Gemini Experience 2021: The Crypto Exchange Test

The Gemini test is about the offer of an interesting crypto exchange of the Winklevoss twins. Here, one gets the opportunity to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum and other digital currencies, among others.

In addition, there are earning opportunities in the Gemini Earn programme and you can get access to the NFT Nifty gateway.

On this page, we would like to take a closer look at the offer and clarify what Gemini Experience is all about. So we quickly see that the platform is not really available and that there is a much better alternative in this country with eToro.

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Gemini Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Gemini Earn Programme
  • Crypto purchase possible
  • Mobile App
  • EU regulated


  • English language only
  • Limited to cryptocurrencies

What is the Gemini Exchange?

Gemini is a crypto platform that covers various areas of the industry.

On the one hand, you can buy or sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies here, on the other hand, trading functions, a wallet and even an NFT platform can be used.

In addition, there is a mobile offer via the Gemini app and a programme for earning cryptocurrencies.


Is Gemini reputable? The history crypto exchange

Gemini was founded in 2014. The founders were the famous Winklevoss twins, by now probably the most famous billionaire twins of our time.

In addition, Gemini has been able to establish numerous partnerships over the course of time, of which the cooperation with Samsung is certainly the most interesting.

Is that enough to judge whether Gemini is serious? Certainly, the Gemini test must also ask about investor protection. The first thing that stands out is that the company has placed itself in the care of the New York financial regulator.

In addition, various insurances have been taken out for the benefit of the users.

Our recommendation: Buy cryptos with eToro

Incl. wallet
Buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly in the wallet
Paypal, credit card and instant bank transfer
Regulated provider
Real cryptos or CFD trades


Gemini experience

Gemini offer

Gemini experiences primarily revolve around cryptocurrencies, but in a variety of ways. Users can choose from trading portfolios and thus use the trading platform.

The other offers are examined in detail below.

Gemini Wallet


Pretty much every crypto trader or user needs a wallet. This is where the virtual currencies are stored and you receive an address for receiving and sending the tokens.

The Gemini Wallet is characterised by its own insurance, which protects deposits in the hot wallet against theft.

In addition, the digital wallet can be used to manage Bitcoin, Ethereum but also other virtual currencies such as Bitcoin Cash.

Gemini Mobile

While other providers like to set up a weaker platform to serve mobile users, the Gemini app shows the competition what it means when you can satisfy your customers.

In the Google Play Store, the mobile application of the crypto exchange achieves a very convincing user rating. Gemini Mobile can be downloaded accordingly from the Google Play Store, but also from the iOS App Store or Samsung's Galaxy Store.

Mobile users should also bear in mind that there may be a separate fee for using the app in some cases, in contrast to the desktop platform.

Functions and trading tools

The functions of the platform are diverse. Let's take a look at the individual Gemini experiences with the components of the platform.

Gemini Earn

The idea of a Gemini Earn programme actually comes from its competitor, namely Coinbase. Meanwhile, the system that allows users to earn funds with cryptocurrencies is widely used in the market.

Gemini is no exception in this respect. For example, the provider promises up to 7.4% APY in returns if you deposit your own virtual currencies on the platform.

In fact, the presentation at Gemini is reminiscent of a classic interest contract that one used to conclude at a conventional bank.


Gemini Pay

More and more financial apps are flooding onto the market. In the Gemini test, we also find a modern payment method that allows users to pay in completely conventional shops with the help of the mobile application.

At the same time, Gemini Pay says it does not charge any transaction fees for its use.

Gemini Dollar


With its Gemini Dollar, Gemini has even created its own stablecoin to provide regular payments with more stability. As the name of the token suggests, the price is linked to the US dollar.

Gemini Custody

Gemini Custody is all about a modern and secure custody solution for cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

Unlike other offerings in the industry, however, this is a regulated technology that is controlled by the New York financial regulator.

Gemini Custody is suitable for a wide range of cryptocurrencies.

Gemini Clearing

Gemini Clearing is, in a sense, a middleman for crypto transactions. Both buyers and sellers should gain in security.

The principle is strongly reminiscent of PayPal and is thus intended to help the parties to confirm and complete their outstanding payments with confidence.

Gemini Active Trader


Many of our readers will be interested in Gemini's professional trading platform. Gemini Active Trader allows the use of advanced charts and trading tools.

You can try out certain trading strategies and look forward to a modern and reliable software that also impresses with its high speed.

Gemini Login: Step by step registration

As with pretty much all crypto exchanges, registration is also required for Gemini. On the platform, you first navigate to the registration form. Here, however, we will encounter problems.

Step 1: Registration with Gemini

If you click on "Get Started" and try to enter your data, you will be informed that the offer is not yet available.

You can try this yourself by setting your country. From other nations you could complete the registration without any problems.


Step 2: Deposit

The following steps are only hypothetically possible. To access Gemini's services from other countries, we first have to deposit.

This can be done, for example, via a wire transfer or debit card. Those who already have cryptocurrencies can also open their Gemini Wallet directly to fill up their balance with tokens.

If you compare this with eToro, you will notice that unfortunately you cannot buy Bitcoin with Paypal here. This is another reason why we recommend the multi-asset broker from Cyprus.

Step 3: Trading

We have already completed the registration and transferred money. Now it's time for the actual investment. The platform is not available.

In other countries you can use Gemini Active Trader to plan your strategies with advanced charts and trading signals.


Our recommendation: Buy cryptos with eToro

Incl. wallet
Buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly in the wallet
Paypal, credit card and instant bank transfer
Regulated provider
Real cryptos or CFD trades


Security with Gemini

Got Credit

We have already explained that Gemini is reputable. Consequently, at this point we would like to go into more detail about the concrete precautions regarding security for investors.


Gemini is supervised by the New York Department of Financial Services. This ensures that the crypto exchange also respects all applicable laws.

On the other hand, unregulated providers outside the European legal area should be avoided. Since online investments are always about the risk-reward ratio, only trustworthy providers should be tested.

Deposit insurance


Deposit insurance is certainly important. Should the personal provider have to file for insolvency, the deposit of Gemini users will at least be secured in the hot wallet. This is guaranteed.

However, we will not tire of pointing out that it does not take effect in any European protection directive. The service provider cannot be used anyway.

Crypto investment therefore works better via the EU broker eToro, which is regulated in Cyprus.

The payment methods at Gemini

If you want to make a Gemini deposit, you can use various methods. For example, we find the transaction method of wire transfer.

One quickly notices that this is a US-American company. In this country, this payment method is simply known as a bank transfer. Once again, it is regrettable that market has not been served so far.

In this respect, a conventional bank transfer also falls flat. From other markets, however, you can use your debit card or the cryptocurrencies that you can deposit in your Gemini Wallet.

Gemini App Functions


The Gemini App can be found in the common libraries of the large software companies. In principle, it is nothing other than the mobile portal of the website already presented.

Basically, the range of functions is identical between the mobile app and the desktop platform. Via the smartphone or the tablet, one simply has the advantage of mobile control.

In the Google Playstore, the Gemini App has a rating of 4.5 out of five possible stars. 5552 users have rated it so far.

This is an outstanding value, which, however, is not really relevant users, as the platform cannot be used in this country.

Gemini Customer Service Customer Service

The Gemini customer service can be contacted in alternating ways. First of all, the user can write a normal message to [email protected] Alternatively, they can also use the contact form.

There is even a call option on the platform: "+1 (866) 240-5113".

A live chat would probably provide an even more pleasant Gemini experience, but this has not yet been integrated into the customer service.


There is only one support field in the offer, which almost gives the impression of a chat. In the Gemini test, however, it is more like a mini-FAQ or a small contact form.

Without a doubt, it is advisable to browse through the FAQ section before contacting us. After all, there is all kinds of information here and you also save time if you can simply read the information you are looking for yourself.

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Incl. wallet
Buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly in the wallet
Paypal, credit card and instant bank transfer
Regulated provider
Real cryptos or CFD trades


Gemini experiences and user opinions

Gemini has a few test reports to its credit. For example, the offer has already been presented as the "Best Crypto Exchange". In the Google AppStore, the practical app gets a score of 4.5 out of 5 possible points.

Customers are pleased with the interesting investment form that can be offered via crypto exchanges and the many trading functions.

Gemini's experience users, however, is primarily characterised by its absence. Anyone who tries to register from the Federal Republic is quickly informed that they have not yet ventured.

Gemini Conclusion - Our Rating

The crypto exchange Gemini is characterised by a varied form of cryptocurrency investment. Here, there is a dedicated wallet, an NFT platform, advanced trading software and numerous other extras.

However, the big drawback remains that you can't experience Gemini. Instead, there are other ways to invest in crypto in this country.

After a large comparison, we named eToro the best broker. Here you can buy and sell real tokens or venture more advanced trading via CFDs. The whole thing works securely and seriously thanks to the EU licence.


Is Gemini really serious or a scam?

Numerous Gemini experiences from real users, but also from independent test centres, clearly indicate that the crypto exchange is reputable.

For example, there is a deposit guarantee for the hot wallet, which is guaranteed by the regulation of the New York Department of Financial Services.

The platform itself also makes a good and clean impression. The fact that Gemini is not yet available also speaks for the crypto exchange.

Anyone looking for a regulated and reputable trading application should be happy with eToro.

Our recommendation: Buy cryptos with eToro

Incl. wallet
Buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly in the wallet
Paypal, credit card and instant bank transfer
Regulated provider
Real cryptos or CFD trades



What is Gemini?

Gemini is a US crypto exchange. The functions of the offer are quite versatile, but this is not of great relevance users. After all, you cannot use Gemini.

Is it worth opening an account with Gemini?

If you only look at the functions in the Gemini test, it could be worth opening an account here. After all, you get a wallet, but also access to an advanced trading offer and various extras. However, this question does not even arise in the first place, as you cannot use Gemini.

How much money should I invest in Gemini?

Let's assume that we could use the offer here. Then, of course, there is the question of how much capital to invest. Cryptocurrencies are still volatile and exposed to high risk. No one knows where the journey will lead. In this respect, it should be considered a risk investment and only a small part of the total portfolio should be used for investment.


How long does a payout take with Gemini?

The duration of the payout depends on the chosen transaction method. Normally, crypto transactions in particular are executed immediately, although how quickly you receive your confirmation depends on the network.

What are the requirements for me to invest successfully with Gemini?

First of all, a trader must not be a resident. This becomes apparent in the course of registration at the latest. So it is best to clarify in the first place whether Gemini is available in your country.

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