Buy NEO Coin 2021: Price, Forecast & Guide

NEO is a relatively young but successful project on the crypto market. Constant further developments of the ecosystem ensure that the NEO network can already positively distinguish itself from the Ethereum network in some respects. Critics say that NEO is just a simple copy of Ethereum.

We have taken a closer look at what exactly is wrong with this and what NEO can show as a project. We also explain where exactly the differences to Ethereum lie and whether NEO mining is possible.

For those interested in buying NEO, we give a detailed buying guide and show reputable trading platforms for an investment. Finally, we give a forecast about the potential development of the NEO token and explain when the best time to buy is.

Best platforms to buy NEO Coin

NEO tokens can be traded both physically and as CFDs. We have compared the best platforms for buying NEO Coins here:


Trade real cryptos and crypto CFDs
Licensed broker with deposit protection
Integrated wallet


Broker fully regulated
Numerous awards
Libertex experience for more than twenty years


Many tradable assets
Excellent trading platform
European license

User-friendly platform
0% commissions
Deposit from 20€

Many tradable assets
No minimum deposit
Very good customer service

What is NEO and how did the improved Ethereum copy come about?

NEO is also often referred to as Chinese Ethereum, as it has adopted the Ethereum idea but significantly improved on it. The original network Antshare underwent a rebrand in 2017 and was renamed NEO. Not only the name but also the vision of the developers have changed and should now be further developed. With the rebrand, a completely new image was to be achieved, which would fit the visions of the network. The NEO Foundation was born.

The goal of the network is to create a modern economy that will be used as the basis for the next generation of the internet. Through a symbiosis of digital identities, digital assets and digital payments, a decentralised transfer of real economic goods such as raw materials, shares or real estate should be possible.

Fundamental to the developers and creators of NEO was the idea of designing the internet in such a way that everyone can have complete control of their data published on the internet.


NEO network

Coin / Token



Neo Foundation

NEO headquarters

Shanghai, China

NEO founder

Eric Zhang, Da Hongfei


August 2017

Start / rebrand

September 2017

Maximum care

100 million NEO

Circulating supply currently

70,538,831 NEO (as of June 2nd, 2021)

The most important NEO information at a glance

    Market capitalisation: Currently around 3.2 billion euros
    Market Rank: #29
    Current share price: 45.64 euros (as of 02.06.2021)
    Trading with NEO CFDs via online broker possible
    Non-profit project and most important Ethereum competitor

NEO Coin
Before investors decide to buy NEO Coin, they should definitely make the effort to compare platforms in advance. NEO can be traded on various exchanges and stock exchanges. It is also possible to invest in NEO CFDs. Exchanges and stock exchanges are usually not subject to state financial supervision, which could increase the security of the deposits. The fees on the platforms also vary, so a comparison is worthwhile in any case.

Maximum number of NEO Coins and in circulation

The maximum supply of NEO Coins is 100 million NEO. Currently, there are over 70 million of them in circulation. All 100 million tokens were already generated during the launch of the blockchain, which makes mining no longer possible.

The tokens were distributed in a 50:50 ratio. Half went to the participants in the sale and the other half was divided between the developers and the NEO board. These funds in turn went to projects of other blockchain pioneers and their projects, which are supported by NEO.

What makes NEO unique?

The NEO network closes gaps that users still regularly encounter in the Ethereum network and make decentralised trading difficult. To do this, NEO uses a unique blockchain algorithm that further expands and significantly improves the Ethereum model. 

The speed alone, with which over 10,000 transactions per second are possible, speaks for itself. NEO has also opted for a 2 token model:

  •     NEO functions in the network as a so-called investment token. It allows users to participate in votes to improve the blockchain.
  •     The second token, called GAS, is intended for the payment of transaction fees within the NEO network.

In addition to its own ongoing development, the NEO Foundation maintains its own very large development fund, EcoBoost. This has already been launched in 2019 and supports promising new crypto projects.

In order to facilitate access to decentralised blockchain trading for the masses, NEO makes communication in common programming languages possible from the very beginning. Even Javascript is supported. Programmers are thus not faced with the situation of having to learn new programming languages.

What are the arguments in favour of the Chinese Ethereum alternative?

DeFi Coin (DEFC) experts forecast a price of USD 2.20 in July
  •   Enables direct trade and a smart economy by digitising real assets
  •     Can also be coded in Javascript in most languages
  •     More than 10,000 transactions per second possible
  •     Supported by the Chinese government and global players like Alibaba

Buy NEO Coin guide at eToro: Step by step guide for beginners.

We recommend buying NEO Coin at our test winner eToro. At eToro, NEO can be traded as a real coin and as a CFD. As a state-regulated trading platform, eToro is subject to European supervisory authorities and there is deposit protection through the European Deposit Fund of the financial authorities. Buying NEO Coin at eToro is possible in just a few steps:

Step 1: Register

In order to trade at eToro, you first need to register and open an account. To register you need your email address and a secure password. Registration is even faster with your Facebook account or your Google account.

You will receive an email asking you to verify your email address. Simply click on the "Verify my email address" button to confirm your registration with eToro. To be able to trade, complete your profile. Your personal details such as name, gender, age and date of birth will be asked first. You will then be asked to answer a few questions about your previous trading experience.

Step 2: Deposit money

Next, you need to make your first deposit with eToro in order to start trading. eToro requires its users to pay a minimum deposit fee of $200. To deposit money, the platform accepts a variety of payment methods, including PayPal, Neteller, Skrill or Trustly, as well as all major credit and debit cards and of course bank transfers.

Payment method


Buy NEO with bank transfer


Buy NEO with a credit card


Buy NEO with Neteller


Buy NEO with Skrill


Buy NEO with PayPal


Buy NEO with online banking


Buy NEO with Rapid Transfer


Buy NEO with Sofort


Buy NEO with a debit card


Step 3: Buy NEO

To buy NEO Coins or NEO CFD, search for NEO using the search function on the screen interface. Click on the "Open Trade" button.

A window will open. Select the "Buy" tab and choose one of the payment methods offered. Click on "Open Trade" to complete the trade and now own NEO Coins or NEO CFD.

NEO Coin fees and costs

Fees are generally incurred when buying, selling and trading cryptocurrencies. This also applies to transactions with the NEO Coin. However, it is important to know that transaction costs within the NEO network are not paid with NEO Coins, but with the internal token GAS: For transactions outside the network, the usual fees are charged. There are generally:

    Transaction fees
    Deposit fees

    Withdrawal fees
    Overnight Fees

A fee comparison of the platforms is worthwhile in any case, as both the NEO Coin price and the profit are also different with different fees.

Buy NEO with PayPal, credit card, instant bank transfers and more.

Those who want to buy NEO must first load their respective trading account with fiat currencies. For this purpose, different payment options are available on the various platforms. We have summarised the most important ones:

Credit card


Instant bank transfer

Bank Transfer

  • immediate availability
  • sometimes high fees
  • are often accepted
  • Offers a high level of convenience and security through buyer protection
  • Hardly accepted on exchanges
  • Payment option at eToro
  • Fees are relatively low
  • In contrast to a bank transfer, the amount on the trading account is immediately available

  • Most popular method
  • Usually cheaper than other options
  • Takes approx. 4 working days for the amount to be available for trading
  • Can I buy NEO anonymously and without registering?

    Basically, when buying NEO Coins from an online broker, an exchange or a stock exchange, it is not possible to buy without registering. All transactions are also transparent and recorded on the blockchain. This is the basic idea of a blockchain and the technology behind it.

    Thanks to the new sidechain technology, it is possible to buy cryptocurrencies anonymously. The technology enables a peer-to-peer exchange of coins and tokens without the transactions of the respective wallets being logged in the blockchain. However, there is a possibility that NEO can uncover the sidechain if there is sufficient suspicion of criminal transactions.

    How does NEO work and what is the technology behind the network?

    rezor Wallet secure
    The ambitious goal of the NEO network is to create a modern and intelligent economy based on the functionalities of blockchain technology. Using smart contracts, it should be possible to digitise real assets and trade them within the blockchain with the help of smart contract functions. The trade should be able to be concluded directly between two parties. The smart economy model consists of an interplay of:

      Digital Identity

     Digital Assets

       Smart Contracts

    These three are in consensus with each other. Anyone who wants to sell a digital asset concludes a smart contract with another person, which ensures that payment flows and that ownership is transferred from the seller to the buyer.

    With the help of the digital identity, a kind of identification tag, both the purchase and the sale can be clearly assigned. To secure the network against fraud and criminal activities, NEO relies on an improved proof-of-stake mechanism.
    what is the technology behind

    What ensures security in the NEO network?

    To secure the network against crime, NEO uses an improved proof-of-stake mechanism. The "Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance" mechanism, or dBFT, was developed by Eric Zhang himself and is used in the network.

    The mechanism ensures that transaction blocks can only be joined together to form a chain when â…” of the so-called delegates agree on a common consensus. This is to expose malicious users in the network and prevent them from carrying out criminal actions.

    NEO and Ethereum comparison

    The fact that the NEO network is not a Chinese copy of the Ethereum blockchain is shown by the developments that have taken place at NEO over the course of time. Here we show how the newcomer differs from the established Ethereum network:



    Transactions per second

    > 10,000

    currently 15

    Support from

    the Chinese government and outside companies such as Alibaba

    Companies that benefit from the project through the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance


    Uses an improved proof-of-stake mechanism and thus secures its network against crime

    Uses the traditional proof-of-work mechanism


    Common programming languages such as Javascript

    Own programming language only (programmers must first learn the language in order to use it)

    Both networks allow smart contracts and dAps in equal measure. However, in our view, the NEO network is now much better developed than the current Ethereum network. In order for Ethereum to maintain its position two after Bitcoin, it is urgently necessary to revise and further develop the network. As far as we know, Ethereum is also working on a proof-of-stake mechanism to replace the old proof-of-work.

    Buy real NEO Coins or NEO CFDs?

    Buy NEO tokensNEO tokens are among the cryptocurrencies that can also be traded at CFD brokers. Anyone interested in investing in NEO should be clear about their own goals in advance. Due to the natural volatility of the token, NEO is perfectly suited for trading with so-called CFDs.

    CFDs are securities with which speculators can bet on rising or falling prices of a digital asset. In addition, there is the possibility of using so-called levers and multipliers, with which even small investments can lead to high profits. However, in addition to high profits, a total loss of the invested capital is also possible. Investors must also note that by investing in NEO CFD they do not acquire voting rights in the network.

    If you want to participate in the blockchain technology and acquire voting rights in the project, you have to buy real NEO Coins. However, investors should note that in order to buy real coins, they should have a secure wallet for storing coins and tokens.

    After investors have faced the question of whether buying real coins or investing in CFD is better, the next decision also emerges. Is buying from an online broker or an exchange better? We have summarised the advantages of both options:

    NEO Coins or NEO CFDsd

    Online Broker

       State supervised
        Trading available at any time
        Possibility of social trading
        Wallet is usually integrated in the account
        High profit potential when trading CFDs
        Mostly deposit protection up to 20,000 euros

    Crypto Exchange

        Availability of countless cryptocurrencies
        Trading of currency pairs is possible

    We recommend our test winner eToro for trading with NEO Coin. At eToro, trading with CFDs is possible, but also the purchase of real coins. Comparisons with other platforms show that eToro charges low fees and offers many currencies to buy. In addition, eToro is state-regulated and deposits of up to 20,000 euros are protected by the European Deposit Fund.

    NEO Wallets: The best way to store NEO

    If you buy coins, you have to make sure they are stored safely. So-called wallets exist for this purpose, which function like a kind of account. When choosing a wallet, users should pay attention to the compatibility with the respective coin or token and also to how securely coins should be stored.

        Special hardware wallets and paper wallets offer the highest level of security. These so-called cold wallets are not connected to the internet and cannot be attacked by hackers.
        The situation is different with online wallets. Online wallets are also called hot wallets and are permanently connected to the internet or store the coins on the net. Resourceful hackers thus have the opportunity to illegally access the wallet at any time. Hot wallets are unsuitable for the long-term storage of coins and tokens. A desktop wallet also belongs to the so-called hot wallets and can easily be targeted by hackers.

    best way to store NEO

    The following wallets, for example, are compatible with NEO tokens. In some cases, it is even possible to exchange NEO and GAS tokens within the wallet.

        Ledger Nano S (hardware wallet)
        Binance Wallet (online wallet)

        NEO GUI (Desktop Wallet)
        NEO Tracker (Online Wallet)

        Ansy (Paper Wallet)
        Neon Wallet (desktop wallet that supports exchange for GAS)

    Is there any NEO mining?

    Since the maximum amount of NEO Coins has already been generated during the ICO, mining of NEO Coins is no longer possible.

    However, NEO holders have the option of being designated by the community as a so-called delegate. Delegates check transactions and verify them to protect the network from criminal transactions. For each verified transaction, delegates receive a share of NEO tokens as a reward.

    NEO Coin Forecast: Is it worth buying NEO?

    Whether it is worth investing in a cryptocurrency is difficult to assess. Basically, it is a new market that is based on a revolution of the internet and traditional financial markets. So a lot depends on the acceptance of users and investors in the young market.

    In our view, however, NEO is a project that certainly has a lot of potential to become an important part of the new internet and a new financial order. The project is constantly being developed further and has been able to significantly improve the Ethereum approaches. Critics see NEO as a Chinese copy of Ethereum and fans see NEO as the future of the new digital trade. We expect the NEO share price to continue to rise as developers continue to work on the project and the network.
    worth buying NEO

    When is the best time to buy NEO?

    Since cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile, it is difficult to predict whether a time to buy NEO tokens is good or bad. Predicting positive and negative price movements is next to impossible. In order to achieve maximum profit from the highly volatile market, we recommend observing the market over a longer period of time.

    Basically, it can be said that it is always worth buying cryptocurrencies when the market or the desired currency is just recovering after a crash. In order not to miss this moment, regular observation of the market is necessary.

    NEO Coin Price Development & NEO Forecast

    • NEO launched in September 2016 at US$0.16
    • Steady price increase from May to August 2017 from 0.45 US dollars to 47 US dollars
    • Subsequent price correction to 30 US dollars
    • All-time high followed on 15.01.2018 at 198 US dollars
    • After the crypto boom, the price falls back to 11 US dollars
    • The price is currently around 45 US dollars and is in a sideways movement

    Buy NEO - short-term speculation or long-term investment?

    Buy NEO Coin and invest for the long term or rather trade and make quick profits? Which option suits you better depends mainly on your own trading strategy:

        Due to the high volatility of the NEO Coin, a short-term investment is quite conceivable in order to make quick profits. Investors can invest in the real coin or buy NEO CFDs. The only thing to bear in mind is that trading with CFDs can be very risky. A total loss of the invested capital is just as possible as a high profit.
        In our view, long-term investments in the NEO Coin only make sense if there is an interest in the project or in the usability of the blockchain. Those who are considering investing in the Ethereum Blockchain should definitely look at the advantages of the NEO network and decide whether NEO could possibly be an alternative. Especially with regard to the development of the price, an investment in NEO is currently more interesting in our view.

    Tips for buying NEO

       Tip 1: Obtain thorough information about NEO and its background.
        Tip 2: Compare trading platforms
        Tip 3: Set an investment maximum to limit the risk of loss.
        Tip 4: Find out about NEO's price trends and forecasts.
        Tip 5: Decide whether to invest in CFDs or real coins.
        Tip 6: Do not keep NEO as the only currency in the portfolio, but focus on diversity.
        Tip 7: Don't be irritated by market fluctuations - they are normal!
        Tip 8: Keep private keys and passwords for NEO wallets safe and do not share them with anyone.

    buying NEO

    Selling NEO tokens

    If you want to exchange NEO for another currency or sell it for fiat currencies, you have to find a platform that offers the desired currency. This may be tedious for beginners at first, but it is a good way to quickly increase the trading learning curve.

    NEO CFD can be quickly sold again at the online broker via the trading window. If you want to sell real coins from your wallet, you should compare the relevant platforms well. A comparison of the sales fees is particularly interesting. If these are too high, it can lead to a lower profit when selling the NEO Coins.

    NEO advantages and disadvantages


    • Direct trade possible
    • Intelligent economic system
    • Common programming languages
    • High transaction speed
    • Support from Chinese government


    • No western investors yet
    • Ethereum as main competitor
    • Highly volatile
    • High competition from new currencies

    Conclusion: Should you buy NEO or not?

    In our view, NEO tokens belong in a well-assorted crypto portfolio. As a Chinese competitor of Ethereum, NEO is by no means a cheap copy of the successful number two for us, but a well thought-out further development of the Ethereum protocol.

    We think that NEO's success could also depend on the further development of the Ethereum network. If Ethereum manages to catch up technically, it will probably remain a top dog in the crypto world. If Ethereum does not manage to catch up, NEO definitely has high potential to displace Ethereum in our view.

    If you are now convinced and want to buy NEO, we recommend our test winner eToro. Both real NEO and NEO CFDs can be traded here. Furthermore, you can test your trading strategies here on a free demo account and test the practical social trading function. Users can easily buy a variety of cryptocurrencies here, such as Bitcoin, using various payment methods.

    Social trading function
    Fair and transparent fee structure
    State regulated and licensed
    Wide range of cryptos, incl. NEO
    Free demo account


    What is Neo?

    NEO is a network that allows decentralised trading of real assets. Similar to Ethereum, NEO supports the emergence of new cryptocurrencies on its network.

    Where can you buy Neo?

    NEO is tradable against fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies at various exchanges and crypto exchanges. Online brokers like eToro offer NEO tokens as real coins and also as NEO CFD.

    Real NEO Coins or NEO CFD?

    Depending on the goals investors are pursuing, they can invest in real coins or in NEO CFDs. Those who want to achieve high profits with a small investment are well advised to invest in NEO CFDs. But beware, high losses can also occur here. Those who are interested in the technology and the applications in the NEO network should buy NEO tokens directly.

    How is the price development of Neo?

    Since its launch in September 2016, NEO has risen to a current price of around 45 US dollars. The token is very volatile, analogous to the crypto market, so there can be many ups or downs in the price.

    What is the price forecast for Neo?

    Due to its underlying technology, crypto experts see NEO as an alternative to Ethereum. There is even talk that NEO could replace Ethereum as the top dog if the number two in the crypto market does not develop further. Whether this could really be the case, we have to leave it at that for now. The market and NEO as a currency are still quite young. But for us, NEO tokens belong in a well-sorted portfolio.

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