Bitcoin Credit Cards Comparison 2021: The Crypto Credit Card Test

There are already several companies that offer Bitcoin credit cards. As with normal credit cards, the offers and conditions differ. Below you will find an overview of the best offers.

Most Bitcoin credit cards work together with Mastercard or Visa. However, there are also offers that do not use these cards, but instead turn the credit card itself into a wallet.

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The Best Bitcoin Credit Cards 2021

To find out which Bitcoin credit cards are the most recommendable, we have tested the biggest providers.

Place 1: Bitwala

Bitwala came in first place. This provider was particularly convincing in that you can not only load your Bitcoin credit card with Bitcoin for free, but that many currencies such as US dollars, British pounds and euros are also covered by the Visa card.

The wallet is also recommended due to its ease of use. Using Bitwala, one can connect a bank account directly to BTC trading solutions and pay worldwide for free.


PLACE 2. Uquid

In the Bitcoin credit card comparison, Uquid impresses with its diverse application options. Managing the app is also made easy. All three major currencies are supported by the Visa card. Topping up the Bitcoin credit card is free of charge. This puts Uquid in second place.

UQUID logo

PLACE 3. Xapo

Xapo stands out above all for its high user-friendliness. The Visacard supports dollars, euros as well as the British pound. Thanks to the quickly accessible customer support, Xapo comes in a good third place.

XAPO logo

PLACE 4. Cryptopay

Cryptopay offers a very secure wallet. The associated Bitcoin credit card, based on Visa, fulfils all functions. Still, it's only good enough for fourth place, as only bitcoin is supported for free. You can exchange into dollars, euros or British pounds.


PLACE 5. Wirex

Wirex is one of the largest providers of Bitcoin credit cards. The company has already convinced many customers, but the Wirex Bitcoin credit card comes with some disadvantages. Although the Visa card supports the three major currencies euro, dollar and also the British pound, the fees for conversion are relatively high here.

WIREX logo


TenX offers a matching Bitcoin credit card alongside its wallet. However, the fees here change constantly and it is also not immediately apparent which currencies are supported. This is only good enough for sixth place.

Even though some differences are noticeable, it can be said that one should make a good choice with almost every Bitcoin credit card of the preceding companies.

Ultimately, customers must decide for themselves what their preferences are and what features are important to them in a Bitcoin credit card. The decision therefore remains highly individual and accordingly our ranking can only offer initial indications.

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What is a Bitcoin credit card?

A Bitcoin credit card is nothing more than a normal credit card that supports the cryptocurrency. Bitcoins are still very popular with investors, so it might make sense at first to load your own credit card with Bitcoin as well. This way, one could also use it in daily life to pay everywhere where Bitcoin is accepted.

In almost all cases, you need an app to manage your Bitcoin credit card. Here you get an overview of all transactions and transaction fees.

You can think of these apps as a kind of online account through which you manage all your financial transactions. Bitcoin credit cards come in different variants, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Types of crypto credit cards

In the meantime, two types of Bitcoin credit cards have become established. On the one hand, you can use a Bitcoin prepaid credit card. This can be loaded with Bitcoin at any time.

The cryptocurrency is then exchanged for a real currency of your choice. On the other hand, you can use a Bitcoin wallet credit card. Here, the credit card functions as a wallet and stores Bitcoins directly.

Bitcoin prepaid credit cards

Bitcoin credit cards in prepaid format are nowadays the much more popular form. Here you use your Bitcoins to load the credit card. The cryptocurrency is converted into a real advertisement, such as euros or dollars, at the current exchange rate when it is topped up.

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So there are no bitcoins on the credit card, but you can use them to load money onto the card.

The advantage here is that you can pay with such a card everywhere you can also pay with a conventional card. It is not necessary for the recipient of the payment to have a wallet.

Depending on the type of credit card, different fees apply for the exchange from a cryptocurrency to a real currency. One should therefore inform oneself very carefully before deciding on a Bitcoin prepaid card.

Bitcoin Wallet Credit Cards

Bitcoin wallet credit cards work differently. Here, the cryptocurrency is not converted, but loaded directly onto the credit card as a token. The Bitcoin wallet credit card is therefore a special form of wallet that allows you to store Bitcoins there and pay with Bitcoin by credit card. Wallet Fees

With the vast majority of wallet credit cards, there is no getting around the use of an additional app. This is used to manage the credit and also to make it possible to transfer the seed from the credit card to another platform.

This type of virtual credit card is used much less frequently, as it can be difficult to pay with it in everyday life. However, as bitcoin becomes more widely accepted, this could soon change.

Where can I pay with BTC credit cards?

If you use a Bitcoin prepaid credit card, you can pay with it everywhere you can pay with your normal Visa or Mastercard.

Because the Bitcoin prepaid credit card is loaded with Bitcoins, but these are directly converted into real currency at the current exchange rate, the credit is available there in the form of dollars, euros or another selected currency. As a result, you can pay with it anywhere without any problems.

The situation is somewhat different with Bitcoin wallet credit cards. If you want to use them to pay with Bitcoin by credit card at a petrol station, for example, the station must also accept payments in Bitcoin.

Anyone who is on the road a lot knows that more and more shops have the Bitcoin logo displayed next to the logos of the credit card companies. In most cases, this logo means that payments in Bitcoin are accepted and that the recipient of the payment has their own wallet. This means that you can pay with the Bitcoin wallet credit card at such shops.


However, shops that accept Bitcoin payments are still the exception. Bitcoin is still far from having arrived in the middle of society, so you may have to look for special shops that support Bitcoin payments by credit card.

In summary, it can be said that a Bitcoin prepaid credit card is therefore still the more sensible choice today. Even if you don't pay Bitcoins directly here, you still have the advantage that it is accepted everywhere where Visa or Mastercard are accepted.

The credit card Bitcoin Wallet, on the other hand, still suffers from a lack of Bitcoin acceptance. Nevertheless, there are definitely some shops that accept them.

Bitcoin Prepaid Credit Card: How it works

Anyone who decides to use Bitcoins by means of a credit card must first choose a provider. Once the card has been sent, it can usually be managed via an app.

You should first take a look at the various conditions of the different providers before deciding on the right Bitcoin prepaid credit card. Every user has different needs, so no clear recommendation can be made here.

While some want to benefit from as many bonus offers as possible, others want the fees to be as low as possible (here we recommend the Bitwala credit card). Once you have decided, you need to register with the respective provider.

Using the credit card is no different from using a conventional credit card. If you want to book a flight, for example, you simply enter the credit card data on the booking page.

Now you confirm the payment and the amount is simply debited from the Bitcoin prepaid credit card. There are different fees depending on the provider.

You should make sure that you never pass on sensitive data, such as your credit card number, to third parties. Even a Bitcoin prepaid credit card does not provide much protection against theft. The Bitcoin wallet credit card can be considered somewhat safer, as it acts as a wallet and has additional protection mechanisms.

Those who already have a conventional credit card will have no problems making payments with a Bitcoin prepaid credit card. This can therefore be a useful option to pay any bills.
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Top up credit card with Bitcoin

  • If you want to top up your Bitcoin prepaid credit card, you should of course first be in possession of the popular Bitcoin. If you want to know how to get into possession of your own Bitcoins, you can find instructions here.
  • So how exactly does topping up your own Bitcoin credit card work? As soon as the card arrives, you should register with the respective provider. Once you have done this, you get access to a separate wallet that was designed for the transfer of Bitcoins to the credit card.
  • You send your seed from your own wallet to the wallet of the provider and choose the time of the transfer to the Bitcoin prepaid credit card. It is advisable to choose a time when the Bitcoin rate is particularly high, so that you get as many euros as possible for your Bitcoins.
  • Now the Bitcoins are exchanged for real currency and the coins end up as credit on the Bitcoin prepaid credit card.
  • The wallets provided by the respective providers are mostly online wallets. Even though they often have the reputation of being relatively insecure, in most cases your coins do not remain there for long, but are immediately transferred to your virtual credit card.
  • Nevertheless, you have to make sure that the chosen provider is trustworthy so that you don't fall victim to a scam. With the established Bitcoin credit card companies, however, you can be sure in most cases that they work seriously.
  • As soon as the top-up is complete, you can use your credit card and make your first purchases.

Advantages and disadvantages of a crypto credit card

Is it worth using a Bitcoin prepaid credit card? If you want to use Bitcoin with a credit card, you can pay bills quickly and easily with the credit.

Here, a Bitcoin prepaid credit card could be worthwhile. At first, it takes a bit more effort than with a normal credit card because you first have to transfer your Btc from your own wallet to the provider's wallet and then load the credit card.

Nevertheless, you can make your own Bitcoins available for daily use relatively quickly and pay indirectly with the popular coins. In this way, the cryptocurrency is no longer quite as disconnected as when it is stored in your own wallet.

It is advisable to always wait for a time when the exchange rate is favourable. This way, you get more money on your card when you top up. The Bitcoin Prepaid credit card is a good way to integrate your Btc balance more into your daily life.


  • Usability everywhere where conventional credit cards are also accepted
  • Integrating your own Bitcoin tokens into everyday life
  • Good selection of providers in the meantime
  • Quick conversion of the seed into a conventional currency
  • Bitcoin prepaid credit cards available in the form of Visa or Mastercard
  • Depending on the provider, other cryptocurrencies, for example Ethereum, are also supported


  • Additional online wallet required from the respective provider
  • Possibly higher fees than with a conventional credit card
  • Amount of credit depends on the time of loading
  • Only conventional currency available on credit card (prepaid)

Bitcoin credit card comparison: What should I look for in the test?

As with a test of ordinary credit cards, when comparing Bitcoin credit cards, special attention must be paid not only to the seriousness of the provider but also to the various conditions.

1. seriousness of the provider


Before looking at other features of the respective Bitcoin credit card, one should make sure that the provider is a reputable company.

Anyone who deals with cryptocurrencies knows that there are many black sheep in the crypto world who want to profit from the anonymity of Bitcoin and pursue criminal activities.

However, all the providers recommended here can be described as reputable.

2. card type


By now, both Visa and Mastercard are accepted almost everywhere. So you should only make sure that you get one of these providers. Alternative credit card companies, such as American Express, can of course also be used. However, it must be ensured that Bitcoin can be used with a credit card.

3. currencies


If you want to top up your Bitcoin prepaid credit card, you can choose which real currency you want to use as credit, depending on the provider. Most companies offer the currencies euro, dollar and the British pound. However, other currencies are also possible under certain circumstances.

4. fees


The fees are probably the most important point to consider if you want to use a Bitcoin credit card. Due to the special design of the credit card, higher fees may be charged than with an ordinary credit card. Therefore, it is worthwhile to take a close look at which fees are due for which credit card and when.

5. bonus offers


The bonus offers of the respective Bitcoin credit cards can also be compared. For a real comparison, however, these should play a subordinate role, as in most cases they are not of greater benefit for daily use.

Opportunities and risks of Bitcoin credit cards

What factors should be considered when using a Bitcoin credit card? First of all, you should be aware that there are also dubious Bitcoin credit card providers.

With such dubious companies, you run the risk of simply losing your Bitcoins when you send them to the online wallet. If you use a Bitcoin wallet credit card, you cannot assume that you can pay with it in most shops.

Nevertheless, a Bitcoin credit card can be worthwhile. Especially with a prepaid credit card, you can make sure that you can quickly use your tokens to pay bills in everyday life.

A Bitcoin credit card thus represents a hub between cryptocurrencies and normal life. Above all, the ease of converting bitcoin into real currency can be seen as a major advantage.

Is the Bitcoin credit card anonymous?

Those who make Bitcoin transactions can be sure that a high level of anonymity is guaranteed because of the blockchain. But what if you want to use a Bitcoin credit card anonymously? Here, too, the two forms of Bitcoin credit cards differ not inconsiderably.

A Bitcoin prepaid credit card has no significant functions that guarantee anonymity. Here you pay as a clearly identifiable customer with a real currency.

Although some providers offer certain features that are supposed to guarantee greater anonymity, Bitcoin prepaid credit cards are not necessarily recommended if you are looking for maximum anonymity.

Bitcoin wallet credit cards, on the other hand, are nothing more than wallets. Also, the transactions do not take place in a real currency, but with the Btc directly. As a result, all transactions in the blockchain are encrypted via hashes.

The Bitcoin wallet credit card is therefore already capable of a relatively high guarantee of anonymity by its design. In order for the Bitcoin credit card to remain anonymous, however, certain security precautions must also be observed by the user.

Are Bitcoin credit cards the payment method of the future?

Whether it is worth owning a Bitcoin credit card today also depends on the extent to which the Bitcoin means of payment will establish itself in all areas of life in the future.

For most crypto owners, it would certainly be desirable to be able to carry out most transactions in daily life with Bitcoin as well. In order to be able to do this, however, you have to rely on shops and companies accepting Bitcoin as a means of payment.

However, this could change in the future.

The first states in the USA now allow tax payments in Bitcoin. If this trend continues and more and more shops start accepting Bitcoins, a Bitcoin wallet credit card may be worthwhile in the future.

Until then, however, you should be better off with a Bitcoin prepaid card, as you pay with a real currency. This ensures that you can actually pay your bills.


Conclusion - Crypto Credit Cards

Quite a few crypto fans are convinced that the future belongs to Bitcoin credit cards. Today, however, a Bitcoin wallet credit card is not yet worthwhile in the vast majority of cases. Too few shops and companies accept Bitcoin as a means of payment.

On the other hand, there is the Bitcoin prepaid credit card. Since this is loaded with Bitcoin, but ultimately has credit in a real currency, it can usually be used without any problems in all shops that accept credit cards.

With a Bitcoin prepaid credit card, you can integrate your Bitcoin credit more into your everyday life. This way, you can easily pay bills with Bitcoin, even if indirectly.

It is possible that the acceptance of Bitcoin as a means of payment will increase in the near future. Then a Bitcoin wallet credit card could also be worthwhile. At the moment, however, this does not seem to be the case, so that people are more likely to use their Bitcoin wallet credit card as a classic wallet. However, better options exist for this function, as our wallet test showed.

In summary, it can be said that one can be well advised with a Bitcoin prepaid credit card. Thus, all those who want to incorporate their Bitcoins more into everyday life should benefit from this means of payment.

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What is a Bitcoin credit card?

A Bitcoin credit card can be loaded with the popular coins in order to pay with them. A distinction is made between Bitcoin prepaid credit cards and Bitcoin wallet credit cards. The former are accepted almost everywhere because the Bitcoin is exchanged for real currency when it is loaded.

What are the advantages of a Bitcoin credit card?

Bitcoin prepaid credit cards allow you to integrate your Bitcoins more into your everyday life.

This way, you can pay indirectly with the popular coins without the recipient having to have a wallet. However, Bitcoin wallet credit cards will also become more important over time, should the acceptance of Bitcoin as a means of payment increase.

What are the disadvantages of a Bitcoin credit card?

Managing your own Bitcoin card usually works via an app. It may be necessary to acquire the relevant know-how. The fees for Bitcoin credit cards can also be higher than for the conventional form. Furthermore, one has to rely on an online wallet with the respective Bitcoin credit card provider.

What are the best Bitcoin credit cards?

It is not possible to say across the board which Bitcoin credit card is most suitable for the individual customer. Every user has different requirements. In our test, the Bitcoin credit cards from Bitwala, Uquid and Xapo were particularly convincing. These established providers charge low fees and offer more features than others.

Top up your credit card with Bitcoin: How does it work?

First, you have to buy Bitcoin. Now you have to register with a provider and transfer the seed from your own wallet to the online wallet. Now you choose a time when the Bitcoin rate is good and deposit the Bitcoins on your credit card.

In the case of prepaid credit cards, a credit balance is now available in a real currency that corresponds to the current Bitcoin rate.

Where can I pay with it?

You can pay with Bitcoin prepaid credit cards everywhere where Visa or Mastercard are accepted. If you use a Bitcoin wallet credit card, on the other hand, you have to make sure that the shops you choose accept Bitcoin as a means of payment. Since this is still very rare, it is better to use a Bitcoin prepaid credit card.


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