Exhaustive Bitcoin Era Review: legit or scam?

What is Bitcoin Era?

Bitcoin Era is a trading platform that uses statistical algorithms to compare data and facilitates automated trading of prominent cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin. It scans the most profitable deals and automatically processes trades on the behalf of its users. The trading system of Bitcoin Era is based on such advanced algorithms that it is expected to outperform even the seasoned crypto traders of the market.

Bitcoin Era is programmed using some of the best and most intelligent technologies that enable this crypto bot to scan huge sets of old and fresh statistical data. Based on these results, the bot then analyses the crypto markets and facilitates automated crypto trading when the spot prices indicate profitable results.

Bitcoin Era is reportedly a product of two twin brothers. One of them is a professional online trader, whereas the other brother is an expert statistical analyst. Bitcoin Era was not established decades ago, but only a few years back. Soon after its launch, it managed to establish a userbase of more than 100,000 users. What makes Bitcoin Era different from other crypto trading platforms is its inclination towards a wide range of popular cryptocurrencies and not only Bitcoin.

Some common and reportedly profitable crypto pairs to be traded using Bitcoin Era are those of Bitcoin and Ripple, Ethereum and Bitcoin, and Litecoin and Bitcoin. Bitcoin Era is a relatively friendlier platform and is adaptable with many payment methods including MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, Skrill, and many more.

It is claimed that Bitcoin Era has 100% effectiveness when it comes to crypto trading. While this sounds a little outlandish to believe, does it mean Bitcoin Era is not a legit trading platform but a scam? Let’s learn more about it through the Bitcoin Era Review that follows.

How does bitcoin era works

How does Bitcoin Era work?

Bitcoin Era is an automated crypto trading bot that conducts trade by various cryptocurrency brokers. The artificially intelligent software of Bitcoin Era first identifies optimum entry and exit points of the crypto market for a given cryptocurrency and sends the same information to a regulated broker through API. The trade is then executed and finalized by the broker as per the set criteria.

The system of Bitcoin Era also allows its users an option for manual trading where the users can set up a limiting criterion for the trade executed through their account. Users can set up trading parameters like amount to be invested, risk tolerance, reinvestment, and trading strategy to be adopted. Whenever the bot scans the market to find a deal that meets the criteria fed by the account holder, it automatically executes the transaction. Bitcoin Era uses AI-powered algorithms to analyze crypto market charts, spot prices, and trends.

Is Bitcoin Era legit or a scam?

  • Good things are often viewed with skepticism of being a scam, and that’s understandable. Bitcoin Era is an intelligent automated trading platform with a win rate of 97% - one of the highest among all other trading platforms. The website claims that Bitcoin Era is programmed on the basis of some of the finest and profitable financial market phenomena. The financial models used by this system were repeatedly applied by economists and trading experts for the analysis of forex price trends.
  • For better precision, these models have been reportedly adjusted to provide for the volatility of cryptocurrencies. The statistical algorithms programmed within the bot allow it to scan tons of data within milliseconds. The bot can therefore realistically identify some of the most viable trading opportunities.
  • Moving forward, Bitcoin Era is associated with regulated brokers that facilitate the execution of trade and this signifies the legitimacy of Bitcoin Era. The website has adequate security measures employed in place and is protected by SSL security which ensures that all the user data is encrypted and safe. In addition to that, the online customer support service of Bitcoin Era deserves a big ‘Thumbs-up’. It is fast, reliable, and accessible 24/7. Given the vast number of Bitcoin Era users, their customer support system is well-equipped to deal with queries and concerns from a broad spectrum of users at once.
  • Lastly, a long list of customer testimonials and reviews endorse the legitimacy of Bitcoin Era. The users of Bitcoin Era, on average, make up to $5000 per day.
Advantages and disadvantages of the Bitcoin Era



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Advantages and disadvantages of Bitcoin Era

Pros and Cons

The Bitcoin Era review reveals the following pros and cons, as tabulated below:


  • Trades are executed through CFD brokers which means trades are done through fiat money exchanges and not through cryptocurrencies.
  • Has a well-equipped customer support system that is 24/7 accessible.
  • The registration process is seamless and straightforward. Users only need to input some basic information and verify the same.
  • Has an in-built free demo account that allows the users to practice trading without investing real money and without sustaining any risk.
  • User-friendly interface that allows quick intuitive navigation and a seamless trading experience altogether.
  • Bitcoin Era charges no hidden fees or charges from its customers. It only has a bite-sized market-competitive processing fee.
  • Highest trade success ratio i.e. up to 97%.
  • Worldwide payments – no matter which part of the world are you from, the friendly system of the Bitcoin Era allows you to make deposits and withdraw payments with sheer ease.
  • Allows manual and automated trading options both. Users can optimize the trading settings in line with their preferences or can go with the default trading settings of the bot.


  • Bitcoin Era is not yet accessible in all countries and regions around the world and is only available in a few languages.
  • Bitcoin Era offers a mobile app. However, it still needs some improvement and big fixtures.
  • The minimum deposit is $250 which might feel like a little too much to beginner traders.

Bitcoin Era main features:

The special features of Bitcoin Era are elucidated below:


Bitcoin Era has a seamless withdrawal process. All the funds and profits from Bitcoin Era can be withdrawn by simply putting up a payment request. Your uninvested deposits and profits can be directly withdrawn to your bank account.

 There are no restrictions on the withdrawal – you can withdraw any amount from the available balance and you can do it any time, any day. Bitcoin Era trades with CFD brokers only and the payouts are not in cryptocurrencies but fiat currencies.

Cryptocurrency Pairs

Making money with Bitcoin Era is easier and safer as the platform offers trading in multiple cryptocurrencies and the users can have a balanced portfolio of their choice. You can set up auto trade using different cryptocurrencies.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Verification system

The registration and verification system of the Bitcoin Era is not at all complicated. You only need to fill in the required information which is then verified. The verification protocols are set high to ensure the information provided is accurate and there are no chances of any fraudulent activity. Once the information is verified, the payment and withdrawal processes become faster.                                 

Professional brokers

The system of Bitcoin Era is integrated with regulated professional brokers who vet all trade transactions and facilitate their execution. This adds an element of security to the trade transactions identified and initiated by the bot.

Trading accuracy

The trading accuracy level of the Bitcoin Era is way higher than other crypto trading platforms. It offers a trading accuracy of 98% under stable market conditions. This is one main reason why most of the users would prefer the Bitcoin Era over all other trading platforms.

The trading bot handles the entire trade transaction by itself – starting from analyzing the market, identifying the trade transaction to finalizing it. The trade process is therefore super smooth and hassle-free.

Trading security

People are often reluctant to invest in cryptocurrencies and trade online due to the rising cybercrime. The user information, deposits, and profits with the trading platforms make the primary targets of hackers and cybercriminals. However, the SSL security and advanced encryption techniques employed by Bitcoin Era make it impossible for hackers to gain unauthorized access to any account.

Customer service helpdesk

The customer support of the Bitcoin Era is worth the praise. An efficient, fast, and 24/7 available online customer support makes it easy for the customers to address all their problems in real-time.       

How much money can I earn with Bitcoin Era?

Bitcoin Era users and other trading experts have rightly said that the profit one can make using Bitcoin Era is highly dependent on the money they invest. The simplest rule to earn with Bitcoin Era; the higher you invest, the higher you earn.

Investors are initially required to deposit a sum as low as $250, and it is totally at the discretion of the users if they want to keep the initial deposit and profits thereon in a loop or they want to withdraw the funds. Reportedly, Bitcoin Era traders can earn up to $900 with a minimum deposit of $250. This can be taken as a standard; however, as the cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin is highly volatile, swinging through ups and downs, this figure may vary.

A crypto trader may earn more or less than $900, by depositing $250 under stable market conditions. By investing more, you can more multifold.
How much money can I earn with Bitcoin Era

How to trade with Bitcoin Era?

Trading with Bitcoin Era is relatively simpler. You only need to open an account, provide accurate information, deposit and begin trading. Let’s look into each of these steps in more detail.

Register an account and verify the details

You can create an account with Bitcoin Era by following only a few simple steps that would take only a few minutes. Navigate to the official website of Bitcoin Era and create a free account by feeding in the required information. This would include your complete name, active cell number, email, etc.

 Once you have provided all the information, verify the same by clicking on the confirmation link sent to your email address or the code sent to your cell phone number. That’s it – you are registered with Bitcoin Era.

Practice using the Demo-Trading Account

Soon after you’ve registered yourself, don’t jump to live trading. In fact, all registered users are allowed a free demo account before practicing live trading without investing money. It is advised to benefit from this feature and practice live trading. Understand the features offered by Bitcoin Era and familiarize yourself with the Dashboard.

Customize Settings (optional)

Bitcoin Era allows manual trading to its users, whereby users can customize the settings of their account and define trading limits such as the capital to be invested, the risk to be leveraged, etc.

 If you have experience trading in the crypto market, you can avail this option and customize your account to your choice. However, if you are a novel investor, it is better to go with the default settings.

Make an initial Deposit

The next step towards live trading is investing. There is no bar on how much you can invest, but the floor limit is defined at $250. You can invest more than that, however, it is advised to begin with the minimum investment so that the trading risk can be mitigated.

 Deposits can be made using various payment methods involving MasterCard, Visa Card, Neteller, Skrill, PayPal, etc. It only takes a few seconds for the deposit to appear in your account after the payment is processed.

Begin Live Trading

Once your account is funded, you can begin live trading with cryptocurrencies. Just navigate to the dashboard, hit the ‘live trading’ button and the bot would identify and capture a reasonable trade deal on your behalf.

Bitcoin Era on TV and in big Mass Media

Bitcoin Era on TV and in big Mass Media

You’d often hear rumors of Bitcoin Era being associated with famous TV shows and big Mass Media. Most of these claims are only fabricated to create hype and trigger volatility in the crypto market. Therefore, before you believe any of these, make sure you have verified the claim.

We looked into some of these rumored TV show endorsements and here is what we found.

Dragons' Den

Who doesn’t love watching technology gurus like James Caan and Peter Jones? We all do. The UK famous TV show Dragon Den has had many cryptocurrency business ideas pitched over the recent years. However, none of these ideas resembles the algorithms and systematic features of the Bitcoin Era.

Shark Tank

The US version of Dragon’s Den that features Kevin O’Leary, Lori Grenier, and Mark Cuban is a mutual favorite of all. None of the episodes of Shark Tank evidences the featuring of two twin brothers pitching their idea of creating an online trading platform that is excellent with statistical analysis and trading techniques.

What do celebrities say about Bitcoin Era?

As soon as a product has been endorsed by a famous celebrity, its credibility spruces up wondrously. However, not all times, such endorsements really exist or have a concrete reality to their credit.

Below are some notable celebrities who are allegedly associated with Bitcoin Era; upon verification of these association claims, here is what we found.
  • Richard Branson. The world-famous businessmen and the founder of Virgin Group, Richard Branson has massive investments in the sector of travel, tourism, and telecommunication. There have been repetitive claims of Mr. Branson being associated with the Bitcoin Era. However, no such claims have been found true. 
  • James McAvoy. The Scottish actor and the starring character of blockbuster films including Apocalypse, X-Men, Split and Last King of Scotland, James McAvoy is the favorite of many. Many social media platforms and pages claim that he has spoken in favor of the Bitcoin Era. No evidence was found of any such statement. Bitcoin Era hasn’t been verifiably endorsed by any prominent celebrity until now. But surprisingly, many celebrities have spoken about Bitcoin and its prospects.
  • John McAfeethe famous computer programmer is of the view that Bitcoin can’t be stopped, but governments would have to readjust themselves. He further adds that Bitcoin will soon be everywhere around the world.
  • Chris Dixon, the co-founder of Hunch and SiteAdvisor, once said that there were three eras to currencies; commodity-based, politics-based, and now is the era of math-based currency.

Customer Reviews on Bitcoin Era

“I was surprised to know some users had an unsatisfactory experience with the customer support service of the Bitcoin Era. I find it exceptionally good – every time I reached out to them, they responded in time and made sure my issue was resolved. A big thumbs up!” ~ Sofla S.

"Glad that I found Bitcoin Era. In the modern era of cybercrimes, it is hard to find a trading app that is genuine and has an efficient customer support system." ~ Karen R.

"Thank you for turning my hobby into something I can earn for. I only wanted to have a collection of Bitcoins until I realized how profitable of an investment, they can be with Bitcoin Era. Making money now seems fun and easy." ~ Benjamin H.

"A year back, I was new to the crypto market. More appropriately, new to the world of investments. Today, my circle knows me as a pro-investor and would always ask me for money-making tips – all the credit goes to Bitcoin Era." ~ Elle P.

"I once called the customer support of Bitcoin Era and they began calling me every single day since then. Even after I had blocked their number, they would call from a new number." ~ Joao A.
Tips for Beginner Investors trading with Bitcoin Era

Tips and tricks for newbies

The Crypto market is a volatile place with many complexities and even seasoned traders are advised to plan their movements carefully and wisely. For beginner investors, it is strongly recommended to evaluate and research their target cryptocurrency before they choose to invest in it. Here are some tips for beginner investors to follow.

  • Learn and understand the trading technology or platform you choose. You can explore some useful features like defining investment and risk limits that can help you trade better.
  • Research about cryptocurrencies as a whole and particularly about the cryptocurrency you intend to trade-in. Higher the volatility, the higher the caution that needs to be exercised before you sign up for a trading platform.
  • Focus on and build your portfolio as you progress. The most profitable investments are long-term investments. Bitcoin Era allows its users to trade in a number of cryptocurrencies – leveraging the same, you can have a well-balanced portfolio that provides for any trading risk.
  • Practice with a demo account to learn more about the features being offered by your trading technology. Bitcoin Era allows its users access to a free demo account so that they can familiarize themselves with the platform without having to invest any money.
  • Start small and increase your investments over time only if investing more makes sense. Don’t invest a big chunk of money initially.

Bitcoin Era vs regular trading systems

Bitcoin Era

  • Bitcoin Era allows its users to invest in multiple currencies so they can have a balanced portfolio of their choice.
  • Fast, reliable, and 24/7 accessible customer support service that is responsive and well-equipped.
  • Has highest success rate among crypto market i.e. 98%.
  • The simple registration process doesn’t require too many personal details and is hardly a matter of 10-15 minutes.
  • Bitcoin Era facilitates easy withdrawals. You can withdraw any amount appearing in your account at any time of the day, every day. 
  • You can begin live trading by investing only $250. This mitigates the trading risk for new investors.       
  • Bitcoin Era is programmed with intelligent statistical algorithms that allow it to scan huge statistical data in an instant.

Other regular trading systems

  • All other crypto trading platforms usually offer to invest in Bitcoin or a few cryptocurrencies only.
  • Poor customer support service that takes hours to connect users to operators.                     
  • Minimal success rates that barely cross 80%.                        
  • Intricate registration processes that take hours before completion and registration.       
  • Withdrawal is complicated and slow. Funds take several days before being transferred to users' bank accounts.      
  • Other trading platforms often demand initial deposits up to $1000 or more.       
  • Programmed with outdated systems.
Cryptocurrency trading with Bitcoin Era

Summary about Bitcoin Era

Bitcoin Era is a well-rounded crypto trading platform, rich in features and completely automated. It is designed to make cryptocurrency trading hassle-free and accessible to all. It has a reportedly high success rate and a considerable trading accuracy rate.

All of these features combined with an excellent customer support service and a reliable withdrawal process make it the best crypto trading application. It has associations with regulated API brokers and a wide network of users who reportedly make a profit of up to $1000 per day.

Bitcoin Era is particularly the favorite of crypto traders as it allows a relatively wider range of cryptocurrencies for trading as compared to other similar platforms. The customer testimonials and user feedbacks of the Bitcoin Era are super encouraging!

After evaluating all the available facts and background, no negative facts or figures regarding Bitcoin Era came to our knowledge. Bitcoin Era stands out as a legitimate crypto trading platform among all competitive trading platforms of the like nature.



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What is Bitcoin Era?

Bitcoin Era is an automated crypto trading app that analyzes big sets of statistical data and scans the crypto market to identify and execute profitable crypto trades on the behalf of its users.

How safe is Bitcoin Era?

Bitcoin Era is equipped with SSL protocols and is GDPR compliant. All user data with Bitcoin Era is 100% safe and cannot be hacked.

Is the Bitcoin Era legitimate?

Bitcoin Era is a legitimate crypto trading app as can be verified through customer testimonials, reviews, and its association with regulated brokers. It offers high profitability rates.

How do you get a Bitcoin Era?

Registering with Bitcoin Era is simple enough. Users only need to fill up a form and provide some basic details which are then verified before the account is registered.

How does the Bitcoin Era work?

Bitcoin Era operates with a completely automated trading system. Once you hit the live trading session, the crypto bot scans the crypto market and identifies profitable trade transactions for its users which are then forwarded to regulated brokers through API. They execute the trade on behalf of Bitcoin Era users.

Can you make money with Bitcoin Era?

Yes, Bitcoin Era users reportedly make a profit of up to $900 per day with a capital investment of $250.



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Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin mining refers to the verification and confirmation that takes place before Bitcoin transactions are added to the Bitcoin blockchain.


Moonshot is the event when the prices of Bitcoin start rising dramatically.


ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering; a disruptive way to immediately raise huge sums of money (funding).


A fork is a time when a cryptocurrency is divided into two new code variations.

Block Height

Block height depicts the number of blocks in a blockchain at a given time.

Bear and Bull Markets

The bear market is a market trend when prices tend to fall and the investors have an inclination to purchase. This represents a negative sentiment and widespread pessimism in the subject market. The bull market, on the contrary, represents an optimistic sentiment when the prices tend to rise and it’s good to sell.

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