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After the prices of several cryptocurrencies fell massively, many investors justifiably asked themselves what the future of digital currencies would look like. Those who wanted to find out more about this on the internet undoubtedly quickly came across the Bitcoin Future trading robot on the popular search engines. According to the operators, a very high profit can be made on this platform within a short time.

However, questions arise as to what exactly the Bitcoin Future app is about and what can actually be traded with it. There is also the question of whether it is a serious offer. However, this can only be answered if the platform is thoroughly examined.

What is Bitcoin Future?

What is Bitcoin Circuit

After the massive price collapse, many investors are rightly asking themselves in which currencies it is still worth investing money. Bitcoin Future may have found an answer to this question. Because according to the provider, the profit among the members of the platform is an amount of more than 1,000 euros. Furthermore, the provider says that the traders would work on average only 20 minutes or even less per day. Moreover, it is completely free to use the website and traders would not expect any hidden fees either.

On the home page, at least in the past, visitors found a notice that registration would be discontinued at a certain deadline due to high media demand. However, the countdown restarted as soon as the page was refreshed. Although this seems strange, it could simply be due to a programming error. In addition, the visitor to the page finds a video on the start page, which the provider has placed there for advertising purposes. The topic of this clip is bitcoin, and it shows a compilation of well-known personalities talking about the virtual currency.

However, prospective traders should not put too much stock in what they have seen in the videos. After all, the interviews were conducted when bitcoin had reached its peak.
In addition, they also show what profits individual investors have made via the site. However, it is not possible for outsiders to judge whether these are genuine reviews of Bitcoin Future.

Interested investors have the option of first contacting support before registering on the website. There is a button called "Contact us" for this purpose. If the visitor clicks on it, however, only a contact form appears, which was programmed extremely simply.

Apparently, the Bitcoin Future website consists of only one page. The four points listed in the footnotes are pop-up windows. Nowhere does the visitor find a view of the actual trading platform. And the information on the options for trading is also extremely scanty. Apparently, Bitcoin Future has received several awards for its offer, which of course interested traders cannot check. Because no reviews are displayed for the awards. According to the provider, the software is able to predict market movements by 0.01 seconds in the future. However, traders should ignore this point, because it is of course not possible.

Wolf of Wall Street

Product Bonuses

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How does Bitcoin Future work?

The provider promises the site visitor that the software is 99.4 percent accurate. In most cases, the software works as it was programmed, with an accuracy of 100 percent. This statement does not imply that there is a guarantee of profits. It is very likely that Bitcoin Future is a crypto robot that makes it possible to trade digital currencies automatically.

What is a crypto robot?

A crypto robot is a computer program that works with an algorithm to calculate the prices of digital currencies. The chances of success vary from one robot to another. However, there is no guarantee of profits anywhere. In most cases, the trader has to define various points according to which the programme will subsequently trade. In most cases, the investor can determine how high the deposits should be and which assets should be traded. With some providers, they also have the option of setting the amount of profit or loss.
However, Bitcoin Future does not provide any further information on this. Traders should therefore take a closer look at websites that lure them with promises of profits and only invest money there if they trust the providers.

Bitcoin Future account

How is a Bitcoin Future account set up?

Once the prospective trader has gathered all the important information, they can begin the process of registering and setting up an account on Bitcoin Future. In doing so, it is especially important that traders check both security and fees. In addition, they should also make regular deposits and arrange withdrawals so that they really understand the processes behind them. If there are any difficulties or problems at any point, they should research on the net or contact support.

How to set up a Bitcoin Future account:

Step 1: The registration

In order for the trader to register, they must provide some personal information. This includes the full name, a valid email address and a telephone number. However, traders should only provide these details if they really trust the site. Some fraudulent websites only want to get hold of this data in order to bully the user with phone calls and e-mails.

If investors are really sure, they can of course provide the data. However, there can sometimes be problems with the registration, which can be due to a programming error or is related to the limited spaces. If there are problems with the registration, the trader should try it again at a later time or alternatively try his luck with another provider, such as Bitcoin Era, Bitcoin Superstar or Bitcoin Trader.

Step 2: The test mode

With some platforms, there is a demo mode on which traders can trade completely without risk. Of course, they can't make any money, but they get a good feel for the programme and the market. In addition, the trader does not have to pay anything in case of a loss, because these are only fictitious transactions. Every trader should first use the test modes before starting real trading.

While it is not uncommon for the prices in these modes to be slightly inflated in order to give the trader a sense of security, it is nevertheless a good way to get to know the trading platform. Traders should first try all types of trading in the test modes in which they would like to invest later. If a trader is already not making a profit with the already better values, it is perhaps because his trading strategy is too risky and he should therefore better change the settings. Basically, trading with digital currencies is an extremely speculative undertaking anyway, because the coins are subject to strong price fluctuations. It is therefore impossible to predict at the beginning of the day what the closing price will be.

What makes it even more difficult for the trader is that the different trading options are also associated with different risks. Among the riskiest options on the market are CFDs, which are nothing more than a bet on how the price will develop in the future. The trader first determines a time period and then makes a prediction about whether the price will rise or fall. If he is correct in his assessment, he receives an additional percentage, which is between 65 and 90 per cent. However, if the trader's assessment is wrong, his entire stake is forfeited. However, anyone who wants to correctly assess the future price trend needs a lot of experience in the respective market. That is why many exchanges explicitly point out that this type of trading is primarily intended for brokers with many years of experience.

Step 3: The deposit

As soon as traders have familiarised themselves intensively with the demo mode, they can make their first deposit. Various payment options are available for this purpose, such as

credit card,
Skrill or
Neteller are available.

Those who want to start trading on Bitcoin Future should - as on any other platform - first only deposit the minimum amount, which is 250 euros. This is because some providers charge additional fees for deposits and withdrawals. Depositing the minimum amount is not only recommended for beginners, but also for experienced traders who want to test the platform. You can invest with this initial amount and compare how the chances of winning with Bitcoin Future compare to other providers.

Step 4: The automatic trade

Finally, the trader still has to decide whether he:

wants to trade personally or
to use automated trading.

However, those who want to carry out their purchases and sales independently have to invest a lot of time and, above all, need a sound background knowledge of the various options for investing in digital currencies. It therefore makes perfect sense for a trader to first test the ideas of other investors in demo mode. This is a good way to find out whether the chosen type of investment might not be too risky. However, even a robot cannot guarantee a profit. Because the robot is no more than a tool that works the way the trader tells it to. Moreover, it makes sense to check the way the crypto robot works from time to time.

This is because the programmes are usually unable to recognise a long-term bad market situation due to their programming. If the market situation is bad over a longer period of time, the probability that the robot will produce losses is very high. In this case, it might not be the worst idea to take the robot offline for the time being and only use it again when the market situation has improved. If, on the other hand, the crypto robot constantly generates losses, the settings should possibly be adjusted. Or the software is generally poorly programmed, so another platform may be a better choice.

Is Bitcoin Future a scam or serious?

Bitcoin hand take money

One wonders whether Bitcoin Future is a scam. There can be no quick answer to the question of whether Bitcoin Future is reputable. Although the site is found quickly, there are problems with the registration, which is most likely due to a programming error. Alternatively, the trader can switch to another platform, such as Bitcoin Code, or to exchanges, where trading is of course just as fraught with risks.

Anyone who wants to trade in digital currencies must always expect losses and take them into account. This is because digital currencies are a highly speculative commodity whose prices are subject to strong fluctuations.

For example, in the past the price of bitcoin has risen many times over in just a few months and then crashed to a fraction within a very short time. A closer look at the Bitcoin Future site is therefore always worthwhile for traders.

Investors should keep their personal risk as low as possible by only making small deposits at the beginning. Traders should also inform themselves about the different types of trading in advance so that they know what they are actually trading later.

Conclusion: Bitcoin Future Experience

Looking at the Bicoin Future experience, it is an offer where traders can trade with the help of a trading robot. If there are still problems with the registration, traders can also switch to other platforms that offer similar opportunities for trading digital currencies.


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