Buy TRON (TRX) Coin 2021: Price, Forecast & Guide

The cryptocurrency TRON is not extremely new on the market. To be more precise, it was already founded in Singapore in 2017. After a short hype a few months after its founding, however, it became relatively quiet again around the currency.

Only since the beginning of 2021 has TRX picked up speed again and the price is rising steadily. This could also be due to the fact that a cooperation with the Asian e-commerce giant Alibaba is being discussed.

We have taken a look at what exactly is behind the currency, whether an investment in TRON is actually worthwhile and where one would best buy TRX in this case. We also give a detailed step-by-step buying guide. Everything about buying TRON in this article!

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Tron key data

Key data


Name / symbol

Tron (TRX)

Tron website

Tron provider

eToro, Libertex, Plus500,

Tron founding year



Tron Foundation Ltd.

Tron facts

Mining - No
Blockchain - Yes

Fact check: What is TRON?

Tron was founded in 2017 by the Singapore-based Tron Foundation. It is a blockchain-based, decentralised platform that aims to simplify digital entertainment. To this end, it provides decentralised storage facilities to enable easy and cost-effective sharing of digital content.

The TRON mainnet was launched in 2018 and has since been developed into a blockchain-based operating system. The Tronix TRX are the crypto tokens of the Tron blockchain.


TRON Price Forecast

There are some developments coming up in 2021 that could influence the price.


  • Tron has announced that a second solution called "Sun Network" will be delivered, which could help the TRON network achieve unlimited technical scalability.
  • TRON is in the entertainment sector, with the sector's turnover currently estimated at around a trillion dollars. If TRON can support just a fraction of a percent here, a multiplication of the share price is absolutely realistic.
  • TRON has many influential Asian businessmen behind it, such as Tang Binseng, Dai Wei or Yin Minghan.


  • In part, the roadmap still looks very ambitious - a 10-year plan in advance is not very credible for a project that is only three years old.
  • Technically, TRON does not stand out much from other smart contract platforms like Ethereum.
  • Justin Sun is a dazzling personality - which can be interpreted negatively by investors when it comes to trust in the project.

Who are the founders of Tron?

The founder of Tron is Justin Sun from China. Justin Sun is an entrepreneur and is known for his connection to Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba.

 He is also the head of Rainberry Inc, formerly known as BitTorrent. In September 2017, he founded the Tron Foundation Ltd. based in Singapore and was able to recruit several developers from right at the start.

founders of Tron

Why was Tron invented?

Tron is a special token designed to revolutionise the media industry. The concept is about strengthening the connection between artists or content creators and viewers and reducing the dependency on big companies like YouTube, Facebook or TikTok. Through the Tron Troken, it should be possible to pay artists directly for their work and also distribute content directly through the Tron network, similar to a platform like YouTube or Instagram.

In a way, they have made it their mission to return the internet to its original meaning and idea. It's about freedom, independence and full control over one's own web presence. Through Tron, it will be possible to deliver data and run web applications, to defy internet giants like Google through the high capacity of the system and to send a lot of data worldwide.

How does Tron work and what is the technology behind it?

Tron work

Similar to other blockchains that support decentralised applications, such as Ethereum, Tron allows users to create their own tokens based on the TRX protocol and use them for their own individual applications and platforms. This makes it possible for data to be hosted on the network and for users to pay the original creators quite directly for the use of the content.

Later, the possibilities of the Tron network will be expanded: The possibilities will one day include the integration of games, for example, which would have completely new possibilities for building virtual worlds through the special network architecture than with traditional server and client technology.

The Tron technology will be rolled out in several phases, each building on the other. At its core, the network consists of three different layers: the storage layer, the core layer and the application layer.

An important advantage for those who want to use the network for payment is that transactions on the Tron network are completely free in almost all cases.

In addition, they are said to be executed very quickly and the Tron blockchain theoretically offers support for tens of thousands of transactions per second, giving it the potential to be used as a real means of payment worldwide.

TRON Guide: How to buy Tronix easily and safely

The premium partner of Eintracht Frankfurt and sponsor of many other companies is the regulated and licensed trading platform eToro. This well-known provider is ideal for buying Tronix CFDs. Moreover, eToro offers a nice additional feature with social trading. Do you want to buy Bitcoin Cash with credit card, PayPal or by instant bank transfer? Almost all deposit methods are possible with our test winner. We will guide you through the process step by step.

Step 1: Create an account with eToro

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Step 2: Deposit money

You will be taken to eToro's homepage. From here, select the "Deposit money" option - you can deposit up to €2,000 without verification. However, sooner or later you should still verify yourself in order to be able to use all functions to the full extent.

Now all you have to do is select your desired method from the payment methods and make the payment afterwards. After that your money should be available.

Payment methods available at eToro:

Payment method


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Buy Tron with a credit card 


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Buy Tron with PayPal


Buy Tron with online banking


Buy Tron with Rapid Transfer


Buy Tron with Sofort


Buy Tron with a debit card


Step 3: Buy Tronix CFD

After you have successfully deposited money, you can start buying the Tronix CFD on eToro. Click on "Markets" in the navigation menu and then on "Crypto". Here you will be shown a number of cryptocurrencies and all the necessary details about each one.

To buy the desired Tronix CFD, you must click on "Buy" and then on "Open trade".

You have just bought your first Tronix CFD on eToro. We wish you every success with it!

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What makes Tron unique?

Tron is unique in that the token fills a very specific gap and does not simply try to be a universal means of payment. The special thing about the Tron protocol is that it can be used for entertainment and at the same time allows users to freely publish whatever they want and not be censored due to its decentralised nature.

In addition, the network offers the possibility to store data in the long term and to deliver it quickly to users via the network nodes all over the world. Another important feature is certainly the possibility of carrying out transactions completely free of charge and very quickly. This feature will be used later, for example, when users on Tron can pay artists and content creators in a flash with small amounts. But even now, every Tron owner can benefit from the free transactions.

Tron unique

How is the Tron network secured?

The Tron network has a few ways of warding off attacks. For example, when a high number of transactions are made by an account, minimal fees have to be paid to prevent DDoS attacks from being possible without great costs. In addition, the blockchain principle requires customers to pay for computing power and transaction capacity using the Tron token, so it should be difficult to cripple the network by attacking it in this way.

Basically, Tron has been based on its own blockchain system since July 2018, which is now completely independent of Ethereum and is supposed to have a very high transaction capacity.

However, there are or were also gaps in Tron's security infrastructure: in May 2019, it became known that a single computer would have been enough to paralyse the entire blockchain for some time if requests had been sent from this PC to the network in the right way to overload servers.

Can Tron be used anonymously?

Tron be used

The transactions that are carried out on Tron are anonymous, but of course this only applies as long as you look at the network itself. If you want to buy Tron via a broker or another web platform, you will have to give your identity in most cases, which means that at least this provider could then make connections to your person.

However, once you own Tron tokens, it is possible to carry out transactions with a relatively high degree of anonymity in the network, but due to the nature of the blockchain, it is also not possible to proceed completely anonymously here, since, as the name suggests, blocks with information about transactions are publicly available and are linked together like a chain in order to guarantee the functionality of the network.

Can Tron be mined?

rezor Wallet secure
Tron does not work according to the classic Proof-of-Work or PoW concept, where users invest CPU or GPU power to mine coins. This process is not possible here. The only way to obtain tokens is to buy them, or to hold a large number of Tron tokens for a long time in a special process: Staking.

The term staking should already be familiar to some. With Tron, it is possible to participate in Staking by holding a certain minimum number of Tron Tokens and thus help to verify the transactions of others. In return, you receive a small fee as payment. In this process, however, no new coins are mined or mined, you are only paid from the existing Tron reserves of the Tron Foundation. New tokens cannot be created.

Tron Wallet. Which is the right one?

As with other cryptocurrencies, a Tron wallet is necessary to store Tron tokens safely. Due to the huge popularity of the cryptocurrency Tron, there is a very large amount of wallets to freely choose between. For example, Tron is supported by the two popular hardware wallet manufacturers Tresor and Ledger, and many popular mobile wallets such as the Exodus Wallet also support the token.

The different types of wallet all have certain advantages and disadvantages, so before you decide on a wallet, you should research exactly which type of wallet is best for you.

Should you buy or trade Tron?

buy or trade Tron
Whether you should buy or trade Tron depends on your assessment of the token's future. If you would rather bet on short-term price gains or losses, then trading CFD contracts on Tron comes into consideration. However, if you want to hold the token for a long time, it is better to buy Tron on a crypto exchange and then store the tokens in your own wallet.

When it comes to the general question of whether one should trade or buy Tron, our assessment is basically: yes.

Tron seems to be an innovative and emerging token that is, after all, in the top 20 of the largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalisation. New features are being introduced all the time and there is an ambitious plan for the future. Soon, the currently very popular NFTs will be available on Tron and new features are also constantly being added to Tron in general. This makes the token very interesting for both short-term trading and longer-term investment.

Tips when buying Tron

When buying Tron, it is important to follow the general tips and tricks for buying cryptocurrencies. If you are mainly interested in the performance of the token, you can confidently bet on a CFD or certificate on the currency, which you can buy from brokers such as eToro. This has the advantage that you can enter and exit within seconds and trade at 0% trading fees with eToro. In addition, you do not need your own wallet with this method, as the countervalue is managed by the issuer.

However, if you really want to own the currency on your own wallet, you have to go the route via a crypto exchange and exchange euros or other cryptocurrency and then send the purchased Tron tokens to your own Tron wallet. Tron offers the advantage of free transactions, so that no money should be lost in this process at least.

In both cases, however, you should make sure that you choose reputable providers: with regard to brokers, it is important that they are state-regulated and licensed, and with regard to crypto exchanges, the same applies. You should only entrust your money to reputable and well-known providers.

Where to buy TRON? These options are available

More and more providers and choices are crowding the crypto market. What's good for investors in principle also means confusion and less overview when it comes to the really best choices. There are plenty of options to choose from when buying Tron. However, for a comfortable and easy purchase of Tron, we recommend that you prefer brokers and exchanges.

There are several reasons for this, which we will go into in a moment. But brokers and exchanges have their own advantages and features, which we will now use to differentiate them. Please read this section carefully and make sure you understand the features before you invest in Tron. So let's move on to these differences.

Differences between Tronix CFD brokers and Tronix exchanges

Tronix CFD Broker


  •    State regulates broker and takes over deposit protection
  •     Wallet at the broker, therefore no own TRX-Wallet necessary
  •     Trading with leverage effect possible
  •     Different options for deposits and withdrawals
  •     Mobile trading thanks to Android & iOS apps
  •     Use with demo account possible


  •    Investor only acquires certificate, no real ownership of Tronix
  •     There may be a margin call obligation
  •     Investment associated with significant risk

Tronix stock exchanges


  •    Investor really gets his hands on Tronix
  •     Investor can gain first experience with cryptocurrencies
  •     Large range of different cryptocurrencies
  •     (partly) trades can be made with leverage effect
  •     (partly) apps for Android & iOS also allow trading from smartphone or tablet
  •     Losses cannot exceed initial investment amount, limited to purchase (no obligation to make additional payments)


  •    Stock exchange is not audited by the state
  •     Deposits at the exchange are not covered by the state
  •     Frequent and popular target of cyberattacks
  •     Speculative, high-risk investment

After the TRON purchase

The purchase of Tronix is, of course, only the beginning. Now you should deal with two important issues:

    How can you hold TRON safely?
    How can you sell TRON again (ideally at a profit)?
TRON purchase

Store TRX safely

If you have bought real TRX, you have to store them in a wallet. At an exchange, you automatically receive this with your account registration, in which you could theoretically store your coins. However, you should get a separate wallet for longer-term storage.

Otherwise, the exchange and not you will manage and control the private key of your wallet. And whoever has the private key has the power over a wallet.

Of course, reputable and respected exchanges use all possible measures to protect these keys. Nevertheless, a minimal risk can never be completely excluded. If your key is stored and managed by the exchange, it could be stolen - and whoever has the key could steal the coins in your wallet.

Sell TRX

At some point you will probably want to sell your Tronix. This process is very similar to buying. You can either do this on the platform where you bought the TRX or you can look for another one that offers better conditions for your case. This fee comparison gives you a good overview of the best exchanges currently on the market.

Here's how real TRX and TRX CFDs differ

If there are two ways you can buy Tronix, there are obviously two different types of cryptocurrency:

    If you want to trade "real" TRX, you do it on TRX exchanges.
    If, on the other hand, you want to trade TRX CFDs, i.e. financial instruments that are linked to the TRX price, then you do so with TRX brokers.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of both types of investment:



  •    Trading at lower fees
  •     government supervision and safeguarding of deposits offers protection in case of hacks
  •     No need for cumbersome configuration of a wallet
  •     Trading with leverage (= leverage effect)


  •     You do not really own TRX
  •     Fees are relatively high for long-term holdings
  •     High risk: when trading with leverage, you have to make additional payments in case of losses.

Real TRX


  •    Acquired real TRX can be stored in one's own wallet
  •     Investor soon becomes an experienced crypto trader
  •     Long-term investors benefit here from lower fees in comparison


  •    Frequent target of hackers
  •     Investors must manage the keys of the wallet themselves. If they are lost, this can mean that the cryptocurrencies in the wallet are lost forever.
  •     Only the use of paper or hardware wallets is a secure option.

TRON (TRX) price performance

The TRON price has experienced some ups and downs since the introduction of the tokens in mid-2017. The following pivotal points are particularly noteworthy:

TRON (TRX) price
   After launch, it was relatively quiet until January 2018, when the Tron price of $0.04 more than quintupled to $0.21 in a matter of days.
    After 05 January 2018, the hype steadily decreased within 4 weeks, so that the TRX price was back at $0.04 in mid-February
    In early May 2018, there was another big pump to $0.08, which slowly dropped back to the $0.02 level within 3 months.
    By July 2019, the Tron price managed to stabilise at $0.039, but lost ground in the 2 weeks after to around $0.02
    Since autumn 2019, trading volumes have been rising steadily, but this has had little impact on the price, which has since fluctuated between $0.013 and $0.021.
    From 2020, the price then rose steadily again until it reached its highest level since the hype in 2017 at the beginning of April 2021.

Should you invest in TRON?

If you look into the background of Tron, you know that this is by no means an ordinary digital currency, but a thoroughly revolutionary concept.


  • Tron has integrated a function so that the coin, the TRX, can be easily converted into other currencies, although the TRX still exists at the core. In this way, the coin retains its value and the user does not experience any disadvantages through the purchase of the app's or the site's internal currency.
  • In addition, the currency can also be easily integrated into online shops, so that an even easier transition between Web 3.0 and Web 4.0 can take place.
  • Recently, more and more crypto fans have decided to use Tron. In this context, Justin Sun, the man behind Tron, is the biggest factor in favour of a purchase. Finally, Sun has a friendship with Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba. Alibaba is the Chinese equivalent of Amazon; Jack Ma is probably one of the greatest innovators after Steve Jobs, who died in 2011.
  • In addition, there are numerous bicycle companies in Singapore and China that are interested in cooperating with Tron. At first glance, this may not seem very significant, but bicycles have a different status in these countries than in Europe. In China, as in Singapore, this is a billion-dollar industry, which means that cooperation could also lead to a substantial increase in the share price.
    If Alibaba accepts the cryptocurrency Tron in the near future, this could cause a price explosion.


  • The fact is: Tron may pursue a concept that is revolutionary - but if one fails, it is unlikely that the price of the cryptocurrency will rise. Due to the fact that the coin is in the range of 0.020 US dollars, a total loss cannot be ruled out here either. A crash could mean the end for this virtual currency. So anyone who invests money here should always keep in mind that the money could also be completely gone.
Tron mag

Our conclusion on buying and selling TRON

When one invests in cryptocurrencies, the first thing that comes to mind is the top 3 - i.e. Bitcoin, Ethereum and also Ripple.

However, the TRX should not be underestimated at this point: On the one hand, because the digital currency is in 11th place of the top 100 cryptocurrencies, and on the other hand, because you can get a lot of coins for little money.

No matter whether you want to buy real Tron or trade with Tron CFD - with eToro you are at the right address with both strategies. The state-regulated and licensed provider offers a user-friendly platform, free demo account and excellent.

    Fair and transparent fee structure
    First-class customer support
    Variety of cryptocurrencies, incl. Tron
    Free demo account


What is TRON?

TRON is a platform for decentralised applications and smart contracts based on a blockchain. It is considered a blockchain developed in China. Tronix (TRX) is the associated cryptocurrency.

Who developed TRON?

The cryptocurrency and platform is developed by the TRON Foundation. The Tron Foundation Limited is based in Singapore.

What are the advantages of TRON?

On the one hand, TRON can score points due to its many partnerships with global companies. In addition, TRON has a large community and is constantly present due to strong marketing measures.

How can one buy TRON?

You can buy TRON on marketplaces for cryptocurrencies. First, an account must be opened and the identity verified. After successful verification, one must then deposit money with a preferred payment method at the marketplace in order to buy TRON. If the desired marketplace does not offer a wallet service, one may also need to set up a digital wallet to store Tron.

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