How to Buy Bitcoin at Comdirect - Is it possible to buy? 2021 Instruction

Not many investors know whether bitcoin can also be bought at comdirect. However, there are a few things to bear in mind that are important for the purchase of the cryptocurrency.

This much in advance: if you want to buy your BTC tokens from the popular bank in the future, you will have to take one or two detours.
Companies have accumulated almost 3% of all bitcoins

Buy Bitcoin at Comdirect - what should you look out for?

  • Can you buy Bitcoin at Comdirect Bank? You can't buy your BTC tokens directly at comdirect, but there are detours such as Bitcoin shares, a Bitcoin certificate or Bitcoin CFDs. Nevertheless, we would rather advise our readers to buy real Bitcoin from the popular fintech eToro.
  • Is comdirect a trustworthy provider? This question can be answered in the affirmative without a doubt. The bank has been operating for many years and has a large customer base with mostly satisfied users.
  • Is Bitcoin a safe investment? The cryptocurrency cannot be described as safe. Rather, one can assume that it is a speculative investment product with enormous potential. However, investors should always keep an eye on the risks.
  • Do I need a bank account to buy Bitcoin at comdirect? A bank account, or a share deposit account, is essential for trading any substitutes. The banking institution would not be allowed to offer any financial services at all if it did not make an effort to obtain and secure customer data.

Buy Bitcoin with Comdirect in three steps

Although you can theoretically also participate in Bitcoin trading at comdirect by means of a certificate or Bitcoin shares, trading is much more convenient at our crypto test winner eToro. Here you can choose whether you want to get real tokens in your wallet or speculate exclusively on the prices using CFDs.

If you bring both providers together, then you definitely have the option of buying bitcoin with a Comdirect account.

Step 1: Registration

First we register with eToro. As an EU-regulated provider, eToro is also obliged to collect the data of its customers. To sign up, you need to provide your name, phone number, address and background information on your personal financial knowledge.

You will have to be prepared to confirm all data in the verification process. However, this can be done comfortably online.

Step 2: Deposit

eToro has a big advantage when it comes to deposits. You can buy bitcoin via the broker using comdirect. To do this, we select "bank transfer" in the course of registration. No further costs are to be expected. Now click on "Continue".

We enter our Comdirect bank details as payment data and initiate the transfer process using the usual online banking data. Incidentally, it is even faster to use Sofortüberweisung.

Alternatively, there are PayPal, Skrill, credit card payments and even more options for deposits and withdrawals. The minimum deposit at eToro is 1000 USD.

Step 3: Buy Bitcoin

Once you have provided your account with the necessary funds, you can now fill your Bitcoin wallet with the desired tokens. To do this, call up the search field on the page and enter the term Bitcoin or the abbreviation BTC.

If you want to buy the cryptocurrency physically, you should be careful not to take a short position or activate leverage. After all, such positions are only possible with the help of CFDs.

Once you have purchased the digital coins, you will find them directly in the eToro Wallet, which is available as a mobile download.

Is it possible to buy Bitcoin at Comdirect? Only via CFDs or certificates or via eToro

An analysis search queries shows that many investors are looking for a way to buy bitcoin via comdirect. For example, "Bitcoin ETF comdirect", "Bitcoin CFD comdirect" or "Bitcoin certificate comdirect" are popular search terms.


Why is the direct purchase of Bitcoin not possible at Comdirect at the moment?

When it comes to a Bitcoin investment, it is important to remember at all times that cryptocurrencies are by no means regulated assets. As a rule, large financial institutions therefore steer clear of such unregulated assets.

This is also the reason why you won't find a comdirect Bank wallet yet. An investment must inevitably be made via alternative channels.


Will it be possible to buy bitcoin at Comdirect in the future?

It is quite conceivable that banks such as comdirect will jump on the bandwagon in the future and offer Bitcoin for buying and selling.

However, this is also likely to be accompanied above all by legislation, which is still not clearly regulated.

It is to be expected that the European Union will sooner or later establish clear guidelines for crypto trading.

Until then, you have to make do with little tricks to buy Bitcoin certificates via comdirect Bank, for example.


Alternative to buying Bitcoin at Comdirect: Buy Bitcoin shares at Comdirect

Enough of the preliminaries. Let's take a look at how you can actually buy bitcoin at comdirect. It should have become clear in the course of this report that this is not possible via the cryptocurrency directly.

But there is a trick: with Bitcoin shares, you invest in companies that are either involved in mining the coins or can otherwise profit from the existence and development of the cryptocurrency. For such an investment, you don't need a wallet, but rather a share deposit.


Buy Bitcoin ETFs at Comdirect

So what is the Bitcoin ETF at comdirect all about? ETFs are probably the most popular asset class par excellence these days. It promises automatic portfolio diversification and allows even inexperienced traders to participate in a wide variety of companies without spending a lot of time.

Comdirect Bank has a wide variety of ETFs on offer and so sooner or later you will also stumble across a Bitcoin ETF. However, caution is advised. It is not always clear where the fund managers are located and who exactly is behind the values.

Also due to regulatory ambiguities, it is mainly those providers with Bitcoin ETFs that have their headquarters in Bermuda or the Bahamas, for example, that are known in the media. Do you really want to invest your money here? We prefer to recommend direct investment.


Bitcoin certificate comdirect

A rather risky way to participate in Bitcoin trading is via a Bitcoin certificate, which can be found in the offer of comdirect Bank. However, such financial products are not for beginners.

Accordingly, certificates should only be considered by experienced traders when the exact circumstances of the trading are clear.

All other investors are rather advised against this high-risk trading. Among the reasons are also complex fees and costs that one can quickly lose sight of as a layman:

Therefore, we do not recommend the Bitcoin certificate VL3TBC of Comdirect Bank:

  • approx. 0.5 % order fee purchase
  • approx. 0.5 % order fee sale
  • 1.5 % fees per year
  • 2 % spread
  • 2.1 % entry costs
  • 25 % final withholding tax
  • 3 % solidarity surcharge and church tax

EToro offers a far better alternative with its real cryptocurrencies and its easy-to-use CFDs.

Broker or exchange: Where is the best place to buy Bitcoin as an alternative to comdirect?

So if we have decided against buying bitcoin at comdirect, we naturally have to find suitable alternatives. The choice of user depends on one's own investment goal, but also on desired functionalities.

As a rule, a broker primarily offers the possibility of trading. Particularly in the crypto area, people like to work with the aforementioned CFDs. However, you cannot acquire the cryptocurrencies yourself and put them in your own wallet.


Trade real cryptos and crypto CFDs
Licensed broker with deposit protection
Integrated wallet

skilling logo

Low fees
Algo trading available
Very friendly user interface


Broker fully regulated
Numerous awards
Libertex experience for more than twenty years

User-friendly platform
0% commissions
Deposit from 20€
avatrade logo

Good selection of cryptocurrencies
Regulated by CBI and MiFID in Europe
No commissions and low spreads

The situation is different with Bitcoin exchanges. Here it is certainly possible to buy the real coins, but in most cases the platforms are not regulated. Short positions and leverage can also be used in very few cases.

EToro offers the best of both worlds. With just one account, you can choose between real bitcoin or CFD positions. With one account, you are prepared for long-term investments as well as for day trading.

Pros and cons for Bitcoin investments


  • Promising investment
  • Exciting technology
  • Largest cryptocurrency
  • Institutional investors drive the price
  • Paypal offers Bitcoin


  • Highly speculative
  • Regulations could influence market

How high are the fees when buying Bitcoin at our test winner eToro in comparison?

MicroStrategy has bought another $177m worth of bitcoins






for free


for free

Purchase fees




Holding fees

for free

for free


Sales charges






$ 0.15


Total fees


€ 68.24

€ 92.32

Buy Bitcoin with or without a wallet? eToro offers an integrated wallet.

Many interested investors will now ask themselves what they do with the BTC tokens after they have bought them on eToro. The answer is: nothing. After all, the crypto coins are sent directly to the wallet that is integrated into the platform's offering.

This is a mobile wallet that is basically set up like a finance app. Here you can find your Bitcoin address and send and receive cryptocurrencies. This wallet is completely free of charge for eToro customers.

You simply log in with your regular account details and can then start trading Bitcoin on Android and iOS devices.


Buy Bitcoin Comdirect - the conclusion

If you really want to use comdirect bank to buy Bitcoin, you only have the choice between dodgy ETFs and complex certificates. Real Bitcoin tokens are not included in the offer. And so, after a thorough examination of the market, we can recommend the online broker eToro.

Here you not only get access to possible Bitcoin CFD positions, but you can also buy the real BTC coins. The necessary wallet including BTC address is also integrated in the account.

Our recommendation: Buy cryptos with eToro

Incl. wallet
Buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly in the wallet
Paypal, credit card and instant bank transfer
Regulated provider
Real cryptos or CFD trades


Can you buy Bitcoin at comdirect?

No. Cryptocurrencies are still hardly regulated, which causes banks like comdirect to approach the asset with caution. Fintech eToro, on the other hand, offers to buy cryptocurrency.

What is the difference between a broker and an exchange?

A broker serves as an intersection between the trader and the trading. In the crypto sector, such platforms mainly offer CFDs, while on exchanges the real cryptocurrencies can be traded among each other.

Will the Bitcoin value rise in the future?

We cannot provide a glimpse into the future either. But perhaps a look at the chat of days gone by will help. Despite volatile prices, it was possible to shine with striking rises over the course of ten years.

Can I also use my Bitcoin Wallet to buy Bitcoin at Comdirect?

No. Since comdirect only has Bitcoin ETFs and certificates, regular cryptocurrencies are not accepted.

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