Best Crypto Trading Bots Comparison 2021: The Best Auto Trader Softwares

Can you actually earn money with the help of software? Yes. Especially when it comes to the difficult part, i.e. the analysis and assessment of market developments, the programmes are quite capable of recording and evaluating the most important facts - in the shortest possible time.

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Tradable Assets

Tradable Assets
Forex, Crypto, CFDs

Tradable Assets

Tradable Assets Forex, Crypto, CFDs




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Hit rate
approx. 91%

Hit rate
approx. 89%

Hit rate
approx. 88%

Hit rate depending on the signal

Due to the fact that humans will never be able to perform such analyses within seconds, it may be understandable why the interest in trading robots is growing.

How do you trade with a trading robot?

If you are now interested in automated trading, you should take a closer look at how to trade with it for the first time. In the following step-by-step instructions, we will show you how automated cryptocurrency trading works, using Bitcoin Trader as an example.

Step 1: Registration

This link will take you directly to the Bitcoin Trader registration form, where you must first enter your name and email address. Then click on "continue".

In the next window you have to choose a password that is at least 6 characters long and contains numbers as well as upper and lower case letters. Finally, enter your telephone number and click the "register now" button.

Step 2: The deposit

After successful registration, investors have a direct view of the trading platform and their account.

successful registration

Now you have to make the first deposit, the minimum deposit is 250 US dollars, i.e. approx. 210 euros. If you are trading with a robot for the first time, you should not deposit more than the required minimum amount in order to keep the risk within reasonable limits.

The deposit is possible with credit cards such as Maestro, MasterCard or Visa, but PayPal or SOFORT transfer are also available. A direct transfer of Bitcoin is also possible.

Step 3: Trading

As soon as the deposit is on the account, the investor can give the starting signal for trading by clicking the corresponding button. However, it is advisable to adjust the settings to one's own risk profile and, if necessary, even test them first in demo mode.

Those who have done this and are satisfied with the trading results have relatively little effort from this point on. This is because they only have to enter a few basic conditions such as the trading volume and the limits for stop loss and take profit. Afterwards, the robot should be monitored during its work and the parameters should be adjusted if necessary.

Trading Robots Advantages and Disadvantages?

Of course, there are people who can make a living from trading nowadays - even if only a part of the monthly costs is covered by profits, one can consider oneself a winner. But every trader who has become successful and stayed on the road to success in the end has a rocky road behind him that is also paved with losses.

Of course, it may be understandable at this point if a trader who is just at the beginning of his journey wishes to be able to make profits with the help of the autopilot.

In the end, one would also save oneself further training, would not have to deal with technical as well as fundamental analyses and would also not have to fear high losses. Earn money online on the side and become rich and stay successful? A pipe dream.


  • An advantage is the fact that even beginners can get started relatively easily and without problems.
  • Another advantage is the time saved, which should not be underestimated.
  • In addition, the trading robot orients itself on current events and is not guided by feelings.


  • However, one should not believe that the trading robot is always right with its assessment - probably also because the parameters are determined by the trader.
  • Furthermore, one should not forget that there are of course also "black sheep" who only pursue one goal: To take money out of the trader's pocket.

Those who act cautiously and know that they will not only make profits, but who also have an idea of the subject matter, will certainly come to the conclusion that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

All those who invest vast sums without knowledge of the market because they think the trading robot will make the right decisions, because that is what is sold on the homepage, will in the end belong to the disappointed traders who only record losses.

The best trading robot providers in comparison

We have taken a closer look at the most popular trading robots and compiled a list of the best providers in our opinion. This should make the choice a little easier:

Bitcoin Trader

1st place: Bitcoin Trader

In our test, the trading robot "Bitcoin Trader" came out on top by a narrow margin.
Above all, the high hit rate of 91% and the extremely simple operation lead us to this result. But the SSL-secured deposit and withdrawal of payment methods is also a big advantage. The consistently positive reports from forums and the internet also speak for the robot.

  • Focused on Bitcoin
  • Success rate of 91
  • Free demo account
  • Secure deposit and withdrawal
the news spy

2nd place: The News Spy

The News Spy" comes in second place with a hit accuracy of 89%.
The robot follows current news events on major websites and in social media and places automated investments based on sentiment. Many large funds act in the same way, but the robot is of course much faster.

  • Trades various assets based on current news developments
  • Success rate of 89
  • Broadly diversified investment
  • SSL-secured website
cryptosoft logo

3rd place: Cryptosoft

Third place goes to Cryptosoft, a robot that automatically trades other cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin.
In our test, the app achieved an excellent hit rate of 88%. The app is easy and intuitive to use. There is also standard encryption for deposits, withdrawals and trading.

  • Trades various cryptocurrencies
  • Success rate of 88
  • Simple operation and good setting options
  • Precise trading

Is it even necessary to have a clue about the matter?


Online trading is extremely multifaceted due to the numerous strategies, trading styles and systems. If you concentrate on the traders, they can be divided into two groups nowadays:

There is the trader who only trades manually, and
The trader who deals with automatic trading.
Of course, it may be a real temptation to put your feet up because the automated software is doing the work.

However, one should never ignore the fact that it is a robot that focuses on various trading signals and decides whether or not to open a position at a certain point in time based on market conditions.

At this point, however, one should not believe that the trading robot is also a help to those traders who have no idea about the matter. The parameters to which the trading robot orientates itself must be set by the trader in advance.

Note: It would be fatal to believe that you can make high profits without any knowledge of the subject matter.

HODL vs. day trading

A trader uses a trading robot because he hopes to make a profit as quickly and easily as possible. This means that not only do you not want to invest any more time in research such as analysis, but you also do not want to wait for the right time to enter the market.

Once you have defined the parameters, the software acts independently - in the end, you take on the role of a silent observer who is happy when the account balance increases.

Trader talks about a scenario with bitcoin

If you look at trading robots, it makes sense why the programmes are trusted:

  • Nowadays, trading robots are already able to scan the charts in a certain way - here, the trader cannot keep up either due to physical limitations.
  • Furthermore, the robots are also not guided by emotions: through the implanted trading signals, the software knows when it is advisable to open a position or to stay calm - feelings play no role here at all.
  • A good trading robot also presents solutions even though there is no actual trend direction. In the end, the robot always follows the best trends, so that dangers can be reduced and chances of winning increased.

Ultimately, trading with the trend is always more promising; if you trade against the trend, the risk of posting a loss is significantly higher.

How effective are trading robots for cryptocurrencies?

Even though trading robots promise that advantageous trades will be realised, they do not always have to live up to traders' expectations. Furthermore, there are also numerous traders who are of the opinion that behind the trading robots there are almost exclusively only fraudsters who in the end only want to pull money out of the users' pockets.

Particularly interesting here is the approach of many Bitcoin trading robots providers who claim that the competition is pursuing fraudulent schemes - so can a basis of trust between the provider and the trader be built up here at all if fraud is accused within the industry?

Of course there are "black sheep", but that does not mean that no trading robot should be trusted.

If you want to find out whether a provider is reputable or not, you have to look for experience and test reports in advance. Finally, there are numerous reports on the internet about the various providers, so that within minutes one knows whether one should use the services of the provider or rather leave it alone.

Bitcoin hand take money

But even if the experience and test reports show that the provider is trustworthy and reputable, you should never trust the trading robot 100 per cent.
One must always be aware that it is a robot that is oriented towards predefined parameters, which - depending on the market development - must also be updated again and again.

This is also the reason why one should not invest without market knowledge. Because in the end it is the trader who is responsible for his profit or loss - the trading robot ultimately only executes the orders.

Trading robots vs. automated trading with brokers

Every day, new trading robots are introduced to the market - many traders therefore lose track and often don't even know which offer to accept.

In the end, the providers promise high profits and low risk. It is important to make a comparison to find out which services are offered.

The following features should be taken into account in the course of the comparison:

Is there a free demo account?
Is a regulated broker available?
How many account types are there?
Which assets, tools or settings can be used?
Is a download of a specific auto trading software required?
Is there the possibility of mobile online trading?

The best providers of auto trading software: Brokers

Brokers also offer automated trading in some cases. Here are the best providers:

Rank 1: eToro

eToro is an internationally operating CFD and Forex broker that holds a licence from CySEC, the Cypriot supervisory authority.

Thus, eToro is fully regulated and licensed.

Etoro is our test winner because it offers the best conditions for trading: Stocks as well as ETFs can be traded completely free of charge! Etoro also seems to have the lowest fees for cryptocurrencies.

Buy cryptos with eToro

In addition, traders also have access to a live chat and other contact options.

eToro is regulated by CySEC
Lowest fees
Free demo account
Best social trading broker
Free educational material
Live chat

2nd place: IQ Option

IQ Option can definitely be described as reputable and very safe. The provider has a licence valid in the European Union, which was issued by CySEC, the Cypriot regulatory and supervisory authority.

IQ Option accepts various deposit and withdrawal methods. Trading takes place via the in-house trading platform, which is extremely stable and also provides real-time prices.

IQ Option

Furthermore, there are numerous tools that are a help for beginners that should not be underestimated.

IQ Option is regulated by CySEC.
The minimum deposit is 10 euros
Free demo account
To the IQ Option registration

3rd place: Plus500

If you are looking for an experienced and competent online broker, you will have found a good provider in Plus500.

The low entry barriers, the high security measures and the good customer service clearly speak for the broker, which also - as the numerous testimonials on the internet prove - can point to an extremely high level of customer satisfaction.


Plus500 is regulated by CySEC and the FCA.
The minimum deposit is 200 US dollars.
Free demo account
The trading platform is available via the web, desktop and also via an app
Maximum leverage is 30 to 1
Very low fees
Free continuing education

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