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  • Very beginner-friendly and intuitive
  • Particularly high security standards
  • Mobile payment and earning with cryptocurrencies
  • Referral programme for up to $2,000 reward
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Coin selection is a multifunctional mobile and stationary platform for cryptocurrencies and their various use cases. was founded in June 2016 as "Monaco Technologies GmbH" by Kris Marszalek, Rafael Melo, Gary Or and Bobby Bao. Two years later, Monaco was rebranded as The company is based in Hong Kong and also has offices in Bulgaria and Malta. By offering a wide range of services around cryptocurrencies and digital assets, acts as an all-in-one solution for both crypto novices and old crypto hands. is a globally active and renowned platform for trading, investing and paying with cryptocurrencies. is becoming increasingly well-known and popular, especially because of its versatility, low fees and easy entry into the world of cryptocurrencies. Already, is one of our favourite platforms when it comes to the daily use of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Co. experiences - Cryptocurrency in Every Walletâ„¢, but securely's mission is to drive mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies. Their tagline, Cryptocurrency in Every Walletâ„¢, already promises the intention that everyone in the world should have cryptocurrencies in their wallets. In addition to all the features they offer, puts one thing first in their mission - security. has bank-like security measures in place to protect the website, user data and, of course, funds. Our research did not reveal any evidence of hacking activity in the past on the app or exchange. Examples of the platform's security features include 100 per cent safekeeping of customer funds on cold storage wallet and two-factor authentication (2FA).

In the following, we want to share our experience. We will go into the advantages of the all-rounder, but also show what could be done better. The main focus of our experience report is on the app. We explain every step that is necessary for the initial registration, how you can quickly find your way around and how to secure your VISA Card. In addition, you will get an insight into the numerous options for buying and selling cryptocurrencies, staking, lending, trading and earning cryptos. We provide you with all the information on in our following experience report.


  • Very beginner-friendly and intuitive
  • Particularly high security standards
  • Mobile payment and earning with cryptocurrencies
  • Referral programme for up to $2,000 reward
  • What services does offer its users? started in 2016 under the name Monaco until it underwent a rebranding in 2018. Since then, the developers and managers of have strived to make their platform as usable as possible for the masses. The offering has since grown to include cryptocurrency trading and spending, DeFi, lending and investment products. In addition, offers its own VISA Card, which users can use to pay their daily expenses and even benefit from additional perks.

    Our experiences with in the area of the services offered are very positive throughout. Above all, the intuitive and simple usability of the app deserves special mention. In addition, fully pursues its mission to make cryptocurrencies available to everyone and to constantly improve the user experience. Let's now take a look at the most important features of the app.

    Paying with cryptocurrencies and fiat money

    One of the main services of the app is the payment function. The virtual debit card, deposited with ApplePay or Google Pay, enables payments of daily expenses such as shopping or going out to eat. In addition, offers its users a physical VISA debit card for payment transactions.

    The debit card can be loaded with a credit card or with cryptocurrencies previously converted into fiat money from the user's own wallet. Available currencies customers are euros and British pounds (GBP). The deposit is credited immediately.

    For each use, you will receive at least 0.1 percent cashback of the payment amount in the form of the native CRO token credited to your Crypto Wallet. Pay Pay, selectable via the logo in the upper right corner of the screen, opens up further possibilities for the user to use the payment function of the app and earn further cashback. Payments for the various services are made exclusively with cryptocurrencies. During the payment process, a list of all selectable coins opens. If the payment is made in CRO, the token, you will receive additional cashback. The percentage of the payment amount you receive is displayed accordingly.

    Gift vouchers

    The Gift Card button takes you to an overview of the various merchants for which gift vouchers can be purchased. At the time of our experience report, 43 merchants were available, including for example Amazon, Saturn and Media Markt, Ikea, Jochen Schweitzer and MyDays as well as Zalando.

    Top up prepaid card

    To top up your prepaid card, click on Airtime and the menu for topping up your mobile prepaid card will appear. You now have the choice of topping up your own number or that of a friend. Note that payment can only be made with CRO tokens.

    Scan QR code and pay

    The Scan function opens the camera window on your smartphone or tablet and you can scan the QR code of a bill and pay it with your cryptocurrencies.

    Send CRO

    If you want to do something good for your friends, you can send them CRO via the Send button. The prerequisite for this is that they have a customer account with If they do not have one yet, they will receive a recommendation link from you and can register with it.

    So offers us a range of different options when it comes to payments with cryptocurrencies, but also with fiat money. We were also impressed by the speed with which the cashback is credited in the form of CRO tokens. Immediately after payment, the tokens are credited and you even receive an email about the purchase made with the VISA debit card.

    Our experience with Crypto Earn

    If you want to make your cryptocurrencies work for you, you should take a closer look at the Crypto Earn feature. With this service, supports you in increasing your cryptocurrencies. Up to 12 percent APY is possible. There are two ways to benefit from Crypto Earn. Firstly, CRO Staking. For this, you have to deposit at least 5,000 CRO, which are made inaccessible for 180 days. In return, you receive an annual interest rate (APR) of 10 percent. The payout is made on a pro-rata daily basis.

    The second option is the so-called soft staking. Here you can also stake other supported cryptocurrencies. The staking period can be set to Flexible, 1 month or 3 months. Find out in advance about the minimum deposit amount of the respective cryptocurrencies and what return you can expect.

    Crypto Earn is a very good way to profit from the interest on your cryptocurrencies. If you don't trade daily anyway and want to hodl your cryptocurrencies, you can gradually increase your digital assets through staking.

    Supercharger - Mining cryptocurrencies on

    In addition to the Staking function, offers a so-called Supercharger to mine cryptocurrencies. The Supercharger is a simple, flexible and secure platform for liquidity mining.

    To participate, users must deposit at least 100 CRO. determines which token is mined every 30 days. Mining only takes place for one cryptocurrency at a time. During the liquidity mining process, the deposit can be withdrawn from the mining pool or topped up at any time.

    How do I participate?

    How do I participate
    • Open the app
    • Click on the Supercharger banner on the homepage
    • Now tap on Learn More in the current Supercharger event
    • Click on Charge Now, accept the terms and conditions and then select the desired number of CRO tokens (minimum 100 CRO) to be added to the liquidity mining pool.
    • Once the 30 days of the Charging Period have expired, the cumulative Reward must be accepted. The payout of the mined tokens will be distributed evenly over the next 30 days, according to your mining share during the Charging Period. The rewards are automatically paid into the spot trading account at Exchange.

    The Supercharger is a great way to get your hands on a variety of cryptocurrencies without buying them directly. At the same time, you can use your CRO for this purpose, so that they do not lie unused in your wallet. The option to withdraw your deposited amount from the Liquidity Mining Pool at any time offers maximum flexibility.

    Invest regularly with Recurring Buy

    Recurring Buy gives app users the opportunity to apply the DCA investment strategy to cryptocurrencies.

    DCA stands for Dollar Cost Avergage and describes the average cost effect. As an investor, you therefore divide the total amount to be invested into periodic purchases of a target asset to reduce the impact of volatility on the total purchase. The purchases are made independently of the price of the asset and at regular intervals. gives you the choice to make your investments of at least 45 euros weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. For payment, you can use your credit card (2.99% fee), fiat wallet or cryptocurrencies. Approved digital currencies and tokens are:

    • BTC
    • ETH
    • CRO
    • LINK
    • BAND
    • VET
    • ADA
    • XRP
    • LTC
    • YFI
    • AAVE
    • UNI
    • DOT
    • XLM
    • ZIL

    Broad range of services convinces in the test

    The wide range of options for interacting with cryptocurrencies appealed to and convinced us during the test. Even if you only want to use the payment function and receive cashback in CRO tokens, using the app is definitely worthwhile.

    In summary, there are the following advantages and disadvantages:


    • Free app and simple, free registration
    • Cashback function when using the VISA debit card
    • Generate passive income through staking and liquidity mining
    • Safekeeping of customer funds on cold storage wallets
    • Simple and intuitive user interface
    • High level of security in terms of data protection, money storage and transfer
    • Regulated financial offering
    • Very low fees
    • All-in-one platform for participation in the Krytpo universe


    • App and website in English only
    • Trading function only possible via Exchange Desktop


    Creating a user account with is free of charge, as is the mobile app for Android and iOS devices. Depositing euros on the VISA debit card is also free of charge.

    users of the

    There is a 2.99 per cent fee for users for buying cryptocurrencies using a credit card. waives these fees for all new users in the first 30 days after a successful KYC process. We think this is a very good incentive from and gives you the opportunity to increase your portfolio without additional costs.

    What fees does charge for trading?

    At the time of our test, trading is only possible with a Exchange account on the desktop. Nevertheless, an overview of the cryptocurrencies available on the exchange is integrated in the app. Trading cryptocurrencies is also not free of charge at The following fees apply to crypto trading:


    30 days trading volume (USD)




    Level 1

    0 – 250.000

    0,10 %

    0,16 %

    0,090 %

    0,144 %

    Level 2

    25001 – 1.000.000

    0,09 %

    0,15 %

    0,081 %

    0,135 %

    Level 3

    1.000 001 – 20.000.000

    0,08 %

    0,14 %

    0,072 %

    0,126 %

    Level 4

    20.000.000 – 100.000.000

    0,07 %

    0,13 %

    0,063 %

    0,117 %

    Level 5

    100.000.001 – 200.000.000

    0,06 %

    0,12 %

    0,054 %

    0,108 %

    Level 6

    200,000,001 and more

    0,05 %

    0,10 %

    0,036 %

    0,090 %

    The trading fees in the overview apply if at least 5,000 CROs are staked. If the fees are paid in CROs, the values in the last two columns of the table apply. The more CROs are stacked, the lower the trading fees.

    Fees for depositing and withdrawing cryptocurrencies

    Depositing listed cryptocurrencies is free of charge for users of the app. Only for the withdrawal there are small costs. These differ from asset to asset. It is also important to note the minimum payout amount. Here you will find a small excerpt of the fees and minimum withdrawal amounts.

    Fees for depositing

    How do I start at makes it very easy for you to get started. Download the free app via our link and create your own account in just a few steps. During the registration process, make sure you have a stable internet connection, enough reception to receive an SMS and your identity card, passport or driving licence.

    Step 1: Register with

    Register with

    After a successful download, open the app and click on Invited? Add Referral Code. Now enter our referral code gsv4chkk9a in the next step. Once the code has been verified, a notification will appear in the window.

    Step 2: Set email address and password

    Set email address and password

    In the next step you have to enter the e-mail address for the later login and a strong password with at least 8 characters. Now you will receive a confirmation e-mail in which you press the Login button for verification. This completes the first part of the registration process.

    Step 3: Enter your telephone number

    Enter your telephone number

    The next step is to enter your mobile phone number. Select the appropriate country code for your phone number and complete the phone number. In the following window, enter the security code to confirm your phone number.

    Step 4: Verify your identity

    Due to regulatory requirements, a KYC process is necessary to fully use all services of the platform. This means that you now need an official identification document from yourself. Users can complete the verification process using their ID card, passport or driving licence.

    First enter your full name as it appears on your ID card. In the next step, select the country of issue and the type of ID card. Furthermore, a scan of your passport and a selfie are required to confirm your identity. Follow all steps as described in the app and wait for the final confirmation from that you are verified and can use the full range of services.

    Verify your identity

    Step 5: Register with

    Once has successfully verified you, there is nothing to stop you from using the app and the desktop version. As soon as you open the app, you can log in via the login button. Enter your access data and confirm the login process in the confirmation email.

    The VISA Debit Card

    In order to be able to make full use of the payment function of, the provider provides every user with a free VISA debit card in Midnight Blue after successful registration including KYC. Furthermore, there are no monthly or annual usage fees. When the card is used, a credit of one per cent is given on the payment amount in the form of CRO tokens. There are no further conditions attached to receiving the card.

    However, offers other versions of the VISA debit card. For this, a corresponding number of CROs must be accumulated for at least 180 days. The following overview shows the different cards, how many CROs have to be staked for this and which additional benefits the individual debit cards bring with them. VISA Debit Card

    On March 19, 2021, will change the staking requirements for VISA debit cards from a fixed CRO amount to a fixed amount in fiat money. The requirements from that date will be as follows: will change

    Our experience: The No. 1 app to pay with cryptocurrencies

    Our experiences are positive through and through. It is hard to imagine an easier entry into the crypto universe. With the app, users receive a platform to fully engage with the topic of cryptocurrencies and their usefulness as a means of payment and trading object. Especially the cashback function in connection with the free VISA debit card is unparalleled.

    Anyone who wants to generate a passive income with cryptocurrencies can do so ideally with Staking or the Supercharger. Traders also get their money's worth, although trading with cryptocurrencies was only possible on the Exchange desktop site at the time of testing.

    We really liked the simple and intuitive operation of the app. The menu navigation is comprehensible, the buttons stand out very well against the background and switching between the individual functions works quickly without long waiting times.

    Based on our experience with, we, the team of CoinRatgeber, can highly recommend the platform. Both newcomers to cryptocurrencies and passionate hodlers will find an excellent platform to buy, sell, trade, stake, lend or spend their digital assets.



    Does hold the private keys for my wallet?

    At the time of our review, holds the private keys for the wallets. This is a common procedure as with many other major exchanges such as Coinbase and Binance.

    Is there a referral programme at offers a referral programme for its users. Share your referral link or your referral code with your friends. For each successful referral, you and your friend will each receive 25 US dollars in CRO credited to your wallet. The prerequisite is that the referrer stacks as much CRO as is necessary for one of the metal VISA cards.

    What deposit methods does have?

    Deposits at can be made by credit or debit card as well as by SEPA bank transfer. As a rule, card payments are immediately credited to your fiat wallet. Bank transfers are credited after a few days.

    Of course, you can also deposit all accepted cryptocurrencies into the crypto wallet. Always make sure that the cryptocurrency you send is the same as the cryptocurrency you receive, i.e. BTC to BTC, ETH to ETH, etc. Otherwise, you may lose your digital coins.

    Does charge fees for withdrawals? charges fees for withdrawals of cryptocurrencies, which differ depending on the coin.

    Withdrawals to a SEPA bank account, on the other hand, are free of charge. It is important to know that a withdrawal can only be made if a deposit has already been made from the same account. As a rule, allows itself 3 to 5 days to check your withdrawal request. After successful verification, it takes another 1 to 2 days until the money is in your account.

    How long does it take to receive my VISA card?

    Usually it takes 7 to 14 days to send the card. performs an address check, has the card produced and sends it to you. You will be informed about the shipping status in the app.

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