Free TON developers unveil True NFT technology

September 24, 2021

Free TON developers unveil True NFT technology

The TON Surf and RSquad teams have published the code for a new solution called True NFT.

The key features of the technology are the placement of all NFT data (including content) in the Free TON blockchain and the ability to search records of collections and tokens and actions on them by sending standardised queries from smart contracts.

True NFT allows you to interact with tokens in decentralised browsers and applications using a single blockchain address, or to send NFTs with only the recipient's address.

As conceived by the creators, the new technology should greatly facilitate NFT trading and exchange.

With True NFT, the initial data of the token includes information about its owner, making it searchable. The data is placed in a separate, non-removable contract, thus forming a similar search index that is recreated when the owner changes.

RSquad and TON Surf also introduced a set of additional smart contracts for finding NFT and its owners, as well as for basic token operations.

True NFT was made possible in part because the Free TON architecture implies the widest possible use of contracts. Specifically, every address on the blockchain is a smart contract.

Several NFT marketplaces already operate in the Free TON ecosystem, including and NiFi Club.

As a reminder, tickets for the first anniversary of the launch of the main Free TON network were sold in the form of NFT.

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