Cardano founder: Progress is happening exactly where it needs to be – Alonzo is coming

July 9, 2021

Cardano founder Progress is happening exactly where it needs to be - Alonzo is coming

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson has spoken out regarding the recent ADA upgrade Alonzo, says things are moving forward.

In a recent video, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson gives an update regarding the Alonzo upgrade - and it looks like things are right on track. Hoskinson:

   "All in all, the speed is exactly where it needs to be, the progress is exactly where it needs to be. Alonzo will come."

The highly anticipated Alonzo phase is designed to enable full smart contract capabilities on the network. Once it launches, Cardano will finally be able to compete on a level playing field with other programmable chains.

Cardano: development progressing as expected

For organisational purposes, Alonzo has been categorised into colour tiers.

Starting with Blue, which represents a small cohort of users in the test network. Then White, which is similar to Blue, but with a wider group of testers. Finally, Purple will introduce stakeholders (such as exchanges and wallet providers) to the upgrade.

According to Hoskinson, the Blue era is all but complete. However, the timeline has been pushed back by about a week due to the discovery of bugs in the validation nodes.

He expects the "white" era to begin towards the end of this week. However, it is more likely to start next week to avoid a launch just before a weekend.

Cardano development progressing as expected

   "As many of you know, we started the Alonzo Blue era last month and we have been working with partners on it. We have learnt a lot and are about to enter the Alonzo White era."

As mentioned earlier, the White Era will expand the number of testers to several hundred people. The era is expected to run for two to four weeks.

Hoskinson responds to 'failed prediction' tweet

In response to criticism that he misjudged Alonzo's timeline, Hoskinson commented: dismissing the concerns as a non-issue.

   "It's kind of bizarre, the crypto media and people on Twitter have decided to make an issue out of a tweet where I predicted that by the end of July there will be lots of assets on Cardano, and lots of DApps on Cardano."

At the end of July 2020, the Cardano founder predicted that there would be hundreds of assets and thousands of DApps on Cardano in July 2021.

Some users have now reacted to this prediction - and Hoskinson in turn to their reaction:

   "To be honest, we already have that kind of traction. There are tens of thousands of assets, over tens of millions of dollars of NFTs that I think have been sold, if we count correctly, across the Cardano network."

Referring to the Catalyst Project, which funds DApp proposals, Hoskinson also adds, "Hundreds of candidates there would show that there is a lot more to come.

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