Earn Bitcoins with 5 simple methods - Is it still worth investing in Bitcoins in 2021?


You want to earn Bitcoins, but don't know exactly how? Here are a number of ways you can earn Bitcoins.

Earn Bitcoins with labour

The first way to earn Bitcoins is to "exchange" your labour for Bitcoins.

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Have Bitcoins paid out as wages

  • On the one hand, one can ask one's employer whether they could and would like to pay out one's wages in Bitcoins.
  • However, this should only be done partially, because a fixed wage should always exist and due to the price fluctuations of Bitcoin, one should only ever invest as much money as one is willing to lose.
  • That is why, for example, ten percent could be paid out as a wage.

Working for Bitcoins on special platforms

  • However, one's own work performance can also be used differently and possibly better. The platform XBTFreelancer* offers you tasks that you can solve for Bitcoins. The good thing about it is that the platform is structured according to language, which means that there, which makes the work easier.
  • First, a client publishes an offer, describing the task and setting a price or price range. Potential workers can apply for this offer.

Selling goods and services for Bitcoins

You can also earn Bitcoins in another way, namely by selling goods and commodities of any kind for Bitcoins. There are almost endless possibilities for this, as almost everything - physical and not physical - can be offered for money (of course, the sale should be legal). The sale of the (digital) goods then takes place either via your own online shop, at a flea market or in your own garage.

Earn Bitcoins with Bitcoin Mining

Another way to earn Bitcoins is to mine Bitcoins. For Bitcoin mining, you only need an up-to-date Bitcoin miner and Bitcoin mining can begin. However, electricity costs and maintenance costs must be taken into account when mining Bitcoins.

For this, it is best to use a Bitcoin mining calculator, which calculates the final profit or loss. Bitcoin mining is not necessarily profitable, especially the electricity costs are enormously high. However, some people may find a cost-effective way to mine Bitcoin.

An alternative to Bitcoin mining on your own is mining with a Bitcoin cloud mining provider. But you should be careful here! Because Bitcoin cloud mining attracts fraudsters and it has often happened that a supposed Bitcoin cloud mining company just wanted to scam money.

Therefore, use the company Genesis-Mining*, which many cloud miners trust. With my promo code psGlO1* you also get another 3 percent discount on your purchase! Bitcoin cloud mining saves you the cost of electricity, maintenance and cooling (and annoying side effects like noise and heat). Your miners are set up instantly and you are guaranteed that the Bitcoin miners will run 100 percent of the time.

Earn Bitcoins with Bitcoin Faucets

A Bitcoin Faucet is a website that pays you Bitcoins for visiting the website and solving a captcha. Actually, this can also be seen as work - but it is a more pleasant and not time-consuming work, which is why people often talk about free Bitcoins.

With Bitcoin Faucets, ad blockers usually have to be displayed, because Bitcoin Faucets are financed by advertisements. Bitcoin Faucets will not pay out huge amounts of Bitcoins, but with a bit of regularity, they will collect quite a bit of Satoshis (shares of Bitcoins). Well-known and popular Bitcoin Faucets are:

There are countless Bitcoin Faucets and more are added every day, but these sites also close very quickly because they are financed by advertising revenue and sometimes only consist of Google AdSense advertising and then violate guidelines and the AdSense account is blocked.

Another type of website that is very similar to Bitcoin Faucets are websites that pay you to visit websites. Here, you click from one website to the next and then receive Bitcoins proportionately. An advertiser pays for visitors to come to a website and stay there. Providers for visiting websites for Bitcoins are:

Earn bitcoins with credit lending

The first three ways were low risk, from here on it gets a bit riskier. The next method of earning Bitcoins is by lending them. For this, you give strangers a Bitcoin loan in a certain amount and receive fixed Bitcoin interest. Here is a platform that offers Bitcoin loan lending:

Earning Bitcoins through trading

The final way to earn Bitcoins is by trading Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Day Trading

There is the possibility of Bitcoin day trading. This means that you constantly trade your Bitcoins and mercilessly exploit Bitcoin price increases and falls. For this, however, you need some expertise and must also know the market well, as far as this is possible at all. For Bitcoin day trading, you need an exchange that allows you to trade large amounts quickly.

For large amounts from ‚ā¨10000, the Bitfinex* exchange is suitable. As an alternative and for smaller amounts, HitBTC* can be used.

Bitcoin CFD trading

Probably the riskiest trading option is CFD trading with Bitcoin.

What are CFDs?

"CFDs (Contracts for Difference or Contracts for Difference) are highly speculative derivatives and are only suitable for very well informed investors who are aware that with increased rewards come increased risks."

Bitcoin autotrading

In addition to active trading via day trading and CFD trading, there is also the automated version of trading via Bitcoin robots. 

The programmes proceed according to fixed algorithms and examine market movements for certain patterns in order to then automatically buy or sell Bitcoin.


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