycoin Direct?

Anycoin Direct was convincing in our test. The diverse trading options attract many customers, most of whom are very satisfied with the provider.

How much money should I invest?

The amount you invest should depend on your own liquidity, the cryptocurrency you choose and your own risk tolerance. In general, you should never invest money that you actually need elsewhere, as profits can never be guaranteed.

How long does it take to withdraw money from Anycoin Direct?

Here, too, the platform is convincing. Withdrawals are processed very quickly and are in your account within a few minutes to 2 working days, depending on the selected withdrawal method.

What are the requirements for me to trade successfully at Anycoin Direct?

You should always know what you are investing in. Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, so you should first get to know your chosen coin in detail. If you have the necessary know-how, as well as the occasional bit of luck, then nothing stands in the way of early profits.

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