Best Stellar Wallet 2021: The ultimate comparison

It seems as if the internet can hardly save itself from cryptocurrency offers: Exchanges, bots, wallets, brokers and reviews of all of them are booming.

More and more people are becoming interested in digital money and thus in alternative investment opportunities. Anyone who wants to enter the world of decentralised crypto investments should not only have prior knowledge of currencies and trading opportunities, but also the tools of the trade.

The so-called crypto wallet is essential.

In the following article, everything revolves around wallets and certain Stellar Wallet. Another name for a crypto wallet could be 'digital wallet'. This keeps the public and private keys used to receive or send tokens. However, as with a physical wallet, careful attention should be paid to security aspects.

The following Stellar Lumens wallet comparison not only summarises the best Stellar wallets, but also highlights what to look for in wallets and explains some helpful features for Stellar wallets.

The big XLM Wallet comparison 2021 - What is the best Stellar Wallet 2021:

1: eToro Stellar Wallet


The eToro Wallet is the test winner among the Stellar Wallets. Here XLM can not only be fully stored and managed, but also traded directly via the integrated eToro exchange at the best conditions.

The eToro wallet is one of the most secure wallets on the market (so far no successful hacker attack has been detected). In addition, the eToro Wallet scores with a very simple usability and over 120 cryptocurrencies available in the wallet.


  •    Very user friendly
  •     Mobile wallet for Android & iOS
  •     Buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly in the wallet
  •     Easy to set up
  •     Free to eToro account
  •     Regulated offer


  • Only a few coins supported
  • Limited support options

2: Ledger Nano S

Ledger Nano Ss

For a long time, the Ledger wallet for Stellar Lumens had an excellent reputation and was always described (mostly together with Trezor) as one of the best hardware wallets on the market. Many different cryptocurrencies, from Bitcoin to Ripple to Ether and Lumens, can be stored here offline and the use is very simple.

The Ledger Nano S has an O-LED screen that allows users to check their transaction with the touch of a button. Ledger's Stellar Wallet is compatible with all Windows versions from Windows 7 onwards, as well as Linux and Mac OS. In addition, it can run in parallel with hot wallets such as electrum, Copay and Mycelium.

Only the high price made some people shy away from buying it. If you want to buy the Ledger Nano S, you have to pay about €79.

Since the wallet is still very popular, you might have to wait longer for delivery. Recently, security flaws have come to light that make the offer seem dubious in some respects.


  •    Hardware Wallet
  •     smart look in USB stick design
  •     many coins storable
  •     offline wallet


  •    High acquisition costs
  •     partly lengthy delivery times
  •     identified safety deficiencies

3: Stellar Desktop Client (Foxlet Wallet)

Foxlet Wallet

This - as the name suggests - desktop wallet is a recommendable hot or cold wallet option for all those who do not want to spend money on a Stellar Lumens Wallet. The open source software guarantees transparency and the Stellar Wallet is compatible with all common operating systems (Windows, Mac and Linux).

So the only thing you have to do to use it is download and install it. The layout is well structured and intuitive. In terms of security, the Stellar Wallet scores several points: it allows the user to encrypt his private key and gives him complete control over his XLM key.

Since the wallet is also easy to handle, it can definitely be recommended to crypto beginners.

There are two small disadvantages - as with every wallet. One has to do with the weakness of any desktop wallet: as soon as you are connected to the internet, there are significant security flaws, unless you have dealt with antivirus programmes in depth beforehand.

The other difficulty only affects those who want to store other cryptocurrencies in their Stellar Lumens Wallet. This is not possible here.


  •    Open Source Software
  •     free of charge
  •     beginner and user friendly
  •     intuitive interface
  •     control over private key


  •    Security risk when connecting to the internet
  •     Not compatible with other cryptocurrencies

4: Guarda Wallet

Monero Wallet Guarda

If you really want to get into the crypto business, the chances that you are interested in more than just XLM are very high. If you are interested in more mainstream as well as other small coins, Guarda is the wallet of choice:

It covers not only the big players like Bitcoin and Ripple, among others, but also all ERC20 tokens and alternative coins like Monero and Tron.

In addition, the wallet also offers something for everyone in terms of operating systems: The Stellar Lumens Wallet is suitable for Android, iOS, Windows and Linux and also cuts a good figure on mobile devices. Security is ensured, among other things, by the fact that private information is stored locally.

The private key is deleted as soon as you log out of your wallet. This is in contrast to many providers where user information is transferred via the network.


  •    many coins available
  •     cross-platform solution
  •     high security measures
  •     send coins quickly and easily


  •    no 2 factor authentication
  •     no multi-signature

5: Stellar Lumens Wallet Lobstr (Lobster)

Stellar Lumens Wallet Lobstr

The Stellar Lumens Wallet, whose name ("Lobstr") is often misspelled like the animal ("Lobster"), also offers an excellent option and therefore lands in fifth place in the big Stellar Wallet comparison. The free mobile and web wallet is often described as "easy" and "simple", which is why it is highly rated by the community.

All you have to do is set up a Stellar account online with your mail address. A welcome addition to the usual service is an original mail notification system that also simplifies the user experience. Another asset that not every wallet has is the XLM price converter.

With its numerous security features, the Stellar Lumens Wallet also comes close to the hardware versions: not only does it come with 2 factor authentication, but also fingerprint support and secure PIN protection.

Despite all the precautions, the final uncertainty that mobile and web wallets are subject to remains. If you use a wallet online, the security risks - such as a virus attack - are always higher than with offline wallets.


  •    free of charge
  •     easy handling
  •     nice and user-friendly interface
  •     mobile and web wallet[/su_list]


  •    possible security flaws due to online use
  •     No other coins on offer

6: Atomic Wallet

Atomic Wallet

Atomic's digital wallet is a decentralised XLM wallet, a so-called desktop wallet. It can manage more than 300 different online tokens and works with all major operating systems: Windows, Mac OS, Linux and even Ubuntu, Debian and Fedora.

This now very popular wallet uses BitTorrent technology and the "instant exchange" options Changelly and ShapeShift. Private security keys are stored here by the users themselves and can be exported by them in various formats.

The original feature of "Atomic Swaps" is a decentralised exchange technology based on Timelock contracts.


  •    reliable and transparent
  •     good customer support
  •     pleasant interface
  •     various online coins on offer


  •   Windows version slow on mobile devices
  •     Some relevant coins such as IOTA and Nano not on offer

7: Lumens Stargazer Wallet

Lumens Stargazer Wallet

This wallet, which is suitable for both mobile (Android via Google Play) and desktop (Windows, Mac OS, Linux) devices, has a whole range of advantages: It allows the use of different accounts - and also offers different assets, networks and languages.

The Stellar Lumens Wallet is best suited for those who prefer an uncomplicated wallet without a lot of bells and whistles. Accordingly, the high user-friendliness is designed to make the process of sending and receiving coins as simple as possible.

The many languages are also a definite plus - especially since diversity in this regard is not usually one of the strong points of wallets. Reviewers, however, give the Stellar Wallet mixed reviews: Quite a few complain about in-app bugs.


  •    Web and online wallet
  •     beginner-friendly
  •     Different languages on offer


  •    Not suitable for iOS devices
  •     In-App Bugs

How to set up a Stellar Lumens Wallet: Instructions for creating the test winner eToro Wallet

Before creating a Lumens Wallet, you should consider the two options: you can either create a brand new wallet or reactivate an old one. When you create a new wallet, a password-protected text file is created and stored on your PC.

This acts as a private key. Below are the steps for creating a Lumens Wallet via the eToro Wallet.
step 1

Download and install

Download and install

First you go to the official eToro site and download the Stellar Wallet suitable for your operating system. This is followed by the installation.

step 2

Create wallet

Now select "Set up account", click on it and create your wallet account. The password is of utmost importance, as it is needed every time you want to log into your wallet. It is best to keep this file offline.

step 3

Stellar Lumens Buy, Send and Receive

Buying, sending and receiving EOS

Once you have created your account, you can simply access your wallet, use your recipient address and thus easily buy, send and receive Stellar Lumens.

The most important Stellar Lumens Wallet features

Minimum balance

One should note that every Stellar Wallet requires a minimum balance in order to use it. This has recently been set at 1 XLM.
Security features

Security features

Before considering which wallet you want, you should be aware of the different wallet types and assets in terms of security. Features such as advanced encryption, 2 factor authentication and PIN and password modalities can be interesting here.

Private key

Private keys are the most important tools for handling a wallet. This is the only way to access your Stellar Lumens balance. When choosing a digital wallet, you should therefore make sure that you retain control over your private keys at all times and that third parties do not gain access to them.

Backup & Restore

One should also make sure to give preference to a wallet that includes its simple backup feature. This is not only advantageous for beginners if something goes wrong with a transaction.

What you should definitely pay attention to in terms of handling or control is the "key" - the private access key. The rule of thumb is: the more independently you can dispose of it, the better. Each additional instance that comes into contact with the key increases the risk of a security problem.

Development Team & Support

Last but not least, who is actually behind the wallet is also crucial. Is the development team strong and pays attention to reviewing and updating features on a regular basis, and also, for example, adding new coins to the offering and fixing security issues quickly?

In addition, competent customer support that is available around the clock, preferably in several languages, is important.

best Stellar Lumens Wallet

The best Stellar Lumens Wallet for Linux and Windows

The good news: Stellar Lumens has a whole range of wallets ready that are suitable for Linux and Windows. All the wallets represented even have compatibility for the two operating systems.

However, the question of which is the best wallet is not so easy to answer across the board. It is much more a question of one's own needs, which are connected with the use of the wallet:

If you want the highest possible security, you should use a Stellar Wallet that you can use offline, such as the Stellar Desktop Client. If, however, you have in mind to trade with many different coins, the Guarda Wallet might be more suitable for you.

And if you want to switch to another cryptocurrency, other wallets like eToro may be the right choice.

The best Stellar Wallet for Mac

The situation is the same for the Mac operating system as for Stellar Lumens wallets for Windows and Linux. Especially for newcomers to the crypto market, it is of course important that the user experience is as straightforward as possible.

You should always keep this in mind and as a Mac user you can, for example, opt for the Stellar Lumens Wallet from eToro.

With offers like Stargazer, you should only be aware that despite the wallet's compatibility with Mac PCs, it is not compatible with iOS. It is therefore only designed for desktop use.

best Stellar Wallet for Mac

Stellar Wallet Test Conclusion - Our Experience and Evaluation

  • What is the conclusion from the big Stellar Lumens Wallet comparison? Some crucial points regarding Stellar Lumens Wallets can definitely be filtered out:
  • One should always pay attention to high security measures. This can be a back-up that you create from your private key. At this point, we would like to point out the Stellar Paper Wallet, which guarantees a very high level of security under certain conditions, as the key is stored offline.
  • Stellar hardware wallets are also recommendable tools as far as security is concerned, but you should always check the latest information on weaknesses in their systems. The community usually provides competent help here. Overall, you should also stick to Stellar Lumens wallets, which are recommended by the blockchain community.
  • In any case, it is smart to protect your device with a competent antivirus software and to pay attention to the security features of the individual providers, such as the 2-factor authentication.
  • Anyone who has now carefully read through the Stellar Lumens wallet comparison and weighed up the pros and cons may come to the conclusion that it is better to opt for another cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin and a corresponding wallet for trading.
  • This is where the excellent eToro Wallet can be a choice if you are looking for a wallet to store your cryptocurrencies. There are over 120 cryptocurrencies available at eToro, plus you have access to the integrated eToro Exchange where you can trade cryptocurrencies with the best conditions.

Our crypto wallet recommendation

  •    Manage, buy and sell cryptos directly in the wallet
  •     Free app for Android and iOS
  •     Beginner-friendly
  •     High usability
  •     EU licence

Stellar Wallet FAQs

What are the functions of Stellar HD Wallets?

In conventional wallets, addresses or keys are randomly generated. This requires the user to back up every time one generates a new pair of addresses, for example. With a large number of transactions, the process can quickly tire the user and costs time. This is where HD Wallets come into play. Such "Hierarchical Deterministic" wallets use a 12-word "master seed" key. All you have to do is make sure it is backed up. The other advantages of using a Stellar HD Wallet are obvious: you can generate many recipient addresses each time you receive XLM and you protect your private information. Popular Stellar HD wallets are the Stellar Wallet for Ledger and the Stellar Atomic Wallet as a free variant.

How do I create tokens in Stellar Wallet?

Creating and issuing tokens in Stellar Wallet is relatively easy, as the network is built as a kind of digital IOU system. To create an issuing account, you can create a new account in the Stellar Account Viewer. This is activated by sending at least two XLMs. Now you should separately create a "Distribution Account", i.e. an issuing account, for the token. This account receives the tokens from the "Issuing Account" and is activated by sending at least three XLM.

The next step is to first use Stellar Laboratory to establish "Trust" between the two accounts. After that, "Change Trust" must be turned into an "Asset" and you should enter the number of tokens you want to issue later. To finish the transaction, it remains to "sign" it. Now the tokens can be generated in the laboratory. Once you have created a Stellar Token, you can create a sales offer for it. However, to avoid creating an infinite number of tokens, you should restrict your access to the issuing account. To do this, use the "Laboratory Transaction Builder".

When do I need a Stellar Wallet Memo?

First of all, let's explain the term memo: This is a message that is included in a transaction. This Stellar Wallet Memo allows users to communicate with each other on the global public ledger. The blockchain wallet supports two types of memos:

- Text (to send a message with the transaction, up to 28 bytes in size).
- Memo ID (so that the receiver can identify the sender).

Most of the time, you need a Stellar Wallet Memo if you are trading XLM on an exchange. The reason for this is that exchanges usually only use one or a few accounts to receive deposits. They need some way to distinguish depositors from each other. The memo as well as a public address should be provided by the crypto exchange.Finally, before sending XLM, the option to include a specific Stellar Wallet Memo should be displayed.

What are the advantages of a Stellar Lumens Paper Wallet and how do I create one?

Some users swear by complete offline solutions for Stellar Wallets. That is why they use (Stellar Lumens) paper wallets. The receiving address (public key) and a corresponding private key are simply printed on a piece of paper. Usually there is also a QR code that can be scanned for transactions. With a paper wallet, the keys are not stored digitally, so you are protected from hacking attacks. The only important thing is to keep the paper wallet in a safe place.

So if you want to be on the safe side, you should go for a Stellar Lumens Paper Wallet. There are several ways to create one:

    Create a new pair of keys in the official account viewer and write it down on a piece of paper.
    Use the official Paper Wallet page and create a pair of keys and create associated QR codes.
    Use the stellarpaperwallet page to create a printable, foldable paper wallet for safekeeping.

Why buy a Stellar hardware wallet?

One of the safest ways to store your crypto assets is with a hardware wallet, for example the Stellar Wallet from Ledger, seen in the Stellar Lumens Wallet comparison above.

The important thing to understand about hardware wallets is that they are all generally considered secure - despite the recent security flaws found with two of the big players. These digital wallets store the private key and sign transactions. Most importantly, they are designed to never reveal (except in the form of the recovery seed) the private keys.Overall, the different models from the major providers differ in operation, price and cryptocurrencies that can be stored. It is easily possible to store Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash or Litecoin on one of the listed hardware wallets. If you are interested in a Stellar hardware wallet, the one from Ledger is the most suitable.

What is a good alternative to the Stellar Lumens Wallet?

If you decide not to buy XLM after all and prefer to trade with the crypto luminary Bitcoin, for example? Or with alternatives like Ripple? Then of course you should also look for other crypto wallets. A particularly important player here is eToro.

You can simply download the eToro wallet from the App Store and then create an account. One pleasant aspect of the transactions is that you don't have to enter keys all the time because the app automatically takes care of this. Another feature of the digital wallet is that you can deposit money in different currencies: Besides euros, this is possible with US and Canadian dollars, British pounds, Japanese yen and Australian dollars. The two main functions of the etoro wallet are simple and practical: sending/receiving crypto tokens and managing your own crypto trades on the platform

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