Arbismart Experience 2021 - Serious Broker or Pure Scam?

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Arbismart is more than just a crypto exchange - here an annual return of up to 45% can be achieved through arbitrage.

Whether the crypto exchange delivers what it promises, how secure the provider really is and what else customers should look out for is revealed in our detailed Arbismart review.


Arbismart Rating: The main features at a glance

The provider has declared war on traditional crypto exchanges with a new business model. With crypto arbitrage, a passive income of up to 45% of the investment amount can be achieved through the trading algorithm - without the risks that traditional cryptocurrency trading entails.

Thanks to artificial intelligence and highly complex algorithms, the programme finds the best arbitrage opportunities and implements them independently.
The EU-regulated trading platform offers a 24-hour customer service that supports investors with any questions they may have. Furthermore, investors have the possibility to invest in the digital platform currency "RBIS".

Arbismart Rating
  • Arbismart lets investors make money passively through crypto arbitrage
  • Arbismart minimises the risks of crypto trading
  • Automated trading lets beginners participate in trading
  • EU-regulated trading platform
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Investment opportunities in RBIS tokens

Arbismart - who is behind the operator?

Arbismart is still a relatively young company, which was founded in 2019 with the premise of making arbitrage trading accessible to everyone. So now, for the first time, not only banks and large corporations, but also people with no trading experience at all can benefit from arbitrage trading.

The trading platform was launched with investments of around 50 million US dollars and is regulated by the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) in Estonia, the company's headquarters. In addition to arbitrage trading, which we will discuss in more detail in the next section, the company is releasing its own cryptocurrency, the RBIS token, which will be tradable on exchanges by the end of 2021. At the same time, the company is working on its own blockchain.

behind the operator

How exactly does Arbismart work?

  • The operator lets users profit from trading cryptocurrencies, but excludes the risks of traditional crypto trading in the process. The risks are due to the high volatility of all cryptocurrencies and the resulting price fluctuations.
  • This is because instead of speculating on price increases of the respective cryptocurrencies, profits are achieved through arbitrage. Arbitrage is nothing new in itself: profits are generated by simultaneously buying and selling assets on different marketplaces with different price, interest rate and price differences. Banks and large corporations have been making profits from this for years.
  • The revolutionary thing about the platform is not cryptoarbitrage, but the trading technology for which a patent has been filed. The system uses highly complex trading algorithms based on artificial intelligence to calculate the profits from buying and selling on different trading exchanges.
  • To do this, the programme filters over 35 crypto exchanges and handles the trading completely automatically. Arbismart is connected to the trading exchanges so that buying decisions can be executed independently - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Wallets mandatory

Which cryptocurrencies can be traded?

At the moment, you can trade the following cryptocurrencies:

USD Coin

Deposits to Arbismart

Investors have a variety of currencies and deposit options available for deposits into the trading account. The minimum amount is 500 euros and should not be exceeded initially.

The most common payment methods include:
Cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple XRP, Litecoin and many more.
Credit card (VISA and Mastercard)
SEPA Direct Debit

Once deposited, the funds are converted into RBIS tokens, which is also a source of profit for the future. Investors can choose to have the profits paid out regularly to their account or speculate on the RBIS token, which promises further profits after going public.

Arbismart Valuation 2021 - Contents

Now that we have a good insight around the provider and the business model, we can go into a little more detail in the following sections. We have tested the provider extensively over a period of several months. This is what awaits our readers in the following sections:

Features of the trading platform
Registration in 3 simple steps
How reputable is the provider?
Fee structure
Our conclusion

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The features of Arbismart

The operator offers a platform with countless features that make arbitrage easier than ever before. Whether it is the advanced trading algorithm, the intuitive user interface, the own eWallet or the RBIS tokens - the service package is impressive.

The features at a glance:

Advanced trading algorithm
Intuitive user interface
Own RBIS tokens
Profit potential through crypto arbitrage
Further profit potential through RBIS tokens (optional)

Absolute Global Markets

Registration in 3 steps

Registration is quick and easy and can be completed in just 5 minutes. In the first step, it is sufficient to click on the menu item "Register" on the provider's page to get to the registration form. In addition to first and last name, a valid e-mail address and a corresponding password must be entered. Users then go through a verification process.

The second step is to deposit money into the trading account. Cryptocurrencies, credit cards (VISA and Mastercard) and the SEPA direct debit procedure are available for this purpose. Depending on the deposit method chosen, it may take some time before the money is credited to the trading account. In the last step, users can start trading and build up a passive income.

Registration in 3 steps

Is Arbismart reputable?

The operator is controlled by the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) in Estonia, whose licence numbers for fiat and crypto trading can be read transparently on the provider's website. Furthermore, a multilingual 24-hour customer service has been set up, which also speaks for the seriousness of the provider. The greatest proof, however, remains the many positive customer reviews on relevant comparison portals.

Arbismart reputable

Is the provider secure?
The provider places great emphasis on security and data protection. In addition to EU licensing and positive customer reviews, the provider also has a secure infrastructure that makes unauthorised access almost impossible.

Among other things, SSL encryption and two-factor authentication via Google Authenticator or SMS have been set up to prevent password theft. Everything else about data protection can also be read transparently in the data protection guidelines on the provider's website.

Trading fees

Fees are calculated on the basis of profits and automatically deducted from profits. The exact amount is not disclosed; what can be seen, however, is the profit potential:

Trading fees

As can be seen from the figure, a return of up to 14.6% can be achieved with an amount of only 300 euros. The more you invest, the higher the returns, which can even reach 45% on average.

Fees of the trading platform
The trading platform does not charge any fees - customers do not have to expect hidden costs. No matter if it is about deposit or withdrawal, order costs or other fees - clients only pay a small percentage of their profits. This is therefore an unbeatable offer and a win-win situation for clients and providers.

Arbismart rating

During our extensive tests, we put the provider through its paces and can confirm - the provider delivers what it promises. We started with the minimum amount and later invested four-digit amounts - the return is within the promised range and the payouts are also executed without any problems.

The platform offers a great opportunity for beginners to quickly and easily build up a passive income and offers trading experts the opportunity to meaningfully diversify their trading portfolio without any work. We are thrilled and can recommend the trading platform without reservation.

Wallets mandatory


How does the Arbismart system work?

The platform's own arbitrage system is connected to over 35 trading venues to execute trades automatically and in real time. The patent-pending trading technology promises returns in the high double-digit percentage range.

How can I register with Arbismart?

To register, simply click on "Register" on the provider's homepage to be guided through the process.

How can I protect my Arbismart account?

To best protect the account, it is recommended to use a long alphanumeric password with special characters and to set up 2-factor authentication.

Is Arbismart regulated?

The operator is regulated by the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) in Estonia.

What deposit methods are allowed at Arbismart?

Payments can be made on the platform using all major cryptocurrencies, credit card (VISA and Mastercard) and SEPA direct debit.

How can I be sure that the tokens in my possession were actually issued by Arbismart?

The Ethereum blockchain smart contract can be viewed at the following address: 0xf34B1Db61ACa1a371fE97BAd2606c9f534fb9D7D.

What guarantee does Arbismart offer that it will not issue more RBIS after selling 450,000,000 tokens?

The possibility of issuing further tokens has been disabled in the smart contract.

Is Arbismart planning to issue its own blockchain?

According to current plans, the blockchain is to be launched in the third quarter of 2021.

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