Ayondo Review 2021 - Test and Results

Looking for an Ayondo test? In the meantime, the online broker exists worldwide and the customer base is growing. The Ayondo experiences reveal advantages and disadvantages, features, fees and information on registration.

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What is the Ayondo Trader?

Many people want to make a quick buck with little work. This is one of the reasons why online exchanges have such an attraction for people. However, many do not consider the risks and often invest a lot of money on the wrong platforms, which they lose in a short time. Our Ayondo experience is intended to show whether the provider explains the risks and offers its customers a good trading experience.

Beginners often lack the necessary background knowledge and experience to carry out profitable transactions. This is exactly where the so-called social traders come in. They make it possible to copy the purchases and sales of successful investors. This means you no longer need all the information about an asset. Instead, you only need to select your desired risk level and the transaction amount.

What is the Ayondo Trader

In the following Ayondo test, future investors will find all the necessary information about the offer and an alternative. Furthermore, the functionality of a social trader is discussed and what dangers and advantages it brings with it.

The Ayondo experience

Ayondo is a B2C technology company that allows trading in CFDs and spreads. B2C means business between companies and private customers and written out it means "business-to-consumer". Ayondo was founded in 2008 by Robert Lempka and now has over eleven employees. He is a real person, which is often not the case on fraudulent websites. The company has its headquarters in London and is also represented in Frankfurt, Singapore, Madrid and Zug (Switzerland). However, it is not easy to change the language. To do so, you have to replace "de" in the address line with the correct letters of the desired language.

Support can also be reached from the English landlines and seems to be available from Sunday at 11 pm until Friday at 11:15 pm. Of course, you can also send an e-mail or dial a special number for special CFD enquiries. There is also a dedicated number for social trading clients.

As soon as you get to the homepage, you can choose between social trading and CFDs. The operators seem to focus exclusively on these two points. CFDs are a very speculative trading option, which resembles a bet. As an investor, you bet on the rise or fall of a price and you get paid a certain percentage if your prediction is correct, which is usually between 70 and 85% of your deposit. However, as soon as you are wrong, 100% of your investment is taken away. For this reason, you should be right about 70% of the time, otherwise you will have to book losses.

This type of investing requires sensible risk management and seems to be something for experienced investors only, as one should have a good feeling for the market and its changes.

Ayondo Exclusively highly speculative

Exclusively highly speculative trading options

One major weakness of Ayondo seems to be its app. It is rated 2.6 out of 5 possible stars in the Google Play Store and users complain that they cannot log in despite having correct user data.

"I'm afraid I can't log in. Either the password or the username is wrong. There are no problems via the website. Thus, the app is unusable and so is trading..."

Reviews of this kind can be found very often, but the last Ayondo reviews seem to have been before the update in October. whether such problems have continued to occur since then cannot be determined at the moment. Moreover, with 136 reviews, the app is clearly less popular than compared to apps from other exchanges. It has also only been downloaded over 10,000 times.

speculative trading options

Is Ayondo reputable or not - the verdict!

1) Social trading with CFDs
2) Highly speculative trading but no Ayondo Scam
3) Recommends a moderate investment of 250 Euros with our test winner
4) Test the test winner

Ayondo experience: How reputable the platform is

In order to be able to assess Ayondo as a scam or serious, you first have to understand how a social trader works. This is a platform where many people can make transactions on online exchanges. Of course, most investors have a different success rate and other users can follow the investors with the highest success rates. Of course, each user is free to choose which investor they would like to follow. The website analyses the transactions made with the help of a special algorithm according to their risk level and profits. The new traders first select their available assets and their favoured risk level.

Ayondo experience
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Ayondo also shows on its website how experienced the traders are, how many followers they have, how high the profit/loss ratio is and how many trades are executed per month. However, the operators of the social trader do not show how high the profits of the followers are. For example, the cryptocurrency market is considered extremely speculative and digital coins are subject to extremely high fluctuations. Thus, a time variation of a few minutes can bring losses instead of profits.

Also, among the top 10 investors on Ayondo, there was only one investor with followers who made over 40% profits. Another owned 10% and the rest only 5% or below. The profit expectation does not seem to be particularly high and there are better and more experienced investors at other Exchanges. As a trader, however, one always has full control over all purchases and sales made. Only notifications of a transaction are sent. However, the user is free to conclude the transaction or to reject it.

Ayondo experiences: The Scam Test

The question of whether Ayondo is a scam or reputable can be answered very quickly. It is a licensed social trader, which is authorised and monitored by an authority. It is a very clearly designed site and the offer has been rated very good several times by different sites. Apparently, the platform does not have too many users yet, as Ayondo is ranked 507,407 with 82,875 monthly users.

Ayondo experiences The Scam Test

The app for Android and iOS has also only been downloaded over 10,000 times and has a rating of 2.6 out of 5 stars. This is one of the worst ratings for an application. Many users also complained that they could not access their account from their mobile phone before the last update. Whether the problem has been solved in the meantime could not be determined in the test.

As soon as you find the risk notice in the small print, it also becomes clear that 81.4% of small investors lose money when trading CFDs with the provider. Trading with Contracts for Difference is not without reason considered extremely speculative and should only be carried out by experienced traders.

Altcoin.io Customer Service

Is Ayondo reputable? The Social Broker in Review

The Ayondo Trader is a licensed CFD broker and social trader. The platform does not yet have many users and is inferior to our test winner. Especially as a new user, you should keep the risk as low as possible and only make small deposits and considered investments at the beginning. Also, you should not copy every transaction of successful investors, but adjust the settings if necessary or check the price of the asset again. However, if someone wants to acquire a real coin of a digital currency, they can do so via our crypto recommendation and also store the "coin" in a wallet. Furthermore, our test winner also shows the success rate of the copying users and not only the profits of the original investors.

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What is Ayondo?

The provider is an online broker where you can speculate on shares, forex, cryptocurrencies and other assets.

Is it worth opening an account with Ayondo?

In our test, Ayondo was only moderately convincing. However, the trading options and customer support attract many customers, most of whom are reasonably satisfied with the provider.

How much money should I invest?

The minimum deposit at Ayondo is set at €250. The amount of your own investment should depend on your own liquidity, as well as on the chosen asset and your own risk tolerance. In general, you should never invest money that you actually need elsewhere, as profits can never be guaranteed.

How long does a payout take at Ayondo?

The platform is convincing here. Withdrawals are processed very quickly and are in your account within a few minutes to 2 working days, depending on the selected withdrawal method.

What are the requirements for me to trade successfully with Ayondo?

You should always know what you are investing in. The provider provides an academy where you can constantly educate yourself and receive detailed information about all trading options. If you have the necessary know-how, as well as the necessary bit of luck from time to time, then nothing stands in the way of early profits.

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