Cosmos developer names release date for cross-platform coin transfer app

August 4, 2021

Cosmos developer names release

The Cosmos Network team has reached the final stage of development of the Emeris cryptocurrency application middleware. Its public launch is expected in mid-August.

Emeris will give users access to a wide range of decentralised applications - from lending and pharming to NFT marketplaces, payment applications and data warehouses - in a single interface.

One of the main features of the new project will be the ability to interconnect assets using the Cosmos inter-block communication (IBC) protocol.

"Token trading is the most sought-after feature among users. They will now be able to transfer tokens between blockchains with literally one click,"

The main part of Emeris works in the browser and the first public version in this sense will be centralised. However, the developer did not rule out that in the future the application will be migrated to Akash Network's cloud hosting platform.

"Emeris is a good candidate for a smooth transition to Akash. It's a really cool system that we want to migrate Cosmos blockchain nodes to."

A beta version of Emeris was released in July, with developers focusing on crosschain operations for the DeFi segment. The starting line-up of supported circuits includes Cosmos Hub,, Akash Network, IrisNet, Persistence, Osmosis, Regen Network and Sentinel.

The list of networks will grow in the future. Outside the Cosmos ecosystem, the main interest is in Ethereum blockchain. For this purpose, the Gravity Bridge will be implemented, which will allow tokens to move between Cosmos and Ethereum chains.

The developers will also introduce a mobile app and its own browser-based wallet - the beta only supports Keplr Wallet.

As a reminder, in March Tendermint announced the launch of a $20m Cosmos blockchain-based fund to support promising projects.

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