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Those who want to buy Ontology are looking at a cryptocurrency that was only introduced in 2018 and is currently the 60th most valuable cryptocurrency. According to the developers, the token ONT together with the Ontology project helps to make blockchains usable primarily for individual companies and with the highest focus on trust and security.

The goal is to make blockchains accessible to new sectors without much effort. If the developers live up to their own claim, the currency could reach new heights. Ontology was developed by some clever minds behind NEO, who promise the best results through years of experience and the necessary know-how.


Buying Ontology: What to watch out for

Investors who want to jump on the cryptocurrency hype and find ONT interesting should consider a few points.

    Where can you buy Ontology? First of all, one should think about where the ONT investment should be made. We recommend buying Ontology from the multiple award-winning provider Libertex. You can find out how to buy your first tokens there here.
    Is Ontology a safe investment? Despite the many and steadily growing investments in the crypto sector, cryptocurrencies are still considered a rather risky investment. Critics mainly point to ambiguities with regard to terrorist activities and money laundering. However, the EU Commission is planning to present a proposal for the regulation of cryptocurrencies. This could secure the market, but possibly also reduce the profit opportunities.
    What do I need to know before trading Ontology? First of all, you should research the coin to find out which investment strategy it is suitable for.  The strategy should then decide on the trading activities.
    How does an Ontology wallet work? Anyone who wants to buy real ONT coins is dependent on such a wallet. This is where the tokens are stored.

Ontology brokers and exchanges in comparison

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Buy Ontology for beginners in 3 steps

In order to buy Ontology quickly and easily, we will now use the broker Libertex in our instructions. By the way, apart from cryptocurrencies, stocks, indices, oil, metals and shares can also be purchased from this provider.

First step: registering with a broker


Before we can start investing, we have to register. On the Libertex website, we find the "register" button at the top right. We click on this and can already create our account with an email and a password.

However, in order to trade, we still have to set up the live account. For this purpose, personal data is requested and verification of the account is required. Here you will also be asked questions about your previous trading experience, which should be answered carefully and truthfully.

Libertex also offers the possibility to open a demo account. Here, beginners can test the broker without risk. This is a very good opportunity to get to know the broker without risking real money.

Second step: Buy Ontology with credit card, instant transfer and more

If you want to buy your first Ontology tokens and thus become an investor in cryptocurrencies, you need a funded account. Log in and access the deposit menu of the trading platform by clicking on your name in the upper right corner and then on "Make a deposit".

Choose a favourite deposit method. Libertex offers you numerous deposit options. You can deposit traditionally by bank transfer, but credit card, giropay or SEPA are also possible, just to name a few. Even electronic payment service providers like Skrill or Neteller are offered.

Of course, you can also deposit money on the move: to do this, customers also have to log in to the account. Now go to the "Wallet Registration Card" and click on a "Deposit" there. The minimum deposit amount is ‚ā¨ 100.

Payment option    


Buy Ontology with credit card


Buy Ontology with PayPal


Buy Ontology with SOFORT Bank Transfer


Buy Ontology with Skrill


Buy Ontology with Bank Transfer


Buy Ontology with Neteller


Buy Ontology with UnionPay


Third step: Buy Ontology

If you want to make your investment now, you have to enter the desired currency in the search field, in our case "Ontology". Now a chart with the current rate and a description of the cryptocurrency will open. Now click on the "buy" button. At this point you have to enter how much you want to invest.

Note that the future of cryptocurrencies is still very unclear. Investments are therefore also associated with a certain risk here. However, we do not want to discourage them, only hedge them.

    Buy or sell: In our case, we have to set it to "buy".
    Trade or order: Here we can choose whether we want to execute the trade immediately (trade) or with a time delay (order).
    Amount: How much ONT we want to buy
    Stop Loss and Take Profit: At which loss or profit our position should be sold automatically.
    Leverage: With what leverage we want to buy Ontology. Attention: This can quickly lead to an enormous increase in risk.

Once you have set everything, you can finally "open the trade".

Broker or stock exchange: Where is the best place to buy Ontology?

The financial market cannot escape the hype surrounding cryptocurrencies. That is why the range of platforms that invite you to buy cryptocurrencies is constantly increasing.

In order to acquire real ONT coins via the probably best-known crypto exchange Binance, you first need a so-called wallet. Here, too, there is an almost impenetrable offer, which is why we recommend trading Ontology via the excellent broker Libertex.

With the help of such a broker, you can open ONT positions using CFDs. Although one should not disregard the risk involved, this is an attractive opportunity, especially for active day traders, to participate in trading with the new type of cryptocurrency.

It cannot be ruled out that other brokers who currently specialise in ETFs or shares will also focus more on tokens in the future, especially if new laws can reduce the risk. So far, however, Libertex is a relative exception in this respect.

Pros and cons for Ontology Investments

What speaks in favour of Ontology is above all the particularly data- and identity-secure system. The developer himself describes the security and trust of the customers as special values of the blockchain project.

The coin should be easy and flexible for every user to handle. In particularly difficult cases, you can even get in touch with the developers, because Ontology is always trying to improve itself through the input of the community.

ONT has already shown during its ICO what kind of price increases the digital coin is capable of. This suggests further price potential.


  •    Enormous price gains already after ICO
  •     Focus on data and identity security
  •     Still young cryptocurrency
  •     Community-oriented approach


  •    High risk
  •     Cryptocurrency has yet to establish itself
  •     Neo as direct competition

It can be seen as a disadvantage that the portal tries to make many things in the industry better than they have been so far. It wants to be a kind of saviour. However, this could also lead to the project losing its breadth and failing in its self-imposed major tasks.

In addition, NEO is a tough direct competitor. ONT has not really been able to step out of its shadow.

How high are the fees when buying Ontology?

How high are the fees when buying Ontology

The amount of the fees always depends on the provider. Libertex scores in the question of costs especially with the free account opening and account management. As a commission or transaction fee, a flat rate of 0.001% of the transaction value is charged. This is a very fair price, as shown in the following example.

Let's take the following example when buying Ontology:

    We buy ontology worth ‚ā¨1,000.
    We hold our Ontology for 30 days and then sell it again
    For simplicity, we assume that the price does not change during the 30 days

With these assumptions, we now go through the fees of the largest providers.





free of charge

free of charge

free of charge

Purchase fees

2,20 ‚ā¨



Holding fees



free of charge

Sales charges

2,20 ‚ā¨




free of charge


free of charge

Total fees

ca. 4,60 ‚ā¨

92,32 ‚ā¨

10 ‚ā¨

Ontology Price: Important Moments in the Price History of Ontology

  •    March 2018: Shortly after the ICO in March 2018, Ontology saw a surge in its share price. This was mainly due to a sophisticated strategy that allowed investors of NEO to get Ontology Coins cheaply. The two tokens were thus able to support each other.
  •     End of 2018:However, the hype was already dying down by the end of 2018 and had returned to starting levels.
  •     2019:In 2019, the price value held at about one euro on average, but the Corona crisis caused further cuts.
  •     12/01/2021:Currently, the value is at ‚ā¨0.504. With a total market capitalisation of ‚ā¨0.41 billion, ONT is currently the 60th most valuable cryptocurrency.

It actually does not seem unlikely that Ontology can also profit from a possible coming upswing. It could still be a good, cheap opportunity to buy Ontology now.

Buy Ontology with or without a wallet?

It is not necessarily necessary to have a wallet to invest in Ontology. Internet brokers, like our recommendation Libertex, trade cryptocurrencies as CFD brokers, i.e. without a wallet.

These trading instruments are currently so popular at Libertex that the broker fees have been reduced by 50%. Here, you can invest without having to spend money on the actual purchase of the coin.

Rather, one buys an option and not the value itself. This means a particularly high potential, of course with increased risk.

Those who prefer the actual purchase of tokens are dependent on a wallet. This is the only way to invest on crypto exchanges like Binance, as deposits cannot usually be made with real currencies.

However, it should be noted that the right digital wallet is chosen, because there are numerous options, which offer various advantages.

Buying ONT - the conclusion

The cryptocurrency Ontology does not yet seem to have exhausted its full potential. For a quite possible jump in value, it is necessary that the blockchain is successfully implemented.

A successful blockchain based on Ontology should lead to an enormous rise in the share price. This is actually not unlikely. So if you invest cheaply now, you can expect big profits in the long term. However, one should of course keep an eye on the risks.

For the purchase of Ontology, we recommend the multiple award-winning provider Libertex, which convinces with low costs and high security standards.


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How to buy Ontology?

Anyone who actually wants to acquire this cryptocurrency and not just trade it should go to a cryptocurrency exchange. Coins can be bought with a suitable wallet.

What is the difference between a broker and an exchange?

Brokers such as Libertex, the provider we recommend, trade cryptocurrencies via CFDs or options. You will not actually buy tokens here. At an exchange, the currencies themselves are traded and exchanged. However, you need a so-called wallet for this.

Will the Ontology value increase in the future?

The cryptocurrency market is still very unclear in its development. Ontology's success depends mainly on the success of the blockchain project. But the proximity to NEO and the clever minds behind ONT leave a very good impression. It seems quite possible that the project goal will be achieved.

Can I use my Bitcoin wallet for Ontology?

There are wallets that support not only Bitcoin but also Ontology. However, this of course depends on the choice of digital wallet. Not all wallets support multiple currencies.

Buy Ontology at Libertex. A good idea?

The online broker is regulated by the authorities. So you are on the safe side when investing. If you want to profit from cryptocurrencies without actually buying coins, Libertex is the best choice.

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