CryptoRocket Experience 2021 - Serious Broker or Pure Scam?

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Crypto exchanges are now a dime a dozen. But each crypto exchange has its own style and offers its users an individual service. During our research this time, we came across the crypto exchange CryptoRocket. This platform is still quite new and we would like to know what it is all about.

After all, it's not just about finding out what special features this crypto exchange has to offer. It is also about finding out more about the operators of the platform. Are there serious operators behind CryptoRocket or do crypto enthusiasts have to fear for their virtual coins when using the platform? We will answer this question and many more in our CryptoRocket test!

Serious or should be treated with caution?

Dubious crypto exchanges are usually quickly unmasked by taking a very close look at the platform itself. Is there an imprint, is support available to customers and what about general transparency?

In the case of CryptoRocket, the answer is a simple "yes". On the CryptoRocket homepage there is an imprint, a customer service and transparency is not stingy. This is how we know that the company is based in the Caribbean island paradise of the Grenadines.

It can therefore be assumed that these are not fraudulent providers. Unfortunately, the crypto exchange is not regulated.


The offer

Now that we have clarified that it is possible to work with the providers, we can go one step further in our CryptoRocket test. And this time it's about the CryptoRocket offer. After all, we want to know very precisely what this crypto exchange has to offer that the many other crypto exchanges do not.

CryptoRocket's offer includes:

  • 30 cryptocurrencies,
  • 55 fiat currencies,
  • 104 stocks and
  • indices.

That sounds pretty good. Of course, we are particularly interested in the cryptocurrencies, which is why we want to go into a little more depth at this point. The cryptocurrencies offered include Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin and IOTA. Thus, CryptoRocket has covered the most common digital currencies here, which should give most crypto fans their money's worth.

Those who are looking for very unusual or smaller virtual coins will not (yet) be happy with CryptoRocket.

Since CryptoRocket is a very young crypto exchange, the offer could of course still grow in the future.

The fees


Fees are a nagging issue, but a necessary one. After all, crypto exchanges finance themselves through fees. However, there are big differences here from crypto exchange to crypto exchange as far as the amount of the fees is concerned. So it goes without saying that we also take a closer look at the fees of CryptoRocket.

It is interesting that CryptoRocket does not charge any fees for deposits and withdrawals - which, by the way, are made entirely via bitcoin.

However, it should be noted that the exchange of fiat currencies into bitcoin is definitely associated with costs at other providers. Although these fees are not charged by CryptoRocket itself, they still play a role in the use of the service.

Which deposit and withdrawal options are accepted?

We already mentioned it: CryptoRocket only accepts deposits and withdrawals via bitcoin. This has its advantages and disadvantages.


  • Let's start with the clear advantage that using the CryptoRocket platform is thus very close to anonymity. CryptoRocket does not want any bank data, credit card data or the like from its users. Since cryptocurrencies actually have anonymity as a pillar of their foundation, this should benefit most crypto enthusiasts.
  • Due to the fact that deposits and withdrawals are made via bitcoin, this crypto exchange can naturally score points with speed. After all, the transfer of the coins is completed within a few seconds. With withdrawals, however, there can be a delay of up to 24 hours. This is due to the fact that some withdrawals have to be made manually.


  • The big disadvantage of the limited range of deposit and withdrawal options is the lack of flexibility. The platform is therefore really only suitable for all traders who are not necessarily interested in buying cryptocurrencies and shares themselves, but for whom pure trading with the currencies is the main focus.

It is important to know that CryptoRocket requires a minimum deposit of the equivalent of 50 US dollars. Compared to other exchanges, such as AvaTrade or Bit4Coin, this is not really much and accordingly anyone can afford to test this crypto exchange with a small investment.

Open an account with CryptoRocket

If you are now enthusiastic about CryptoRocket, you will have to open an account to use the platform. However, this can be done quite quickly at CryptoRocket.

Step 1: Registration

Opening a CryptoRocket account is quickly done, because all that is needed is an e-mail address and a password. As soon as the email address has been confirmed with a link sent by email, the next step can be taken.

CryptoRocket does not require intensive verification - this has the advantage that registration is quick and the disadvantage that security may suffer.


Step 2: The deposit

The deposit at CryptoRocket works exclusively with Bitcoins. So if you don't have any Bitcoins, you have to get them on another platform first. As soon as this is done, you can start.

The converted minimum deposit amount on CryptoRocket is 50 US dollars. Users transfer the amount from their wallet to their deposit address. The amount should then be credited within a few seconds so that they can continue trading.

Step 3: Trading

Once the deposit has been made, it is time to trade. Users can choose between stocks, indices, fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies.


The platform

All those crypto traders who have already gained insight on other trading platforms will naturally want to know more about the specifics of the CryptoRocket platform. CryptoRocket uses an extremely well-known trading platform, namely MetaTrader 4. In this area, CryptoRocket is not very different from the other large, already established crypto exchanges. Of course, this is not a disadvantage, considering that MetaTrader 4 does an excellent job.

Arbismart Rating

Users can use the platform via:

  • the download of the software,
  • the Web Trader,
  • the iPhone App or
  • the Android App

That is quite a broad selection for such a young crypto exchange. Other trading platforms could take a leaf out of the book here, because a broad range of usage options is certainly also part of the user-friendliness.

MetaTrader 4 is intuitive to use and offers a whole range of interesting trading tools. Among other things, there are various auto-trading systems, which should especially please inexperienced traders.

CryptoRocket purchase options

As already mentioned, there are 55 fiat currencies, 104 stocks and 30 cryptocurrencies on CryptoRocket. Although the number of currencies, shares and cryptocurrencies is not really something that blows us away, CryptoRocket is still young and will most likely add more offers in the future.

What is convincing, however, is that there is a healthy mix of fiat currencies, shares and cryptocurrencies. This mixture is not found on many crypto exchanges and is therefore a small highlight of the CryptoRocket offer.

The correct storage of the coins

The security of the valuable virtual coins should be a major priority for every trader. Accordingly, most crypto exchanges offer in-house wallets, i.e. digital purses, for storing the virtual gold.

Unfortunately, CryptoRocket cannot offer this. There is no information on the CryptoRocket homepage about the storage of coins on the platform. It can therefore be assumed that no cold wallet is available here.
However, everyone who uses CryptoRocket should have a wallet anyway. After all, a wallet is required for depositing bitcoins. It is advisable not to wait too long before withdrawing the Bitcoins won on the platform, because storage on a crypto exchange itself is not necessarily secure.

behind the operator

The customer support

A reputable provider is not afraid of its customers and therefore it is absolutely clear that customer support is part of the offer of every good crypto exchange. If a provider does not offer customer support, that speaks volumes.

At CryptoRocket, however, there is customer support, and it is available 24 hours a day. CryptoRocket has customer service staff who are ready to answer questions around the clock in a live chat service. If you don't feel like using a live chat, you can also contact customer service via a contact form. It is a pity that CryptoRocket does not offer customer support by phone. That would round off the impression of customer support.

However, it should be noted that the support is only available in English. After all, the entire platform is also only available in English.

What CryptoRocket can score with, however, is a small FAQ section. Here, basic topics such as "What is a Bitcoin?" and the like are covered. If you have more in-depth questions, you won't find anything here.


What do the testimonials look like?

Of course, a crypto exchange provider can tell us the blue of the sky, promise the finest trading deals and make an impression with a reputable-looking platform. In reality, however, it is unfortunately often the case that the promised offer and the actual execution are two different pairs of shoes. And how could one learn more about this difference than to read through the testimonials of other users?

And that is exactly what we did. Since the CryptoRocket offer is still quite young, there are correspondingly few testimonials.

However, the testimonials we found at the time of our CryptoRocket test are all very positive - that clearly speaks for CryptoRocket!


The advantages and disadvantages at a glance

Now we have gained a good insight into the universe of CryptoRocket. So let's list the pros and cons once again:


  • Customer support is available, which can be reached via live chat and contact form
  • The platform is clearly structured, intuitive to use and does not require much prior knowledge
  • The trading offer is large for a young company: 55 currencies, 30 cryptocurrencies and 104 shares
  • The trading offer is not only limited to cryptocurrencies
  • Registration is completed within a few minutes
  • High level of anonymity, thanks to deposits and withdrawals via Bitcoin
  • Fast deposits
  • Many trading tools and gadgets
  • Available worldwide
  • Demo account available
  • Affiliate programme available


  • Customer support is only available in English
  • The platform is only available in English
  • CryptoRocket does not have a verification process, which could lead to security vulnerabilities
  • It is not known whether the company is licensed and regulated
  • The company is not based within the EU
  • Limited deposit and withdrawal options

The CryptoRocket conclusion

Now we come to our CryptoRocket conclusion. Due to the deposit and withdrawal exclusively via Bitcoin and the waiver of verification when creating a CryptoRocket account, a large degree of anonymity is available here. Anyone looking for just such a private environment for trading should be happy here. CryptoRocket can also score with quite a respectable range of trading tools and options. In addition, the minimum deposit of 50 US dollars is quite low - absolutely user-oriented and customer-friendly in every respect.

It is practical that not only cryptocurrencies are available for trading here, but also shares, indices and fiat currencies. A good combination for financially conscious traders. Those who want to take a look at the platform at their leisure without financial risk can do so via the demo account.

Like any other crypto exchange, CryptoRocket also has its own small disadvantages. For example, CryptoRocket does not appear to be licensed or regulated at the time of our test. If you have focused on the area of security, this fact might bother you.

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