Bitcoin Trader Review: Is it a Scam or Legit Software?

What is Bitcoin Trader?

Cryptocurrency is an exciting new way to understand the financial markets in the world. It is volatile but rewarding. There are many stories of Bitcoin millionaires earning a big fortune for being early investors in the crypto industry.

But gone are those days when crypto traders used to actively trade Bitcoins. Now it's time to embrace automated trading tools like Bitcoin Trader. The software not only gives you the chance to trade automatically but also supports profitable trading for investors of any kind.

Bitcoin Trader is one of the most popular ways to earn money in a smart way. This Bitcoin Trader review focuses on the best features of the platform and the reasons to start trading with the software. We will also check the legitimacy of the platform.

If you are interested to increase your profit in this risky cryptocurrency market, let’s get started.

Bitcoin Trader is the next-generation bot to earn passive income via Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. The platform is very fast and according to some sources Bitcoin Trader is faster (0.1 seconds) than the average market. But the question is how this robot can help a trader to earn passive income when the crypto market is very difficult to understand?

First of all, most cryptocurrency prices go up or down very fast. So having a robot to signal early moves can have a powerful impact on trading. Next, those who never experienced trading in the past can easily start earning profit via this automated tool. And finally, the software uses artificial intelligence to detect market changes and make auto decisions to enter and exit the market without involving the user in real-time.

This intelligent way to invest in cryptocurrencies suddenly increases the investor’s chance to earn good money without any involvement in the actual trade. But how does the robot of Bitcoin Trader work? It uses an algorithm that has the capacity to make the trades accurate.

Bitcoin Trader Review: How does it work

Bitcoin Trader Review: How does it work?

Bitcoin Trader has a very simple process to operate for cryptocurrency trading. The interface is responsive and has automated trading features built-in. With an account, anyone can start trading after an initial deposit. The deposit is $250, much reason for any customer. This platform is work-ready for the registered users. Here’s a snapshot of how the platform works-

  • Bitcoin Trader has the license to operate in 150 countries.
  • Users can easily open an account and deposit currency to start trading.
  • During the registration process, no security issues are reported.
  • After the deposit, the system will allow you to access all the features served by the platform.
  • You can test all the features inside the system.
  • Set the algorithm of Bitcoin Trader to start trading automatically even if you are not focused on trading.
  • Although the automated trading process looks simple, it needs a strong ecosystem to provide better services. For instance, the Bitcoin Trader provides strong customer support once a user is registered inside the system.
  • The platform provides a higher accuracy level and is quite good compared to other trading robots in the market. Bitcoin Trader has 99% accuracy to earn more tokens in your trades.

In the case of those who are saying that is bitcoin trader safe, we have made some deep research. Let’s find out in the next few sections.

Is Bitcoin Trader Legit Software?

  • Since automated crypto trading bots are a new concept, hence some traditional investors might say that Bitcoin Trader is a scam. We know the risk of affiliates and MLM company advertisement scams inside the cryptocurrency and Bitcoin industry. So understanding everything about Bitcoin Trader before recommending it to you was the main priority for us.
  • Those who are thinking is bitcoin trader legit or is bitcoin trader real our research should provide you enough evidence that it is reliable. Since the software serves both the beginner and the advanced traders with professional tools so we can say that it has no signal that the software is not legitimate.
  • Moreover, users can perform automatic trading at any time without the need for any manual trading. Bitcoin Trader has a trading system that looks like a dependable one. It has a proper registration system with no third-party involvement inside it. The algorithm also looks like doing as much as it is advertised by the creators. If you are a beginner you can rely on the trading signals to buy Bitcoins when the price is low. Once the market reaches an optimal price the software automatically sells the currency for you. In the end, you get an accurate profit although quite impossible in manual trading.
  • In terms of risk management, we found that Bitcoin Trader is quite reliable. For any trader managing the volatile asset, the risk is important. The platform has the perfect system for risk management during your trade. We’ve also analyzed the Bitcoin Trader’s service time and found that it has been in the market for some time now. User happiness is related to the term of service and the user testimonials we will show in the following sections will reflect the factor.
  • Now for those who are asking- does bitcoin trader work we found the withdrawal process working properly. The software can transfer profits within 24 hours. Any platform with the motive to scam users might have issues with the withdrawal process. And those who are thinking about the earning potential should know that earning with Bitcoin Traders users reported $1,300 payouts per day.
  • So we can say based on the above discussion, Bitcoin Traders is a legit bot you can use for automated trading.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Bitcoin Trader



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Advantages and Disadvantages of Bitcoin Trader

Pros and Cons

No technology in the world comes up with 100% positive benefits. If someone advertises that their technology has only advantages then you should be beware of the platform.

Bitcoin Trader is a great way to start trading seamlessly without the need for any manual trading. But not all the features of this software are favorable. During our study, we found both pros and cons of the system.


  • Trading accuracy is claimed to be 99%
  • You can either do automatic or use manual trading modes
  • The trading platform is extremely fast. It is faster than regular markets
  • Both experienced and beginner traders can perform trading easily
  • The automation parameters and trading tools can be customized


  • The $250 deposit could be higher for many newcomers
  • Choosing your broker is not supported
  • If you wish to do binary trading, you have to take higher risks                    

Features of Bitcoin Trader:

You will find some notable features inside the Bitcoin Trader platform. The features are considered market-driven. Although some other cryptocurrency trading robots are trying to attract investors we found the following benefits of Bitcoin Trader that can help you to earn more with less effort.

Fast Speed

Bitcoin Trader relies on speed. Users can not only trade fast but also they can withdraw profits much faster. According to our analysis, users could withdraw within 24 hours. On the other hand, users get faster market signals in Bitcoin Trader. As a result, they can make profitable trading seconds before the actual market moves.

No Hidden Commissions

The developers announced that Bitcoin Trader is a 100% free trading software. The users are not charged with any hidden fee although most of the traditional software have some hidden fees. So 100% free software means you keep all the profit yourself.

Customer Support

Well-structured customer support can be the game-changer in an industry where most of the exchanges or platforms don’t have a good one. Bitcoin Trader knows the importance of customer support and has a 24/7 user support team.

Registration Process

No complex steps are required to complete the Bitcoin Trader registration process. It takes a few minutes to do the signup. The platform will never ask for documents or statements like the traditional exchanges. You just need to put the important information like name, email and telephone. If you face any issues the customer support will help you with the process.

Simple Usability

Unlike traditional trading platforms, Bitcoin Trader supports a simple user interface. Once you activate the features you can easily navigate and start trading without having any professional knowledge of a trading bot.

How Much Money Can I Earn with Bitcoin Trader?

It’s not possible to say a single number that you can earn with Bitcoin Trader. But we say that many investors are using the platform to make daily profits. Since there is a chance to lose more money in the volatile Bitcoin market we must give the software a chance to give you the best strategies in time.

Let’s learn how we can optimize our earnings with Bitcoin Trader and make good use of the crypto market risk.

Start With Research

Whatever your interest is you must start with researching the market and the Bitcoin Trader platform. Why do you need to research? Remember that the market works on investors' sentiment. So if you don’t understand the emotional trends you might lose the signals provided by the software. On the other hand, you can also read the basic user manual of Bitcoin Trader so that you don’t waste time performing any trading action.

Avoid Borrowings

This is a classic strategy for any financial market. The volatile crypto market is also eligible for this strategy. If you took borrowing to invest in Bitcoin Trader please make sure that you understand the risk factor of cryptocurrency. The market can change rapidly sweeping all your borrowed investment money in a day.

Use the Minimum Deposit

It’s possible to earn handsome money on your investment with Bitcoin Trader. But if you are trying out the software for the first time please take the minimum $250 deposit as an advantage. There is no proof that you can’t earn money with the minimum deposit. If you do well with it you can start building up your investment gradually.

User Safety

The safety of your user information is well handled by the software. But keeping your private key safe is highly recommended. Don’t fall for scammers or hackers asking for private information about you.
Register yourself with Bitcoin Evolution

Create Your Own Bitcoin Trader Account

Starting your Bitcoin Trader account is very easy. No fee is charged during the process. The software will take very little information to verify. Once verified your data is protected from other parties. Let’s study the following step by step guide:


The first step is registration. It is quite a simple process. You just visit the official Bitcoin Trader platform. Inside the platform, you will see a signup button. A form will be provided to you to get some information for verification. The verification code will be sent to your email so you don’t have to provide detailed personal information. The setup process will be completed via a personal broker.

Make Deposit

With the successful registration, you will be invited to make a deposit. We recommend you deposit only the minimum amount at first. Without any deposit, the basic trading features will be inactive. So make a deposit and start checking the basic features. If you are thinking about payment methods we covered that for you. You must use one of the following authentic fiat sources:

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Maestro
The security of the card will be ensured via an SSL certificate.

Go Demo Trading

Now you have the fully functional Bitcoin Trader platform ready to perform Bitcoin trading. But keep your nerves for some time. Try demo trading to strengthen your skill in automated bot trading. You don’t need to invest or reinvest any money to perform a demo trade.

Trade Live

It’s time to trade live currencies. At first, you must set the limits as per your risk profile. These limits will help you to save money when the market is taking losses. The beauty of the system is that it can perform daily trading without bothering you with active trading. You just need to set all the parameters in the right way to make more money in your crypto wallet.

Bitcoin Evolution on TV

Bitcoin Trader on Mass Media

You might be thinking why the mass media will endorse the Bitcoin Trader platform since it is still a new concept. Surprisingly, we found sources claiming that it has been featured in the media. Some notable TV shows we found are -

  • Dateline
  • Dragon’s Den,
  • Shark Tank and
  • This Morning.

But the claims are not backed up by official reports. Let’s check the matter out:

  • Dateline - This show is an American show with strong viewership. There are some false claims that this show has been featuring the Bitcoin Trader robot for the viewers. But the existence of such episodes featuring Bitcoin Trader was never found in our research.
  • Dragon’s Den - The famous investment-related show has a big investment mind in the world. So the association with Bitcoin and an automated trading platform can be assumed based on the nature of the show. But the association of Bitcoin Trader with Dragon’s Den is not true.

Celebrities and the Bitcoin Trader?

Like TV shows it is claimed that celebrities endorsed Bitcoin Trader to their followers. But the claims needed to be verified. Let’s read the following section to learn more.

  • Gordon Ramsay. Gordon Ramsey is a popular chef. The celebrity has been endorsing many brands including industries other than international culinary. But it’s quite difficult to say that Gordon endorsed the Bitcoin Trader platform to promote it to his followers. 
  • Peter Jones. He is an investor, businessman and TV celebrity in Dragon’s Den reality show. As a successful businessman, he has been promoting many investment assets to new investors. But association with Bitcoin Trader was never established.

Customer Reviews on Bitcoin Trader

“Highly recommended. Want better ROI and automatic payout?” ~ Mendy.

“I'm was new in this community and I had actually spent a great deal of time taking a look at reviews about it, most of all that info made me more reticent to delve into trading. This platform was advised by my friend who has actually enjoyed trading for many years. She informed me to first attempt the demo trade mode to get more understanding about the automobile trading system. I chose to try it due to the reality that I got curious, I'm glad I provided it a shot this platform was truly quick and easy to use even for newbies. I likewise felt safe understanding that client support was offered if I ever required aid. It's crazy how quick the results have actually been for me. I'm beginning to see really great returns and I'm excited about it. For a beginner with no experience with trading, this app is without a doubt the very best in the business! I would extremely encourage them to everyone.” ~ Femke

 “I tried this service a few weeks ago. I had my doubts at first, since I'm not too proficient with technology but, at some point I gave it a go and I have to say it was really good. I will continue to use it.” ~ Kingstone
Crypto currency trading with Bitcoin Evolution

Tips and tricks for Newbies

Here are some great tips and tricks for operating Bitcoin Trader with success.

  • Try the auto robot services for small trades. Don’t perform aggressive trading rather try building up regular profit using a good strategy.
  • Try Bitcoin Trader for the long term. Learn the basic features and understand the risk management of the software.
  • Save your profits (25%) for future safety. If you put all your profit into this risky venture you might regret it later. Save some funds from your profits.
  • Read expert advice before you perform cryptocurrency or Bitcoin trading. It is true that Bitcoin can make you rich but at the same time it is an extremely volatile market. So you must consider the expert opinions before you start trading with an automated robot.

Bitcoin Trader vs Other Automated Trading Softwares

Bitcoin Evolution                                          

  • The registration process is hassle-free. 
  • You can deposit currency with multiple payment methods.
  • The robot has multiple configurations to choose from.
  • The ratings in the user testimonials are quite high.
  • There are no commissions to be paid for using the platform.                        
  • The software is quite fast. It can signal to buy requests 0.1 seconds before the real market.      

Other Automated Trading Softwares

  • You must go through a complicated process to sign up.
  • Limited payment methods for new users.                       
  • User settings are hard to change.                              
  • A bad review is a big issue for traditional software.     
  • Either charge hidden fees or don’t support zero commission.
  • Very slow to perform trading tasks.
Bitcoin Evolution versus other trading platforms

Summary about Bitcoin Trader

In conclusion, if you wish to make hassle-free passive income, Bitcoin Trader is your solution. The platform has been proven as a legitimate software due to many factors we discussed in the article. Traders with limited trading knowledge can easily start trading using this easy-to-use platform.

It is faster and reliable than any traditional trading tool. You can also use the desktop or mobile app to perform all the necessary trading work in the Bitcoin Trader platform. However, we recommend serious traders to avoid mobile apps since it has less functionality over the desktop version.

With the outcome of our analysis, we can proudly recommend it as 100% legit software. The navigation panel is quite modern and easy to use. Even multi-language is supported by Bitcoin Trader. The user testimonials frequently talked about the easy interface and income prospect of the software. But there are also some doubts about the first time used by some users. One testimonial showed how the doubts were cleared and the user continued the journey with Bitcoin Trader.



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What is Bitcoin Trader?

It is an automated trading software to perform trades using algorithms. It supports traders interested in Cryptocurrencies with passive income.

How safe is Bitcoin Trader?

Bitcoin trader is considered a legit and safe trading tool for the users. The platform is simple to use and investors can submit personal information without the risk of losing it to third parties.

Is Bitcoin Trader a con?

There is no solid proof that it is a con. We have checked testimonials, registration, deposit and withdrawal processes. There is no record that it has been associated with scammers.

How do you get a Bitcoin Trader?

You can sign up using the official website. The registration and verification process is very simple. Once you become a registered user you can start trading after depositing an initial amount.

How much Bitcoin Trader charge?

This platform is free from trading charges. You won’t be charged for trading or any other transaction-related actions.

Is Bitcoin Trader profitable?

Yes, proper utilization of the trading features can earn you daily profit. Starting with a minimum amount and building up on top of it can be a good strategy to make it a profitable venture.

Does Bitcoin Trader own an app?

There is an app to perform trading operations from the mobile. However, we recommend the desktop software with more features.



Cryptocurrency is also known as a digital currency uses a cryptographic system to verify the transactions


Bitcoin is the first and most popular cryptocurrency in the world.


The term is derived from the Latin word fiat, which means a determination by authority—in this case, it's the government that decrees the value of the currency

Cryptocurrency Exchange

A cryptocurrency exchange, or a digital currency exchange (DCE), is a business that allows customers to trade cryptocurrencies or digital currencies for other assets

Crypto Wallet

A crypto wallet is a software program that stores the private and public keys of investors. It also allows users to transfer, receive, spend, store and check their balances.


Crypto tokens are a type of cryptocurrency that represents an asset or specific use and reside on their blockchain.


A blockchain collects information together in groups, also known as blocks, that hold sets of information.

Private Key

A private key is a sophisticated form of cryptography that allows a user to access his or her cryptocurrency


Traders use brokers to buy and sell cryptocurrency derivatives contracts that do not own the actual cryptocurrency.

Hidden charges

Hidden or undisclosed fees, which may be a one-time charge and may appear in fine print on a contract.

Demo Trading

A demo trading account is a type of account offered by trading platforms, which is funded with fake money that enables a prospective customer to experiment with the trading platform.

Passive income

Passive income is income that requires little to no effort to earn and maintain.


Payout refers to the expected financial returns or monetary disbursements from investments or annuities.

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