Best Dogecoin Wallet 2021: The ultimate comparison

Anyone who is currently following the crypto market closely knows how hotly sought-after Dogecoin is at the moment.

Dogecoin (DOGE) is a decentralised peer-to-peer and open-source cryptocurrency derived from the Litecoin blockchain. Like most cryptocurrencies, Dogecoin is based on blockchain technology and operates according to its principles using a proof-of-work algorithm. While the developers of other cryptocurrencies and payment systems try to surprise potential users with certain technological advances and decentralised solutions, Dogecoin gained popularity in a very different way. The developers used an image of a Japanese Shiba Inu dog as the Dogecoin symbol, a meme that took the internet by storm.

Those who want to enter the world of decentralised crypto investments should have some tools in addition to prior knowledge about currencies and trading opportunities. An essential one is the so-called crypto wallet. In this article, we show which Dogecoin wallet is the best, which wallets are available and how to set one up quickly.

The best Dogecoin wallets - our recommendations in brief:


Wallet type

Available Cryptocurrencies    


Ease of use

Available on:



Feature 1120+ cryptocurrencies

FeaturDirect connection to eToro

very easy    

iOS & Android

Dogecoin Wallet



Official Dogecoin Wallet    

very lightweight

Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS & Android

Dogechain Wallet

Web Wallet


Also as Paper Wallet


Browser extension



Over 100

High security

Very light    

iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux



Cardano + over 100 others    

Shapeshift integration

very lightweight

Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux


Desktop Wallet

Over 300

Good support


Windows, Mac, Linux

Best list of the top Dogecoin wallets in comparison 2021:

1: eToro Dogecoin Wallet


The free eToro Wallet for Dogecoin earns 1st place. It is available for Android and iOS. It is continuously updated and introduced in more and more countries. Immediately after installation, the user receives an introduction to sending and receiving tokens. In addition, the administration and security aspects of eToro are discussed. eToro automatically takes care of entering the keys so that the user does not have to do this manually all the time. eToro does not pass on the wallet addresses and thus protects the customer's funds from potential attacks. The private keys are protected with market-leading security technologies.

The app is very clearly designed throughout. In addition to listing the DOGE sent and received, the app also displays the customer's own crypto trades on the platform. At the same time, the app displays the latest news about cryptocurrency and updates it continuously. The fees are immediately and clearly visible to everyone. However, a user account is required to use eToro. After installation, this can be done in a one-time process within a few minutes. The user has the option of using an existing account from Facebook or Google. Afterwards, all options are open to the user and it is possible to log in conveniently on individual devices. In addition to euros, US dollars, British pounds, Japanese yen and Australian and Canadian dollars can also be deposited into the eToro wallet.


  •    Very user friendly
  •     Mobile wallet for Android & iOS
  •     Buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly in the wallet
  •     Easy to set up
  •     Free to eToro account
  •     Regulated offer


  •    Only a few coins supported
  •     Limited support options

2: Official Dogecoin Wallet

Official Dogecoin Wallet

The official Dogecoin Wallet is a so-called desktop wallet. This means that you download the software to your computer, install it and you are ready to go. Due to the current popularity of Dogecoin, many users have decided to get a wallet. The Dogecoin wallet from Dogecoin itself has the advantage that, in addition to sending and receiving, Dogecoin mining can also be carried out.

With the desktop wallet, of course, you have to take care to protect your computer comprehensively. The same applies to the smartphone, of course. One disadvantage of the official wallet is that it is outdated and urgently needs an update. It is far more vulnerable to hackers than other wallets that exist for Dogecoin.


  •   Private keys are stored on the desktop (or mobile phone)
  •     High security standards
  •     Access from anywhere
  •     Free download


  •    Even private keys are not always protected by network connection
  •     Susceptible to hacker attacks
  •     Outdated design
  •     Update is long overdue

3: Dogechain Wallet

Dogechain Wallet is a pure Dogecoin wallet, which is stored directly on the browser. Private keys are also stored in the browser, so you only have access to them yourself. While it is one of the most popular wallets, one must of course not forget the risk behind it.

Of course, you have to create an account for the wallet, but if your own computer or browser is already compressed (and you have a keylogger, for example), the data can fall into unauthorised hands quite quickly. Accordingly, web wallets like Dogechain are also more risky than some other wallets.


  •    Access from anywhere
  •     Easy to install
  •     Intuitive interface
  •     Direct integration in the browser


  •    Lowest security standard
  •     Vulnerable to hackers
  •     Computer must have good anti-virus software
  •     Providers pretend to be Dogechain Wallet - Caution: Scam!

4: Dogecoin Wallet in the Ledger Nano S

Dogecoin Wallet in the Ledger Nano S

Until recently, the Ledger Nano S wallet was considered one of the best hard wallets available. These are considered particularly secure and in addition, the Ledger Wallet offers features such as 2-factor authentication.

Many different cryptocurrencies, from Bitcoin to Dash to Dogecoin, can be stored offline on the PIN code-secured wallet and it is very easy to use. However, the hardware wallet is quite expensive to purchase - you pay around €79.

In addition, increased waiting times cannot be ruled out, as the wallet is still very popular. Recently, security problems have also arisen, which make the offer seem somewhat dubious.


  •    Hardware or offline wallet
  •     Smart look in USB stick design
  •     Many coins can be stored
  •     O-LED support


  •    High acquisition costs
  •     Partly lengthy delivery times
  •     Safety deficiencies found

5: Trezor Model T

Trezor Model T

The second major hardware wallet player, Trezor, also plays a role in Dogecoin wallets. Trezor now also offers a wide variety of cryptocurrencies as well.

With a unique design and the fact that it even has a small screen, this provider stands out among the competition. The device can be connected to the computer with a USB cable and users themselves have all control over the private keys.

Crucially, you can even create a backup with your personal account. However, the weak points are almost as obvious: While on the one hand these features demand a high price (of 89 €), on the other hand problematic security gaps have appeared recently, making the system vulnerable to hacks.


  •    Hardware or offline wallet
  •     Device with display
  •     Backup possibilities


  • Teures
  • WalletSicherheitslückenVerbindung
  •  mit PC nur via Kabel

6: DOGE Atomic Wallet

DOGE Atomic Wallet

The Atomic digital wallet is a now very popular decentralised DOGE wallet, a so-called desktop wallet. It can manage more than 300 different online tokens and works with all major operating systems: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Ubuntu, Debian and Fedora.

This digital wallet uses BitTorrent technology and the two "instant exchange" options Changelly and ShapeShift. Private security keys are kept here by the users themselves and can be exported in various formats. The special feature of "Atomic Swaps" is a relatively new decentralised exchange technology based on Timelock contracts.


  •    Reliable and transparent
  •     Pleasant interface
  •     Good customer support
  •     Various online coins on offer


  •    Windows version slow on mobile devices
  •     Some relevant coins such as IOTA and Nano not on offer

Create Dogecoin Wallet: Instructions at eToro

Below is a step-by-step guide that should help you register with our test winner wallet eToro without any problems.
step 1

The registration

To create a Dogecoin wallet account at eToro you will once again need a secure password. It is best to follow the instructions.

step 2

Dogecoin Wallet Download

Dogecoin Wallet Download

In second place is the download of the eToro Dogecoin Wallet. The download is very easy via the App Store or Google Play Store.

You can then log in to your eToro Wallet using the login details you entered in step 1.

step 3

Dogecoin send and receive

Buying, sending and receiving EOS

If you want to receive Dogecoin, you only have to tell the sender the address. This can be thought of as the IBAN of a bank account. Sending is done according to the same principle. On the other hand, you should protect your private key securely in any case.

Of course, you should also protect your account with a backup so that it does not get lost.

Congratulations, you have successfully set up your Dogecoin wallet. You can now send, receive, buy & sell Dogecoin (DOGE).

What is a Dogecoin Wallet?

A Dogecoin wallet is a digital wallet, so to speak, in which you store your DOGE. Since Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency, you do not receive "real coins" but a key to your Dogecoin wallet. This access key, or private key, can be stored by an online broker or stored online or offline yourself.

In principle, a distinction is made between cold wallets and hot wallets. While these private keys are stored offline in cold wallets, they are stored online in hot wallets. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. However, it is important to protect your Dogecoin wallet.

It is important to have control and an overview. In principle, you can only make deposits with Dogecoin if you have a Dogecoin wallet yourself.

Although trading cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ripple and also Dogecoin theoretically works without a wallet, it is advisable to use one in any case. Above all, the digital wallet enables control and an overview of every transaction and can thus facilitate the trade and make it safer to a certain extent.

The most important Dogecoin wallet features

1. Usability

Especially for newcomers to trading, one particular feature of DOGE wallets is particularly important: usability. If a tool like a Dogecoin wallet is not easy to use, it will certainly not be able to attract a large mass of users. In fact, the number of providers has grown to an unmanageable amount - and not all of them emphasise user-friendliness.

Some complex wallets therefore exclude a very large circle of users. Usability could therefore be seen as the key in Dogecoin mining as well as in wallet creation when thinking about "reach" among non-experts.

Our recommendation here goes to the eToro wallet, which is one of the easiest wallets to use.

2. Dogecoin Compatibility

Another feature is crucial when thinking about creating a Dogecoin wallet: the choice of online currencies. In fact, this is especially important for those who want to trade a rather unknown token or several at the same time.

Of course, with most wallets, this is not fixed in the long term. The crypto market fluctuates so much that many providers are constantly updating or expanding their offerings. So if you own several cryptocurrencies and want to store them in a wallet, you should make sure that the wallet actually supports these cryptos.

3. Security

Especially in crypto trading, security plays a central role. Especially if you have not been trading for a long time and cannot weigh up all the risks well, you should make sure that you protect yourself well.

Together with usability, security is probably the central point when using a DOGE wallet. However, some features that give clues to this can be easily seen in the offers: Examples are a 2-factor authentication or the possibility for regular backups. Beginners should also inform themselves about the latest anti-virus software. This is particularly important for hardware wallets or desktop wallets. With web wallets, such as eToro, the provider itself manages the private keys according to the latest security measures. Here it is important to choose a strong password and protect your account in this way.

4. Support & Control

Another thing that is essential, especially for beginners: a customer support that can help a user in any problem situation and, if necessary, at any time of the day or night. Especially at the beginning, new traders often encounter hurdles. These can be mere terminology, but of course it can also be a matter of a lot of money. Often, adequate customer service is related to a capable and motivated team of developers.

One factor that one should definitely pay attention to in terms of handling or control is the "key" - the private access key. The basic rule is: the more autonomously you can dispose of it, the better. Every other party that comes into contact with the key increases the risk of a security breach.

5. Anonymity

For a not insignificant number of users, anonymity and privacy are also important. With regard to these two points, one should look for the so-called Hierarchical Deterministic procedure (HD). This means that transactions are constantly provided with new addresses, making it much more difficult to trace them.

If you want to remain anonymous or as anonymous as possible, you should also pay attention to the data you have to enter when registering. There are considerable differences between the providers when it comes to protecting privacy.

What are the different types of Dogecoin wallet?

Dogecoin DOGE Web Wallets

If you want to open a crypto wallet, you are spoilt for choice. The most common form of digital wallets are so-called online, web or hot wallets. They are mainly found directly on the platforms of the exchanges.

If you want to trade daily, they are the most practical solution. You also don't have to download a computationally intensive blockchain. On the other hand, they also harbour great dangers in terms of security. That's why you should pay attention to their security precautions and security standards when choosing a web wallet. You should also take precautions yourself, such as a strong password and 2-factor authentication.

Well-known online wallets include eToro, Coinbase and

Dogecoin DOGE Desktop Wallets

Many other providers allow the user to store a programme directly on the computer. These are software solutions that allow you to manage your own coin on your PC.

These are also referred to as computer or PC wallets. If you choose this option, you should protect your PC as much as possible because of the danger of viruses or Trojans. The official Dogecoin wallet itself is a desktop wallet that can be downloaded for Windows, Mac and Linux. Furthermore, it is possible to download the wallet to a smartphone. However, it should be noted that this wallet only accepts Dogecoin. Another well-known Dogecoin desktop wallet is the Atomic Wallet.

Dogecoin Hardware Wallets

Dogecoin Hardware Wallets

The offers with probably the highest security level (virus attack on the PC does not play a role here, for example) are provided by Dogecoin hardware or cold wallets. They are only connected to the network when they are actually used.

Often the hardware wallets resemble a conventional USB stick. Some have their own screen that displays private keys, addresses and the balance.

A hardware wallet is associated with comparatively high acquisition costs. The most popular hardware solutions are called Nano Ledger S or Trezor. Both hardware wallets support Dogecoin and are primarily intended for all those users who really attach great importance to security.

However, you have to weigh the advantages and disadvantages carefully: What do you want to do with Dogecoin? Do you want to keep the coins or speculate on their price trend? Is the high purchase price worth it compared to a software wallet such as eToro?

Dogecoin DOGE Paper Wallets

Some users swear by complete offline solutions. That is why there are also paper wallets. The receiving address (public key) and an associated private key, which can be encrypted with a password, are simply recorded on paper. To use DOGE Coins, the non-encrypted private key is necessary.

Dogecoin DOGE Offline Wallets

Besides the paper wallet, there is another offine solution: In some cases, you will also hear about a so-called brain wallet. Here, only one's own memory is supposed to be used to store the numbers and characters.

If you actually manage to memorise the 40-digit string and never forget it, you will have discovered the safest type of wallet for yourself. If you choose this option, you should be aware of your own memory capacity.

Which Dogecoin wallet is the most secure?

Especially when it comes to storing, sending and receiving digital currencies, the security of a wallet has top priority. Depending on which wallet you choose, the security factors can look different. Whether you choose an online Dogecoin wallet or an offline Dogecoin wallet, there are different risks to consider.

While hardware wallets are one of the most secure wallets as they are not connected to the network 24/7, they are also not protected from risks. Hardware wallets can be stolen, damaged or simply lost. It is often difficult to restore such wallets.

Desktop or mobile wallets that you download onto your computer or smartphone are also associated with a risk - that's why it's primarily advisable to always keep the end device up to date and to inform yourself about good anti-virus protection. If you are hacked yourself, your crypto wallet can also be affected.

For wallets that are linked to an exchange, increasing cybercrime can be a big problem - especially if the exchange takes little or no security measures and has already been hacked. Indeed, crypto exchanges have often been the target of hackers.

One crypto exchange that has not yet been hacked is eToro. The provider is considered one of the most secure crypto exchanges worldwide. The provider secures the private key using market-leading security technologies. Wallet addresses are never shared according to security protocols, so even in the event of a hacker attack, clients' funds remain protected.

wallets that are linked

Dogecoin Wallet Conclusion: Our Recommendation

If you are interested in the crypto market and want to start trading with Dogecoin, it is imperative to look into Dogecoin wallets and apps. You should therefore make comparisons and weigh up which features are most important for you.

As with all trading options, there are a large number of providers, but not all of them impress with outstanding quality. Particular attention should be paid to the eToro wallet, which is a convincing mobile solution. The absolutely necessary security is combined here with the usual qualities of a broker. The private key is kept by eToro itself and the wallet address is stored in accordance with the security precautions that even in the worst case scenario the customer's funds are secured.

In addition to the mobile Dogecoin wallets, there are also the presented hardware wallets, online wallets and also the rather rarely used paper wallets. Theoretically, however, none of these options need to be used and one falls back on trading platforms. eToro also offers options here with something for everyone.

The test winner of the trading offers is therefore clear: eToro. Here you can read more about crypto trading in general. Social trading options, high user-friendliness and payments with the help of secure service providers such as Paypal leave almost nothing to be desired.

  •    Manage, buy and sell cryptos directly in the wallet
  •     Free app for Android and iOS
  •     Beginner-friendly
  •     High usability
  •     EU licence

Dogecoin Wallet FAQs

What is a Wallet?

A wallet is a digital money bag in which cryptocurrencies are stored. To trade cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin, you need a wallet. This is how you can store, send and receive Dogecoin.

Which Dogecoin Wallet is better - eToro or Ledger?

In general, each wallet has its advantages and disadvantages. While Ledger is a hardware wallet that supports over 100 cryptocurrencies, eToro is a mobile wallet linked to the crypto exchange itself. eToro supports over 120 cryptocurrencies and has high security standards. In addition, the eToro wallet is free of charge, whereas the Ledger wallet is very expensive to purchase.

Where can I buy Dogecoin?

To buy real Dogecoin coins, you have to register with a regular crypto exchange. However, trading is easier via CFD brokers such as Libertex.

What types of wallet are there?

Besides online wallets, there are also desktop (software) wallets, hardware wallets, paper wallets and offline wallets. You have to decide for yourself which wallet is best for you. While online wallets are usually linked to a crypto exchange, desktop wallets are downloaded onto your computer. Hardware wallets are like USB sticks that are relatively expensive to buy. There are also mobile wallets that you download onto your smartphone.

Is the Dogecoin wallet anonymous?

The question of anonymity is undoubtedly justified. After all, cryptos boast of being completely anonymous. However, the reality does not look quite so clear. After all, with some providers you definitely have to register with real data. However, if you do this and trust our test winner, for example, you also gain security. A licence is only granted to wallet operators when legal requirements are met.

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