Best EOS Wallet 2021: The ultimate comparison

If you want to trade cryptocurrencies safely, it is best to find out about wallets. A wallet is a kind of digital purse and the key for storing, receiving and spending crypto money.

These wallets contain private keys. These are secret numbers that allow the currency to be spent as well.

In the end, a crypto wallet is an app, website or device that manages these private keys of the respective cryptocurrency for you.

In the big EOS wallet comparison 2021, you can see the best offers for managing, sending and receiving EOS.

The big EOS wallet comparison 2021

1: eToro EOS Wallet


The eToro wallet is the test winner among the EOS wallets. Here, EOS can not only be fully stored and managed, but also traded directly via the integrated eToro exchange at the best conditions.

The eToro wallet is one of the most secure wallets on the market (no successful hacker attack has yet been detected). In addition, the eToro Wallet scores with a very simple usability and over 120 cryptocurrencies available in the wallet.


  •    Very user friendly
  •     Mobile wallet for Android & iOS
  •     Buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly in the wallet
  •     Easy to set up
  •     Free to eToro account
  •     Regulated offer


  • Only a few coins supported
  • Limited support options

2: EOS Infinito Wallet

EOS Infinito Wallet

The EOS Infinito Wallet stands out among its competitors in several respects - and proves that EOS online wallets can also be highly recommendable. Among other things, the iOS and Android compatible provider offers a large variety of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, NEO, Dash, ADA, Ethereum and all ERC-20 tokens.

It also offers a practical entry point for crypto newcomers thanks to its intuitive user interface and support in 12 languages, and has been very well received by the community. For more security, the private keys remain on the user's own device.

The Infinito Wallet aims to build an ecosystem of blockchain services including exchanges, ID/KYC and other blockchain-related economic services.


  •    Many coins available
  •     Touch ID for more security
  •     Intuitive interface
  •     Support in many languages


  • Mobile wallet only

3: Atomic EOS Wallet

Atomic EOS Wallet

Atomic is a user-friendly decentralised EOS wallet with a good support system. The desktop wallet can manage over 300 different cryptocurrencies and works with all major operating systems including Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Special features of the digital wallet are the BitTorrent technology and the two "instant exchange" options Changelly and ShapeShift. Furthermore, users can store their private security keys themselves and export them in various formats.


  •    cheap
  •     good customer support
  •     pleasant interface
  •     various online coins on offer


  • Windows version slow on mobile devices
  • Some relevant coins such as IOTA and Nano not on offer

4: GreyMass EOS Voter Wallet


The GreyMass EOS Voter Wallet is based on open source software and basically aims to make EOS as easy as possible for everyone to understand - even if it's not quite there yet. It supports all interaction with the EOS blockchain in the form of smart contracts.

Security is guaranteed by AES-256 encryption. The private keys thus remain on the device. It is not only compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux, but also allows the transfer and storage of EOS Coins, the selection of block producers (conducive to the secure launch of the entire EOS network) and the use of the EOS as a Bandwith or CPU (ZVE).


  • AES-256 encryption
  • Temporary use option
  • Block producers selectable


  • Rather unsuitable for beginners

5: EOS Wallet in the Ledger Nano S

Ledger Nano Ss

The wallet from Ledger has certainly made a name for itself in the crypto world as one of the best hardware wallets on the market. Many different crypto currencies - including EOS, of course - can be stored here offline and it is very easy to use.

The only deterrent is the considerable price. The Ledger wallet costs about €79. Moreover, waiting times cannot be ruled out, as the wallet is still very popular. Recently, security flaws have also come to light, which make the offer seem somewhat dubious.


  • Hardware Wallet
  • smart look in USB stick design
  • many coins storable offl
  • line wallet


  • High acquisition costs
  • partly lengthy delivery times
  • identified safety deficiencies

6: EOS Guarda Wallet

EOS Guarda Wallet

If you are interested in more than just one cryptocurrency, the Guarda Wallet should be high up in the ranking of favourite wallets. After all, it not only includes the big players such as Bitcoin, DASH and EOS, but also all ERC20 tokens and alternative coins such as Monero, Tron and Stellar.

In addition, the wallet also offers a wide selection of operating systems: The EOS Wallet is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows and Linux. Another plus point is that private information is stored locally. The private key is stored on the memory card of the device and is deleted as soon as you log out of the wallet.

This is different from many providers where user information is transferred over the network. This in turn creates a definite security flaw.


  •     wide range of coins
        cross-platform solution
  •     high security measures
  •     send coins quickly and easily


  • no 2 factor authentication
  • no multi-signature

7: SimplEOS Wallet

SimplEOS Wallet

One thing you should know before you start using the SimplEOS Wallet is that it is developed solely for the EOS ecosystem and fully integrates features from the EOS.IO software. The EOS Wallet is suitable for use on Windows, Linux and Mac platforms.

The desktop wallet is also highly transparent and secure, making it easy for users to import their private EOS Mainnet keys and obtain EOS Mainnet tokens.


  • cross-platform solution
  • high security
  • High transparency


  • no other coins
  • only desktop wallet so far

8: Scatter EOS Wallet

Scatter EOS Wallet

Scatter is a browser extension for Google Chrome that allows users to interact with the EOS Blockchain.

The EOS Wallet allows users to sign transactions on the EOS Blockchain using the private keys of the web applications without ever revealing their private keys.

When using the Scatter EOS Wallet, all the important information is stored on one's device. When Scatter sends data to the blockchain, it is sent encrypted.


  • High security
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Good user reviews


  • Confusing for new users
  • Desktop wallet still in beta version
  • limited to EOS and Ethereum

How to set up an EOS Wallet: Instructions for the test winner eToro Wallet

If you want to move from theory to practice with EOS Wallets, it is worth downloading an EOS Wallet. For this purpose, we present an example of step-by-step instructions for the eToro Wallet from our best list.
step 1

Download and install

Download and install

First, you should download the EOS Wallet for your operating system. Mobile versions for Android and iOS also exist in the App & Playstore. Now you should install the file on your device. This usually works with a click on the file you have just downloaded.

step 2

Set up account

Once you have created your account, you can easily access your wallet, use your recipient address and easily buy, send and receive EOS.

step 3

Buying, sending and receiving EOS

Buying, sending and receiving EOS

Once in the Cardano wallet, it is now possible to both buy and sell Cardano or alternatively send and receive ADA coins from another wallet.

The purchase takes place directly via the eToro app. Funds can be loaded with various payment methods, including Sofortüberweisung, PayPal or credit card. Finally, Cardano can be purchased with this credit.

To send and receive Cardano, all you need is your own Cardano wallet address. This consists of a series of letters and numbers and works similarly to an email address or an IBAN - it is unique. The best thing to do is copy it and you can start sending ADA.

Of course, ADA do not have to be bought immediately. If you like, you can also wait for a particularly favourable Cardano forecast.

What is an EOS Wallet?

This article is about EOS wallets. EOS is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency that was launched in the summer of 2017. According to the whitepaper published that year, EOS.IO is currently operated by the private company

Interested parties are informed by means of an EOS wallet comparison and various options for trading with the EOS token. All in all, however, it should always be borne in mind when entering into crypto trading that it is a speculative business that always involves risks.

The most important EOS Wallet features

1. Usability

If you are new to trading, there is one key feature of EOS wallets: usability. If a wallet is not easy to use, it will certainly not be able to attract a large number of users. Meanwhile, the number of providers for coins like EOS has also grown - and not all digital wallets are easy to use without prior knowledge.

Complex wallets therefore already exclude a large circle of users. Usability could therefore be seen as the key to creating a wallet with EOS. This also applies to ease of use on mobile devices, so EOS wallets for Android and iOS should also be easy to install and handle.

2. Selection of online currencies and offer

Two other things are crucial when thinking about creating an EOS Wallet: the choice of digital currencies. In fact, this is especially important for those who want to trade with a rather unknown token or with several at the same time. Of course, with most wallets, this is not fixed for the long term.

The crypto market fluctuates so much that many providers are constantly updating their offerings. But it is not only the number of crypto currencies that is important: with EOS, one should pay attention to whether EOS Mainnet Coins and, for example, free airdrops from other crypto projects to EOS owners are supported.

3. Collateral

Security always plays an overriding role in crypto trading. Especially if you are new to trading and cannot weigh up all the risks well, you should pay attention to high security services with the chosen provider.

Together with usability, security is probably the central point when using an EOS wallet. Available assets, which are exemplary: a 2 factor authentication, advanced encryption methods and the possibility for regular backups.

4. Support & Control

A feature that is essential, especially for beginners: customer support that is open to all users, if possible, for any problem and, if the worst comes to the worst, at any time of the day or night. Especially at the beginning, newcomers often encounter hurdles.

This can be a matter of pure terminology, but of course also a lot of money. Often, adequate customer service is linked to a capable and motivated team of developers.

What you should definitely pay attention to in terms of handling or control is the "key" - the private access key. The rule of thumb is: the more independently you can dispose of it, the better. Each additional instance that comes into contact with the key increases the risk of a security problem.

4. Anonymity

The points of anonymity and privacy can also be of high importance for the user experience. With regard to these two factors, one should look for the so-called Hierarchical Deterministic Procedure (HD) with a provider. This means that transactions are constantly provided with new addresses and tracking them is thus made considerably more difficult.

If you want to remain anonymous or as anonymous as possible, you should also pay attention to the data you have to enter when registering. There are major differences between providers when it comes to privacy and the protection of personal data.

EOS Wallet from Ledger

Special features of the EOS Wallet from Ledger

Despite the security flaws mentioned in the best list, Ledger's wallet allows you to keep the private keys that control the EOS accounts. One's private key is stored directly in the Ledger Nano S and never shared. The tips on Reddit for the Ledger EOS Wallet are also worth reading through.

If you want to put security first and are not exactly a beginner in crypto trading, a hardware wallet like the Ledger EOS Wallet is certainly advisable.

Before you connect your Ledger Nano S to your EOS account, you need an initialised Ledger Nano S with the latest firmware and the Ledger Live App. Now you can open the Live App and start to connect the Ledger Nano S. After that, all you need is the Ledger Nano S client for the EOS Blockchain download and your chosen wallet provider.

EOS Wallet Test Conclusion - Our experience and rating

If you still don't think you know your way around, you can search for keywords for EOS Wallets on Reddit or, of course, in your favourite search engine. There you will find, for example, more information on creating EOS wallets or where to find their address.

Reddit can also help you expose scam EOS wallets before you are tempted to use them. Of course, it also depends on your own needs. Those who want a mobile wallet are well advised to go with an EOS eToro wallet. Those who prefer a cold/hardware wallet can find out about the EOS Wallet Ledger Nano S, for example.

  • There are also a few other tips on how to store your EOS coins (as) safely as possible. Although this is considered a beginner's tip, for example, it should never be discounted: You should choose your password carefully - and above all, with the help of different characters, make it as untraceable as possible.
  • Another important tip at the beginning is to test the wallet by transferring a small amount of money before putting in a lot. This way you can make sure that the EOS Wallet is secure and works as the provider has specified. Afterwards, you should check again whether you have really used all the provider's security services. There is no such thing as too much protection.
  • Unfortunately, the language is a problem with EOS - if you're not fluent in English. If you ultimately decide against EOS, you can also switch to the wallet alternative eToro recommended by hier for other coins such as Bitcoin.
  • Although crypto trading can never - and also no wallet - be 100% secure, eToro offers trades with high security services and many additional features.

EOS Wallets FAQs

What is an EOS Wallet address and how do I find it?

Finding your own address is also very simple. The case of the EOS Wallet at the Exodus Wallet is taken as an example here. The procedure is often similar for different wallets. This desktop wallet is listed in the best Ethereum wallets list and is also recommended for EOS.

First, download the appropriate version depending on the operating system (Windows, Mac or Linux). Afterwards, the setup file can be started simply by double-clicking on it. You will then receive a message that Exodus has been installed. Now you can start the wallet by simply double-clicking on the desktop icon.

To find out the "receiving address", click on the Wallet tab in the wallet interface and then select EOS. Then click on "receive" and the address will be displayed.

What is an EOS Wallets Explorer and how do you use it?

A Blockchain Explorer is a browser for Blockchain, similar to other browsers we know to access websites, such as Mozilla or Google Chrome. Many crypto traders rely on blockchain explorers to track their transactions. However, few traders use these browsers to their full potential. As the name, translated from English, suggests, the tool allows you to "discover" - in fact, the entire blockchain of the platform you are using. The explorers are therefore specifically tailored to each blockchain. Accordingly, you could not use an EOS Wallet Explorer for Bitcoin or Litecoin.

Another feature of the explorers is, for example, a feed that shows all recently mined blocks on the EOS blockchain. With many, there is also a live feed for blocks that are currently being added to the blockchain.

With others, one can discover any transaction history in any block that has already been mined and is currently attached to the EOS Blockchain. In addition, one can look up the transaction history of any public EOS Wallet address. You can also use the EOS Wallet Explorer to find out any EOS Wallet address.

Are there alternatives to the EOS Wallet?

If you are on the move in the crypto market, there is more or less one rule of thumb: When in doubt, go with eToro. This provider makes it easy for beginners to dive into crypto trading. Security is guaranteed, as you can pay with Paypal, and for advanced traders there is also the option of trading stocks, for example.
eToro can be used as a trading platform for EOS. The provider also has a wallet with excellent reviews. However, this is not (yet) suitable for EOS.

Is it worth investing in EOS?

In the meantime, cryptocurrencies have established themselves as a product. Most analysts assume that their importance will continue to grow in the future.

Is there a best EOS wallet app?

In the big comparison of the best crypto wallets, our test winner was convincing due to its intelligent functions. The app is free and you can now go on an EOS shopping spree without having to leave the app.

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