Bitcoin Circuit Experience & Results 2021

How do our Bitcoin Circuit experiences turn out? On this page you can read everything about the offer in the following test.

The range of trading platforms and trading helpers in the cryptocurrency sector is growing almost daily. It is not easy to keep track of everything.

Let alone choosing a virtual gadget that actually fits between all the offers.

So the experts at CryptoImprovementFund took a closer look at the new crypto robots on the market.

Accordingly, among the many offers to be recommended, there are unfortunately also not-so-serious bots hiding that pull money out of investors' pockets.

Whether this is the case with the Bitcoin Circuit, we find out in our Bitcoin Circuit test.

Bitcoin Circuit advantages and disadvantages


  •    Automated trading
  •     High potential returns
  •     Payout always possible
  •     Registration free of charge
  •     Serious Bitcoin Robot


  •    Broker choice not free
  •     No demo account available

Sign up to the Bitcoin Circuit: Step-by-step guide

Step 1: Bitcoin Circuit registration

If you want to gain your own Bitcoin Circuit experience, you have to open a Bitcoin Circuit account sooner or later. This is not even that difficult, because the registration area is very prominently placed on the platform.

In addition, only very little information such as surname, first name, email address and telephone number is requested for registration. This should not present even the most inexperienced trader with any major difficulties. On the one hand, this minimalist registration makes the Bitcoin Circuit account opening process quite quick.

On the other hand, this suggests that we are dealing with an unregulated provider that could invest a little more in its security measures.

Step 2: Depositing at Bitcoin Circuit

No deposit, no trading, that should be clear. Since Bitcoin Circuit is an unknown provider, the minimum deposit of 250 euros should not be exceeded in any case. This keeps the risk manageable.

For those who cannot cope with the possible loss of 250 euros, they should keep their hands off this experiment. Those who consider the 250 euro investment can see for themselves whether Bitcoin Circuit works seriously.

Step 3: Trading with the Bitcoin Circuit software

Bitcoin Circuit Softwared

As soon as the deposit has been made, the bot can get to work. Ideally, the trader should be able to customise the crypto robot according to his wishes.

So it is absolutely helpful if you as a crypto bot investor have at least basic knowledge about cryptocurrencies, the market and trading. And now? Give the starting signal! Now it's time to sit back and observe whether the trading assistant also delivers what it promises.

Our Bitcoin Circuit Test & Experience

Bitcoin Circuit best

Is the Bitcoin Circuit app an offer that conventional traders can also make good use of? We have taken a very close look at the trading robot and clarify whether the Bitcoin Circuit is serious.

Perhaps the investment in this automatic trading software is worthwhile and the bot provides positive Bitcoin Circuit experiences. Especially for newcomers to automatic trading assistants, it is not always immediately clear how serious the various bots are.

For anyone who informs themselves about a crypto robot on the net will quickly notice that one blog praises the trading robot to the skies, while others speak of a scam.

Sometimes it is hard to distinguish between traders who have actually been deceived and those who have simply been disappointed by the trading results. Whether it is a Bitcoin Circuit Scam in our case, we will of course still find out.

What is clear is that Bitcoin Circuit is still a fairly unknown programme. Accordingly, there are probably not yet many Bitcoin Circuit experiences circulating on the web.

Is the Bitcoin Circuit reputable or not?

Seriousness is often confused with promises of returns - but there is a huge difference here. There are certainly reputable crypto bots, but even with these there is no inevitable guarantee of profit at any time. This is also how we see it in our Bitcoin Circuit test.

Our demands and expectations are therefore adjusted to the knowledge that even the best automatic trading software is no guarantee for the Bitcoin million overnight.

New trouble for Binance

For whom the dream of effortless Bitcoin rain has now been shattered, it might be better to look for other digital gimmicks.

But for those who still have a little courage, a visit to the Bitcoin Circuit platform might be interesting. As far as respectability is concerned, the Bitcoin Circuit app could be a bit of a step up.

On the homepage, one is greeted by the advertising promises "Bitcoin makes people rich" and fake reviews typical in the crypto industry. This is not yet solid proof of a dubious approach, but it is likely to scare off some traders at the first glance at the platform.

Bitcoin Circuit reputable

How the Bitcoin Circuit app works

From the outside, crypto robots work like this: a Bitcoin-savvy investor pays a certain amount into the automatic trading software and it then starts trading.

If you like, the crypto bot takes over all the tasks that a trader would otherwise carry out in everyday life. The traders can sit back and relax and follow the actions of the trading bot on the corresponding platform.

Behind the scenes, of course, things are a little more complex. Here, price trends and statistics are used to scan the crypto market and predict the price development of the Bitcoin as accurately as possible.

On this basis, the crypto helper decides which time is most favourable for buying or selling the cryptocurrencies. The whole process runs via an algorithm, which, however, does not achieve 100% chances of winning at any time.

Accordingly, one should take it easy with the investment - especially with unknown and new providers. More than the minimum deposit should not leave the investor's wallet at first. After all, testing a Bitcoin robot is a risky experiment!

The Bitcoin Circuit demo account

  •    1) The vast majority of reputable providers have a little ace up their sleeve: A demo account. With a demo account, interested traders can take a look at the platform without any financial risk and familiarise themselves with the individual function of the crypto bot.
  •     2) However, traders should also approach the venture with caution here. When trading in demo mode, the providers usually use embellished example values to make traders really want to trade with the virtual coins.
  •     3) The demo mode is therefore less representative of the possible chances of winning through the crypto bot, but rather a good opportunity to take a closer look at the function of the system. The numbers are only a secondary matter and more of a marketing effect.
  •     4) Those who know this, however, can find out all sorts of things about the providers and the platform with the demo mode. It is a pity that Bitcoin Circuit does not offer such a demo account. This is not necessarily an indication of a Bitcoin Circuit scam, but it makes the offer look less complete.
cryptocurrency sphere

What is a contestant at Lions Den?

Fake news is no longer a serious problem only in the crypto sector. With regard to Bitcoin Circuit, fake news is circulating on the net that this crypto robot was supposed to have been on the TV show Lions Den.

This show is dedicated to the best start-up ideas and offers shares in them for sale. If a product - i.e. a crypto bot - is successful here, it is the starting signal for a glorious future.

Yet the Bitcoin Circuit was never a topic on this TV show. The providers would certainly be happy about the opposite. However, we want to paint as authentic a picture of the crypto robot as possible and should not fall for such Bitcoin Circuit scams.

When it comes to finding out more about the seriousness of the providers of a crypto robot, we should say goodbye to fake news as soon as possible and fall back on trustworthy sources of information.

Caution also applies to advertisements for crypto robots with local or international celebrities. It is not uncommon for photos of Elon Musk or Gunther Jauch to be misused for this purpose. Dubious Bitcoin quotes are put into the mouths of the celebrities. Anyone who comes across such an obvious fake should justifiably doubt the seriousness of the operators.

ILow demands and trading without greed protect against excessive losses

Inexperienced traders are likely to approach the Bitcoin Circuit app with relatively high expectations. After all, the promise is clear: "Bitcoin makes people rich". However, it is not that clear, because anyone who stays grounded in Bitcoin facts should not be impressed by such advertising ploys.

  • So let's generously overlook the somewhat clumsily constructed homepage and turn our attention to the actually interesting concept behind the Bitcoin Circuit. Because this offers the Bitcoin trader an optimal supplement in everyday trading.
  • It takes over the complete trading for the human trader. From observing the changes in the market to executing the various trading decisions.
  • However, what is true for human traders is also true for virtual traders: even the best trading bot cannot predict the future and, accordingly, trades that are not quite as worthwhile can also occur in the Bitcoin circuit. If you keep this information in mind and can live with the risk, the Bitcoin Circuit test could be fun.

Is Bitcoin Circuit a scam?

This is an important question that every investor should ask himself before pulling out his credit card. Anyone who has already gained experience with the basic principle of automatic trading software will quickly notice a possible Bitcoin Circuit scam.

A look at the Bitcoin Circuit reviews on the internet can also be quite helpful. By far not all Bitcoin Circuit reviews are positive.

However, it is not entirely clear whether this is actually a Bitcoin Circuit Sam or simply badly advised traders.

There are some indications that speak against the Bitcoin Circuit trading robot. For one thing, there is the rather cheaply put-upon homepage, which throws bad advertising units at visitors. The lack of a demo account also does not speak well for Bitcoin Circuit.

In addition, the homepage would do well with some information about the operators via the imprint, an FAQ section and a customer service. Until the website is upgraded, we can only see the Bitcoin Circuit as a risky experiment. However, the gaps in the offer are not enough to speak of a Bitcoin Circuit scam.

Additional functions

Bitcoin Circuit Software Comparison & Recommendation

At the time of our Bitcoin Circuit review, we cannot make any real promises of profit by using the automated trading software.

The Bitcoin Circuit is and remains an interesting experiment in which traders should not necessarily invest their retirement savings. Those who keep not only the investment but also the expectations low here cannot be disappointed, but can be surprised.

For all those who would like to see a little more security in their everyday trading, licensed and regulated brokers may be more suitable. There, too, it is easy to trade cryptocurrencies.

In addition, the offer here is a little broader. In addition to trading cryptocurrencies, users can also purchase CFDs here.

Otherwise, it remains to be said that the Bitcoin Circuit is simple and easy to understand - ideal for newcomers. However, the investment options are limited. In addition, the offer has some shortcomings that make the long-term use of the trading software appear unfavourable.

For example, there is no information on the platform about the fees that normally accompany the use of these sophisticated bots.
Bitcoin could still crash

Conclusion - Bitcoin Circuit Fake?

The Bitcoin Circuit is certainly not the most sophisticated crypto robot among all the available bots in the crypto starry sky. Therefore, we see the Bitcoin Circuit more as a little gimmick for all those who feel like a little action in their daily trading routine.

Bitcoin Circuits

It should be noted that the minimum deposit of 250 euros should not be exceeded. After all, even before this investment, it became clear through our test that the Bitcoin Circuit has some quality deficiencies.

So it is questionable whether jubilation-inducing profits will be made. However, if one approaches the Bitcoin Circuit venture with the attitude "what do I have to lose?", one could possibly be positively surprised.


What is Bitcoin Circuit?

Bitcoin Circuit promises automatic trading with BTC. As a crypto robot, the user is only supposed to make a deposit and the trading is then taken over by the software.

Is Bitcoin Circuit linked to Yvonne Catterfeld?

Yvonne Catterfeld was misused as the marketing face of Bitcoin Circuit. This started the rumour that the actress had also used the service herself. Catterfeld herself, however, described such reports as lies.

How does Bitcoin Circuit trade?

A software is supposed to take over the trading. Accordingly, there is an algorithm that decides whether the assets should be bought or sold. Even though this is an innovative approach, a profit is not guaranteed.

Are profits safe with Bitcoin Circuit?

In the crypto world, profits are never certain. After all, the influencing factors are large. Individual news items, faulty algorithms and other reasons can cause surprises in the market. This can sometimes mean the total loss of the investment.

What is the best Bitcoin Circuit alternative?

The best alternative is to use the services of a regulated crypto service. Here, there are no guarantees for profits, but you can rely on regular controls, which are carried out by the EU. Bitcoin Circuit does not have such a licence.

Is Bitcoin Circuit reputable?

There are indeed some approaches that speak for a serious handling of Bitcoin Circuit. However, this is not a guarantee. Because criticism is also increasing again and again.

Is Bitcoin Circuit a scam?

Some would certainly accuse the robot of fraud. But in the end, it is up to each user to find an answer to their own questions. To avoid losses in the case of fraud, you should not deposit more than €250.

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