Bitcoin Profit Review: Is This Piece of Software Legitimate or Just a Scam?

In-depth Bitcoin Profit Review

Lots of people start trading in the cryptocurrency market. Today, you can find everything you need to become a successful trader right at your home. There are plenty of websites where you can learn helpful information, and you can join brokers easily as well. Moreover, there are even great trading robots that allow you to start making money without much effort and even knowledge. One of them is called Bitcoin Profit. Before you start using it, you should learn how it differs from other trading apps, whether it has positive customer reviews, if it is a scam or a helpful tool, and other interesting details. This Bitcoin Profit review will allow you to find out everything you need.

How does bitcoin era works

Basic Info about Bitcoin Profit

Bitcoin Profit is a trading tool launched in 2014. It uses AI technology and effective algorithms, which enable it to make more accurate predictions regarding future price changes. In essence, it can do all the analytical work instead of you. This means that if you are a beginner in trading, you can still use this robot and make some profit.

While you can trade relying only on your luck as if playing roulette, there is a less risky and more effective way to earn money. It is possible to predict a price trend based on historical data, the current situation in the market, and the factors that may impact the price. Just a few years ago, traders would have to do all the analytics themselves based on multiple charts and news. That is very time-consuming. Moreover, this requires lots of effort.

Thanks to the robot, traders can save plenty of time and make more accurate decisions. Bitcoin Profit can go through lots of data and notify you about the right moments to enter or leave the market. It is possible to trade either in manual or auto modes. In the first case, you will get a signal about a favorable situation in the market. You can then decide whether you wish to use this moment or not. If you opt for the automatic mode, you will be able to do other things because the robot will open and close your trade automatically.

Bitcoin Profit applies advanced High-Frequency Trade techniques, which allows using the high volatility of the cryptocurrency market in your favor. One of the strategies applied by the robot is scalping. It provides for placing multiple trades, each of which brings a small profit. It is based on slight price movements. Bitcoin Profit can implement this strategy more effectively than humans since it can react to the changes instantly and even ahead of the market.

Bitcoin Profit highlights:

  • It can be used in a large variety of countries, where CFDs trading is available, such as Australia, the EU, Africa, Asia, and North America.
  • It has been more than 7 years in the market.
  • The tool is free.
  • The initial investments are $250.
  • The commission of the brokers is 2% on profitable trades.
  • The leverage is up to 5,000:1.
  • The success rate is 92%;
  • The app is based on HTML5, so it is compatible with different devices, including those powered by Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.

Using Bitcoin Profit, you can trade various cryptocurrencies, including the following:

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Bitcoin Gold
  • NEO
  • Ethereum
  • Zcash
  • Dash
  • Cardano
  • EOS

So, you will be able to pick a cryptocurrency pair that you like.

A range of payment options can be used by investors to make their deposits at Bitcoin Profit, including the following:

  • Bank cards (Visa, MasterCard)
  • E-wallets (PayPal and others)
  • Bank transfer
Unfortunately, we could not find any information on who owns Bitcoin Profit

How Does Bitcoin Profit Work?

Bitcoin Profit comes with special algorithms so that it could take into account plenty of different data and determine the time to start earning money. It does this much quicker and more effectively than humans.

 When a favorable situation is determined, Bitcoin Profit sends signals or opens/closes a trade itself. This depends on the trading mode you choose — manual or automatic. If you choose the latter mode, you will not need to do anything at all. The machine will handle everything. This, however, does not mean that you will end up with some profit. Bitcoin Profit can also make mistakes. It is possible to decrease your losses simply by setting a stop loss level.

You can make a few settings depending on different factors, such as the amount of money you wish to invest, trading strategy, and more. Generally, even new traders find this tool very easy to use. Please also note that there is a demo account, which allows trading with fake money first. You will be able to practice as long as you wish without any risk or worries.

Is Bitcoin Profit Legit?

  • One of the most essential things you should find out about Bitcoin Profit is whether it is a scam. We can assure you that it is a fully legit tool. Your data will be protected with military-grade encryption measures, which prevent any cyber thieves from stealing your information. Also, the company adheres to the GDPR privacy law.
  • The tool can be used only in a network of the most trusted and reputable brokers operating in various countries, such as Australia or the UK. Each of them also utilizes various security measures, making it fully safe to trade in the cryptocurrency market.
  • The software has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 on Trustpilot based on 55 BTC Profit reviews.
  • All in all, there is enough evidence that this piece of software is not a scam.
Customer reviews of Bitcoin Profit on Trustpilot



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Pros and Cons

To give you a better idea of Bitcoin Profit, we have created a comparison table for you to have a look at its advantages and disadvantages.


  • Free tool                                                  
  • The commission is taken on profitable trades
  • The commission is taken on profitable trades
  • Available within a network of reliable brokers
  • Full security and safety
  • It can be used by any investor from a beginner to a professional
  • The tool is offered in a range of countries.


  • It requires investments of at least $250
  • It is unknown who its owners are      
  • You cannot choose a broker

The list of the benefits provided by Bitcoin Profit is definitely greater than the list of its drawbacks.

Bitcoin Profit Features:

The special features of Bitcoin Era are elucidated below:

Fund Management

Trading in the cryptocurrency market is associated with making payment transactions. You will be making deposits to your account at Bitcoin Profit and withdrawing your earnings. The simple interface of the tool allows doing that in a few clicks. Just do the following:

  • Click the Fund Management button.
  • Select the type of transaction (Deposit/Withdrawal).
  • Pick the payment method that you prefer.
  • Specify the amount of your transaction.
  • Submit your request.                                                                                                           Your payment will be processed shortly                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
  • Demo and Live Trading

    You will be able to switch between the demo and live modes of Bitcoin Profit with a single click of a button. Trading with fake money is recommended at the beginning. It will allow you to gain enough experience in trading cryptocurrencies and using the robot.

    Once you are ready to make money, you can switch to the live trading mode. This is when your own money will be used. At this stage, it is essential to be ready for losses. Trading cryptocurrencies is associated with some risk, and you should take it. As long as your revenue is greater than your losses, you will get some profit. With the help of Bitcoin Profit, your chances of earning good money are high.

    Auto and Manual Modes

    One of the main advantages of the robot is that it can do most of the work instead of you. If you choose to trade in the manual mode, you will only need to decide whether to enter/leave the market based on the signals sent by Bitcoin Profit. In case of switching to the auto mode, you will not need to do anything at all because the robot will open and close your trade for you.                        

    Trading Signals

    The signals are sent by Bitcoin Profit when it is a favorable moment to trade in the cryptocurrency market. The robot analyzes plenty of data and then estimates when it is better to buy or sell cryptocurrency. As you hear those signals, you can decide whether the situation is worth it or it is better to wait for a different moment.

    How Much Money Can You Earn with Bitcoin Profit?

    According to information on the Bitcoin Profit website, it is possible to invest only $250 and generate a profit of $800 or more per day. That is lots of money, and some people have actually quit their jobs after starting trading. However, it is very difficult to tell you the exact figures because everything depends on various factors. In particular, your earnings depend on how much you invest and how many cryptocurrencies you trade. The best way to find out how much you will earn is by trading in the demo account first.

    How much money can I earn with Bitcoin Era

    How to Use Bitcoin Profit?

    You will only need to do a few simple actions to start using Bitcoin Profit:

    Step 1 — Creating an Account

    There is a registration form on the official Bitcoin Profit website. It only has a few fields to fill out. Once that is done, you will get a welcome email. There will be a link you will need to follow.

    All in all, it will take you no more than a few minutes to complete everything.

    Step 2 — Making a Deposit

    Right after becoming a registered user with Bitcoin Profit, you can make your deposit. There will be several convenient payment methods provided for you. Please note that the processing fees and times depend on the option that you choose. For instance, money sent via bank transfer may hit your account in several days, while funds sent via bank cards may appear in your account instantly.

    Step 3 — Trade in a Demo Account

    Now that you have real money in the Bitcoin Profit account, you should not start trading using it right away. Switch to the demo mode to get access to fake funds. You can adjust the settings of the trading platform and your robot. This is the time when you experiment with different strategies, amounts of investments, trading modes, etc.

    Step 4 — Trade for Real

    Once you determine your strategy and other essential matters, you can start trading using Bitcoin Profit. Simply switch the live trading mode on. For a start, it is recommended to trade manually and operate small amounts. As you start generating some profit, your confidence will increase, and you can aim at earning greater amounts.

    Step 5 — Withdraw Your Earnings

    Generating some income is the main purpose of using Bitcoin Profit. Once you have enough money in your account, you will want to withdraw it. You can do this by one of the offered payment methods. You should reinvest some of your earnings. It is up to you how much to leave in your account, but generally, it is recommended to keep your payout no more than 20%.

    Bitcoin Profit in TV programs

    Interesting and effective tools are often promoted on various channels, including TV programs. There have been rumors that Bitcoin Profit has been mentioned in several popular TV shows.

    • Shark Tank. It is an American reality TV show where entrepreneurs can find investors for their projects. Both groups are presented in the studio. Within a few minutes, entrepreneurs unveil their ideas to wealthy people who may dedicate some money to their projects. There is no proof that Bitcoin Profit has been mentioned in this TV program.
    • This Morning Show. It is a British show that has programs on various topics. Sometimes, the hosts and their guests discuss cryptocurrencies. There is no proof that Bitcoin Profit has been mentioned in this TV program.

    Has Bitcoin Profit Been Ever Used by Celebrities?

    Lots of celebrities have shown their interest in the cryptocurrency market and related tools. There have been rumors that Bitcoin Profit has been used or recommended by a range of celebrities. Their names include:

    • Gordon Ramsay, a UK chef known all over the world;
    • Peter Jones, a famous British businessman;
    • Elon Musk, a billionaire engaged in a range of famous projects, such as Tesla;
    • Trevor Noah, a political commentator;
    • Kate Winslet, a popular British actress;
    • Holly Willoughby, a British model;
    • Patrice Motsepe, one of the wealthiest South Africans;
    • Aliko Dangote, a Nigerian billionaire.

    Customers Reviews on Bitcoin Profit

    This robot is very helpful. It saves me plenty of time. It was very easy to register on the website of Bitcoin Profit. After trading in a demo mode for some time, I switched to live trading and started earning real money. 

    ~ Jason D., the UK

    Bitcoin Profit is one of the trading robots that I’ve tested. I cannot say that it is the best one. It works well, but I earn more money with other robots.

    ~ Camila D., France

    "It’s a wonderful tool that gives you what you need! I’ve traded in the auto mode, and I can confirm that it’s possible to earn money with Bitcoin Profit." 

    ~ Alfred L., Germany

    "It’s a wonderful tool that gives you what you need! I’ve traded in the auto mode, and I can confirm that it’s possible to earn money with Bitcoin Profit. "

    ~ Denis E., Canada

    "It’s unlikely that Bitcoin Profit will make you a millionaire. In fact, you can lose all your money if you don’t control this app properly. This is what happened to me. Don’t be misled that the robot can work in the auto mode without any problems because it can be wrong."

    ~ Jorden P., France

    Tips for Beginner Investors trading with Bitcoin Era

    Helpful Tips for Newbies

    While there are lots of features in Bitcoin Profit that will make things easier for you, it is also important to know tips from experts, which will help you avoid various mistakes:

    • Do not invest lots of money. Even if you figure out how Bitcoin Profit works, do not invest lots of money. It should be a reasonable amount that will not cause any serious difficulty if you lose it. People have different budgets, which means that one trader can invest $1,000, while another one can invest $5,000. So, determine how much money you are willing to risk to gain a profit from trading.
    • Keep learning. Bitcoin Profit can simplify your work, but it is not a magical tool. You will be able to significantly improve your results if you have a clear understanding of how trading works, how cryptocurrencies differ one from another, what indicators are used, and more.
    • Practice in the demo mode. You should not switch to live trading until you start earning money in a demo account in the Bitcoin Profit app. It is important to feel completely confident, knowing how the trading platform and the robot work.

    Bitcoin Profit vs. Other Trading Apps

    There are some alternatives to this app. Check their brief comparison in the table below. 

    Bitcoin Profit

    • Quick and easy.                                         
    • Various payment methods.                      
    • Success rate 92%.                                     
    • Many great features.                                 
    • Some reviews are negative.                     
    • Some customers complained about long withdrawal procedures.

    Other Trading Tools

    • Some apps offer quick and easy registration as well.
    • There are applications with a decent range of payment methods.
    • Some alternatives have a greater success rate.
    • It is possible to find feature-packed apps.
    • Some trading applications have better reviews.
    • Some trading apps allow withdrawing your money quickly.
    Cryptocurrency trading with Bitcoin Era

    Bottom Line

    There are lots of good things about Bitcoin Profit. It is an effective tool, which can really facilitate the trading process and bring you some income. You can use its features and different trading modes in your favor. According to some customer reviews, it is possible to make some money with this tool. However, we would not recommend you to use it because of some negative comments provided in this Bitcoin Profit review. Also, some trading apps seem to offer better conditions than this tool. Therefore, you should check out a list of the most trusted robots to pick the best alternative to Bitcoin Profit.



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    What is Bitcoin Profit?

    Bitcoin Profit is a trading tool, which is specially designed to facilitate the work of traders. It analyzes the market and takes into account lots of relevant data to determine when it is the best time to open or close a deal. It sends signals to a trader, allowing the one to quickly react to possible favorable situations or simply make deals when the right time comes.

    How safe is Bitcoin Profit?

    Bitcoin Profit is generally safe to use. The website of the developer is fully protected with encryption technology. Also, it complies with the data protection laws of reputable authorities. You can register on the website and make payment transactions without worries.

    Is Bitcoin Profit legitimate?

    Bitcoin Profit is a legit piece of software. The developer uses a range of reliable security measures, and the reviews are generally positive. There are a few negative reviews, though. However, they are unrelated to the legitimacy of the tool but cover other issues, such as poor customer support or a long withdrawal process.

    How do you get a Bitcoin Profit?

    Initially, you create an account with Bitcoin Profit and make a deposit. You should choose its demo mode for a start to practice for some time. Once you are ready to start earning real money, you can switch to the live trading mode. If you use the manual mode, you will need to catch signals and place your orders yourself. It is also possible to simply allow Bitcoin Profit to trade instead of you. In this case, you will just need to check your account balance from time to time.

    How does Bitcoin Profit work?

    Bitcoin Profit uses special algorithms to analyze lots of different data. It then finds the best time to open or close your orders. You will be notified about such situations with special signals. A trader will only need to make a few settings before starting using this tool. Also, the robot can work automatically.

    Can you make money with Bitcoin Profit?

    According to the information published on the official Bitcoin Profit website, it is possible to make around $800 per day by investing only $250. However, the amount of your earnings depends on various factors. For instance, the more funds you invest in a profitable deal, the more money you will be able to earn.


    Who owns Bitcoin Profit?                           

    There is no information on who owns Bitcoin Profit. We can only assume that the robot is created by a team of clever specialists with a deep understanding of the cryptocurrency market.




    It simply means traditional paper money



    A digital asset, the ownership of which is recorded in a ledger


    The first cryptocurrency based on blockchain and the world’s most popular cryptocurrency


    All crypto coins except for Bitcoin


    An Internet-based platform where users can exchange cryptocurrencies for other cryptocurrencies, fiat money, and other assets


    A place where users store their cryptocurrencies


    Money that an investor can borrow from a broker to access the market


    Market cap

    The market value of all of the coins of a particular cryptocurrency


    It is used to determine how easy you can sell and buy a cryptocurrency


    The process of validating new transactions on a cryptocurrency ledger

    Bear markets

    The situation in the market when the price goes up

    Bull markets

    Tthe situation in the market when the price goes down


    Newbies in the cryptocurrency market;

    Short Position

    Selling an asset based on the prediction that its price will decrease

    Long Position

    Buying an asset based on the prediction that its price will increase

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