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IOTA is a cryptocurrency, i.e. a digital currency that sees itself as an extremely secure payment and communication medium for the so-called "Internet of Things" (IOT). For example, the classic blockchain is not used here, but rather the Tangle, which scores points above all in terms of speed and scalability. The cryptocurrency IOTA was developed in cooperation with companies such as consortia - so it is no surprise that there is a strong emphasis on economic usability.

Buy IOTA: Why?

  •    Focus: Economic usability
  •     Stable performance
  •     Fast & Scalable
  •     No inflation possible
  •     Uses Tangle - not Blockchain

Buy IOTA with the test winner: eToro

Buy IOTA with the test winner

If you want to buy IOTA quickly and easily, we recommend the broker eToro to start with. In addition to a simple user interface, state regulation and copy trading, the big advantage of the platform is that both IOTA CFDs and "real" IOTA can be traded. Furthermore, it is possible to deposit with the broker via Paypal and many other payment methods. In addition, you do not have to verify yourself up to 2000€ and can trade immediately.

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Should one invest in the digital currency IOTA?

Of course, an experienced investor always looks for comprehensible reasons why an investment in an asset might be worthwhile or why it would be better to leave it alone. The focus is always on the advantages as well as the disadvantages - i.e. the chances of profit and the possible risk of loss. Because anyone who follows the crypto market knows that serious price changes, which can take place within hours, are not uncommon. So if you want to buy IOTA, the first question is whether such an investment is worthwhile at all.

So should you put your money into the digital currency IOTA? The fact is: there are definitely a few arguments that speak clearly in favour of an investment - but of course this does not mean that you should look forward to guaranteed profits. However, the chances that the digital currency will experience an increase in value in the near future are definitely given. That is why we will talk about the advantages of IOTA in the following.
digital currency IOTA

Advantages of IOTA (compared to Bitcoin / Blockchain)


With IOTA's tangle system, the transaction rate and the security increase extremely the more users use this system. In addition, the time until the respective transaction is confirmed is much shorter with IOTA than with the blockchain. There, the security decreases as the transaction rate increases.


As the transaction rate increases, so does the scalability. With IOTA, the system keeps scaling: the more participants and transactions the system has, the faster it becomes. And more importantly, the time between placing a transaction and validating it, approaches 0 when you reach a certain scale.


The problem clients have with blockchain is that the technology is costly in terms of computer power and, by extension, security assurance. The power consumption for mining Bitcoin is currently the same as the total annual power consumption for Argentina. IOTA is much smarter, as the mining processes are not needed.


For mining within a blockchain, miners receive a so-called "financial reward", for example a fixed transaction fee. This ultimately makes the smallest payment amounts impossible due to high transaction fees. This is completely eliminated with IOTA: everyone is part of the network and others are automatically validated as well. This makes it possible to process even the smallest amounts.

Where can I buy IOTA? You can buy IOTA from these providers.

There are now many ways to buy IOTA and other cryptocurrencies. The safest and most convenient options are brokers and exchanges.

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Popular Forex broker

Step by step guide to buying IOTA: How to buy IOTA?

The trading platform eToro is one of the most popular providers for trading cryptocurrencies. At this state-regulated and licensed one can buy "real" IOTA as well as IOTA CFDs. In addition, eToro offers the Social Trading function, a way to follow successful traders and copy their strategies.

Step 1: Create a trading account

The link below will take you directly to the eToro platform. Then click on "Register now" to enter your personal details. Use a password and finally accept the terms and conditions to create an account with eToro.

Step 2: Deposit money

After registering, you will be taken to eToro's homepage. From here, select the "Deposit Money" option - you can deposit up to €2,000 without verification.

Now all you have to do is select your desired method from the payment methods, e.g. bank transfer, credit card or PayPal, and make the payment afterwards. Depending on the method, you will have your money in your account immediately or after 1-2 days.

Step 3: Buy IOTA

After the money has arrived in your account, you can start buying IOTA on eToro. Click on "Markets" in the navigation menu and then on "Crypto". Here you will be shown a number of cryptocurrencies and all the necessary details about each one.

To buy the desired MIOTA, you need to click on "Buy" and then on "Open Trade".

A window opens in which you can now enter the amount as well as other values such as stop loss or take profit.

Important: With the "Leverage" setting you control whether you want to buy real IOTA or IOTA CFDs:

    If the leverage is set to X1, you buy real IOTA.
    With all other levers, you buy IOTA CFDs.

Click on "Open Trade" and you have just bought your first IOTA on eToro. We wish you good luck with it!

75% of retail investor accounts lose money trading CFDs from this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Differences between IOTA CFD Brokers and IOTA Exchanges

IOTA CFD Brokers


  •    Government regulation & deposit insurance
  •     No IOTA Wallet necessary
  •     Trading with leverage possible
  •     Several deposit and withdrawal options
  •     Mobile trading: Apps for Android & iOs available
  •     Demo account


  •    Only ownership of a certificate, not ownership of IOTA
  •     Obligation to make additional payments could exist
  •     Risky investment

IOTA Exchanges


  •    Actual ownership of IOTA
  •     Learning how to use cryptocurrencies
  •     Variety of cryptocurrencies on offer
  •     (Partial) Trading with leverage possible
  •     (Partial) Mobile trading: Apps for Android & iOS
  •     Total loss limited to purchase (no margin call)


  •    No regulation & deposit protection
  •     Attractive target for hacker attacks
  •     Risky investment

A broker offers CFDs, i.e. contracts for difference. It should be noted that you do not receive real coins from a broker. Here you get a certificate (CFD). The buyers and sellers agree to exchange an underlying asset - in this case that would be IOTA. A buyer who purchases a "long" CFD receives a certificate at that time, while the provider receives a security in money. At the end of the term, i.e. at the time of sale, the certificate is then sold. Now the purchase price is subtracted from the selling price. If the price climbs during the time period, the buyer can look forward to a profit. If, on the other hand, a short position is opened, the buyer only makes a profit if the digital currency loses value.

For all those who are safety-oriented, trading with CFDs cannot be recommended - the risk of suffering a total loss must not be disregarded under any circumstances. Above all, trading with leverage, so that you need less capital but can move large sums, is quite risky - of course, high profits are possible here, but you must not forget that you can lose all your money (and sometimes even more than the selected stake - keyword: margin call).

On exchanges, the purchase of IOTA, i.e. the underlying asset, is offered. Here you receive real coins, which then have to be stored in a wallet, a digital purse. Only those who control the private keys of their wallet really "own" the coins. A crypto exchange usually manages the private keys. If you leave your coins with the exchange, there is always the risk of loss, for example due to a hack or insolvency of the exchange.

If the price rises, you could sell IOTA at a profit - but if the digital currency experiences a downturn, you would incur a loss if you sold your shares. Sometimes it is advisable to simply wait. Of course, there is a risk that the coins will no longer have any value - but you don't need to be afraid of a possible margin call.

What is IOTA

How to store your IOTAs on your own wallet


In principle, however, we always recommend software wallets for the short-term storage of smaller amounts. The advantage here is that the most popular tool is a wallet & trading platform at the same time. Here you can buy your IOTA and store it safely without any additional costs.





Wallet function








Real IOTAs


Price (registration)

0 €


If you want to hold IOTA for the long term, you should consider getting a secure storage facility. In this case, we recommend a wallet. In this article we will show you what options are available and what you should look out for when choosing a wallet.


Ledger Nano S


Nano S





Size in mm

98 x 18 x 9

Supported currencies

> 23




59 €

What is IOTA? Everything important about IOTA from A to Z

Everything important
The digital currency IOTA was introduced in 2016 after a relatively short conception phase. Predominantly, it is a system that is supposed to make transactions possible between devices that are located in the "Internet of Things". At the beginning, the interest in the cryptocurrency IOTA was enormous - especially the private sector was interested. Thus, the development also took place in the closest cooperation with companies (for example Fujitsu and Bosch) or also with the industry associations, which naturally pursue the future goal of a cryptographically secure infrastructure of transactions that prevails between the devices that are in the "Internet of Things".

Probably the most striking characteristic of the cryptocurrency IOTA? As already mentioned, there is no blockchain - IOTA uses a different, but partly related to the blockchain, structure called "directed acyclic graph" (DAG for short; translated: directed acyclic graph). The structure can be described as follows: A large number of nodes are connected by paths - this is a so-called graph. Each individual path has a fixed direction of travel, so that it can be understood as an "arrow". Thus, it is a directed graph. We speak of an azkylic graph when there is never a path on the arrows that leads to the starting point. In this system, there are no cyclic paths, i.e. paths that run in a circle. Directional acyclic graphs are a generalisation of the chain structure of the blockchain, so that one could claim that every blockchain is a decidedly simple as chain-shaped DAG.
Probably the most

The essential point, however, is that the nodes of the tangle are not blocks of the blockchain or even nodes in the network - they are individual transactions. In this case, the functionality that is always taken over by the blockchain in the other systems comes from the tangle of mutual transaction authentications. This means that a user must authenticate two other transactions in advance in order to be able to carry out a transaction. In this case, a minimum number of authentications is collected. Thus, in cryptographic terms, hash functions are always formed, which are the basis of the authentication process.

So should you put your money into the digital currency IOTA? The fact is: there are definitely a few arguments that speak quite clearly in favour of an investment - but of course this does not mean that one should look forward to guaranteed profits. However, the chances that the digital currency will experience an increase in value in the near future are definitely given.

First and foremost, this is due to the exciting partnerships that IOTA has entered into. Furthermore, there are more and more Tangle supporters. So one could certainly think that IOTA has made provisions for the future.

At the moment, the relatively good timing, the numerous partnerships with the industry and the Tangle technology speak for an investment. However, it should not be forgotten that the disputes that have taken place in the past between the developers of IOTA have of course had a negative impact on its reputation. It should also be mentioned at this point that 2018 has clearly shown that cryptocurrencies can also incur extreme losses - after the hype, the question now is whether digital currencies, in this case: IOTA, will make a comeback in the near future.

Recommended broker to buy IOTA: eToro

If you want to buy IOTA quickly and easily, we recommend the broker eToro to start with. In addition to a simple user interface, government regulation and copy trading, the big advantage of the platform is that both IOTA CFDs and "real" IOTA can be traded. eToro has not only convinced us but also over 12 million other users.

    Broker and wallet in one
    Regulated broker
    Deposit with PayPal, credit card, SOFORT transfer and more
    Over 14 other cryptos tradable


What should you look out for when buying IOTAs?

First of all, you should analyse how you could profit from the performance of IOTAs. Then you should compare the numerous offers and providers with each other. You should also remember that you need an IOTA wallet to own real IOTAs.

How can I buy IOTAs without registering?

Basically, one has to register with an exchange or broker to buy IOTA, so registration is not out of the question.

How can you buy IOTA anonymously?

A completely anonymous purchase is therefore not possible.

How can I buy IOTA with PayPal?

Most brokers offer PayPal as a payment method, for example eToro or Plus500. The deposit can be made directly after registration. After a successful deposit, the credit is available for buying IOTA on the platform.

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