Buy Vechain (VET): 3 simple steps to buy Vechain

VeChain is a cryptocurrency whose blockchain is intended to ensure transparent information flow and authenticity of goods in the area of supply chain and logistics. A special feature is the Proof of Authority consensus mechanism, which has caused quite a stir.

VeChain sees blockchain technology as an infrastructure through which companies and industry can transfer and store data in a decentralised manner. Starting with logistics, other economic sectors should also be able to benefit from VeChain in real use cases.

We took a closer look at the new cryptocurrency and analysed whether there is potential for the future.

Buying Vechain: What does it depend on?

Buying Vechain is easy: the cryptocurrency is very popular with many investors. We have taken a closer look at the details of the VeChain project and show you how you can buy Vechain. To ensure that everything goes smoothly when buying, you should pay attention to the following factors:

Where can you buy Vechain? We recommend our test winner Libertex.
Should you hold Vechain for a long time or trade in the short term? The decisive factor is the investor's investment strategy.
Do I need my own Vechain wallet? No, Libertex offers an integrated wallet.
Does it make sense to invest in Vechain? Analysts predict enormous growth potential.

Vechain (VET)s

Vechain brokers and exchanges in comparison


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How high are the fees when buying Vechain?

We would like to illustrate the fees for buying VeChain by means of a calculation example with the following assumptions:

We invest 1,000 EUR in VeChain with the broker Libertex.
We hold the investment for 30 days before we sell.
For the sake of simplicity, price changes are not taken into account.

Cost reason



for free

Crypto trading fees

0.4% - 8%

Trading Fees Stocks & ETFs

0.01% - 0.5%

Forex trading fees

0.005% - 0.07%

Trading fees commodities

0.015% - 0.08%

Holding fees

for free


for free

Should you buy Vechain with or without Wallet?

Should you buy Vechain with or without a wallet? Investors must first decide whether they want to buy real tokens of Vechain or whether they want to trade with a Vechain CFD. Both investments have their advantages and disadvantages, depending on the investor's preference and trading strategy.

WalletBuying a Vechain CFD has huge advantages, such as the ease and speed of trading with the broker Libertex. Because the CFD (contract for difference) is a derivative on Vechain as the underlying asset, one can fully participate in its performance without having to worry about keeping it in a Vechain wallet.

Another advantage is the possibility to trade Vechain with a 1:2 leverage at Libertex. This allows you to leverage the equity portion (the "margin") by injecting a capital contribution from the broker into the trade. However, this entails the risk of enormous losses in the event of adverse price developments.


If you have little technological interest in Vechain, but want to profit from the enormous price increases, you should buy Vechain CFD.
If, on the other hand, you want to own Vechain tokens and send or receive them, then buying real Vechain is the better choice.

Vechain share price: Important moments in Vechain's share price development

Since its launch in Q3 2018, the Vechain share price has already experienced a number of ups and downs, and we would like to briefly review the most important price movements here:


Course history


The VET exchange rate stood at just under USD 0.0147 on 4 August 2018 and reached its all-time high of USD 0.01968 on 4 September 2018 after turbulent opening weeks. This was followed by a rapid decline, which led to 0.00408 USD by the end of the year.


By 6 April 2019, the VET price had recovered to USD 0.0075.By 6 April 2019, the VET price had recovered to USD 0.0075.


There was a further decline in the VET price to 0.00294 USD by 24 October.


After that, the price caught itself until 31 December 2019, the VET token had reached 0.00543 USD.


After an unspectacular start to 2020, the Corona crash dragged the VET price down to USD 0.00204 on 19 March.


However, this was followed by a steady, at times brilliant, rise in the share price to a preliminary high for the year of USD 0.01889 on 13 July 2020.


After some ups and downs, the VET price stood at USD 0.019979 on 31 December 2020.


Since the beginning of 2021, the crypto boom has brought further upward momentum, with the VET price currently (as of 21.01.2021) at around USD 0.03190.

Buy Vechain for beginners in 3 steps

To buy Vechain, you need to open an account with the regulated online broker Libertex and make a deposit. The whole process takes less than 10 minutes - as our step-by-step explanation shows.

Step 1: Register with a broker or crypto exchange

First, you may need to change the language from English, click on "English" at the top right of the navigation bar. In the navigation bar you will find the red button "Register".

Click on it and enter your e-mail address and your desired password in the registration pop-up that appears. Then activate the two checkmarks to agree to the DSGVO-compliant privacy policy and the terms and conditions.

By clicking on the button "Register an account" your data will be transmitted to the broker. Congratulations, it's that easy to open your Libertex account!

Step 2: Top up your account

After registering, you will be redirected to the overview of the trading platform. In the next step you will fund your Libertex account. For this purpose, the broker supports several deposit methods, many investors choose credit card, PayPal or instant bank transfer to get the amount credited immediately.

Click on the green "Deposit" button at the top of the screen, a pop-up with a deposit menu will open. Select your preferred payment method from the drop-down list and then enter your deposit amount.

Depending on your deposit method, enter your other payment details and follow the on-screen instructions. Click on the "Deposit" button to complete the deposit and transfer the amount to your account.

Payment options:

Payment method


Buy Vechain with bank transfer


Vechain buy with credit card


Buy Vechain with Neteller


Buy Vechain with SOFORT


Buy Vechain with PayPal


Buy Vechain with Skrill


Buy Vechain with other payment methods


Step 3: Buy Vechain with credit card, instant bank transfer and more

After loading your payment to the account, you can buy Vechain with the amount. To do this, enter "Vechain" in the upper search bar on the left-hand side. Click on the search result that appears with the blue button "Open trade".

On the left side you see the current price chart, on the right side you see the buy menu. First enter how much you want to invest in Vechain in the field "Trade amount". In the "Multiplier" field, set it to "1" in order to be able to buy Vechain for exactly this amount.

A multiplier of 2, on the other hand, would be a 1:2 leverage, with which you could use a capital allowance from the broker. However, trading with leverage is speculative and multiplies profits as well as losses.

For risk management you can click on the tab "Profit and loss limit" and set a maximum loss or profit at which the trading position should be closed automatically.

Once you have made all your entries, click on the green "Buy" button to be able to buy your Vechain.

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Broker or exchange: Where is the best place to buy Vechain?

The increasing demand for Vechain tokens has led to numerous online brokers and crypto exchanges including VET in their product range. Investors are therefore asking themselves whether it would be better to buy Vechain from a broker or an exchange.

One quickly comes across the US-based crypto exchange Coinbase, which has the largest number of users of all crypto exchanges. In principle, this is a reputable provider where buying Vechain is possible in just a few steps.

The problem with buying Vechain on Coinbase - and other exchanges - is primarily the high costs involved. With Coinbase and other exchanges, depositing with fiat currency is not possible or only against high fees of 2-3%!
It is therefore easier and better to buy Vechain at brokers like Libertex. Here you can easily deposit by credit card, PayPal or SEPA transfer and buy Vechain for less than 0.4 % fees.

Another advantage of Libertex is its strict regulation by CySec, the financial supervisory authority of Cyprus, which is a recognised regulator that operates in accordance with EU directives and ESMA regulations. Here, investors even benefit from a statutory deposit guarantee of up to EUR 20,000.

Pros and cons of a Vechain investment

An investment in Vechain needs to be well considered, investors should carefully weigh the pros and cons of Vechain. For this purpose, we have summarised the most important pros and cons of the coin here:

The Vechain share price has experienced enormous growth in 2020, which speaks for the high potential of the Vechain share price. A special feature of the Vechain Blockchain is the proof-of-authority consensus mechanism, which is realised through the permissioned Blockchain, where each participating node must be authorised and approved by Vechain itself.

This is why the Vechain blockchain is less decentralised than Bitcoin & Co, but the scalability and security of the blockchain is enormous due to the prior verification of the nodes. In addition, Vechain has a strict governance system in which all token owners elect delegates to a steering committee that makes decisions about the further development of the chain.

One disadvantage, however, is that Vechain does not yet have any well-known customers or pilot projects. Even though the potential in the supply chain sector is very high, project partners should be attracted to help drive Vechain's development forward with their own investment.

Some blockchain idealists will consider the design of the blockchain conceived for business use cases as too centralised and therefore theoretically susceptible to manipulation. However, Vechain is less a public blockchain than a blockchain for industrial use, where such an approach allows for improved implementation.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Enormous price growth in 2020
  • Trend-setting Proof-of-Authority consensus mechanism
  • Great application potential in the supply chain sector
  • High stability in operation, as nodes are centrally approved
  • Strict governance through community-determined steering committees


  • Well-known customers and pilot projects are still missing
  • Enormous price volatility compared to other cryptos
  • Lack of decentralisation

Tips for buying cryptocurrencies

Tip 1: Find out about technologies and projects in the background before buying.

Tip 2: Choose a suitable trading platform (stock exchange or broker)

Tip 3: Never invest more than you are prepared to lose.

Tip 4: Remember: you can lose everything or win a lot

Tip 5: Do not pay attention to the media, but do your own research

Tip 6: Distribute: Never put everything on a single coin or token

Tip 7: Compare: Trading fees often make profits melt away

Tip 8: Define a trading strategy and follow it consistently

Tip 9: Stay calm: Short-term price drops are normal

Tip 10: Do not share private keys and passwords with anyone

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Our conclusion on buying VET

Buying Vechain has become interesting for many investors because the token has been able to eclipse even Bitcoin and Ethereum in its performance. Vechain's vision of using its blockchain as an innovative infrastructure for data exchange and storage in business and industry seems to be getting closer to realisation.

Those who want to buy Vechain can basically choose between Vechain CFDs and real Vechain. The best option to buy Vechain is our test winner Libertex - a regulated broker with over 10 years of experience in the industry. Here you can buy and trade Vechain CFD for minimal commission.In addition, the provider is very user-friendly and offers competent customer support for any questions.
  • Large number of cryptocurrencies
  • Numerous other assets, e.g. shares & commodities
  • Free demo account
  • State regulated and licensed
  • User-friendly interface


How can one buy Vechain?

If you want to buy Vechain, you can choose between a broker and an exchange. Our test winner is the broker Libertex, where you can buy and trade Vechain CFD for a low commission of less than 0.4%.

What is the difference between a broker and an exchange?

With a broker, you can buy Vechain from the provider itself, which comes with lower fees and easier handling and liquidity. It is also easy to use for beginners. With a crypto exchange, you buy from other users, which means poorer liquidity. Exchanges are also often complicated and difficult to use.

Will the Vechain value increase in the future?

It is impossible to give an exact forecast for the Vechain price. A look at the past months shows a clear upward trend in the Vechain value, which could continue in the coming period. Numerous analysts foresee further price increases for the VET token.

Can I also use my Bitcoin wallet for Vechain?

No, unfortunately it is not possible to hold Vechain tokens in the Bitcoin wallet. If you want to buy real Vechain tokens, you have to download the native wallet VeChainThorWallet for iOS or Android. However, it is easier to buy Vechain at Libertex, where the integrated wallet at the broker guarantees safekeeping.

How do I find Vechain at an exchange?

Buying Vechain at an exchange is easy, many leading crypto exchanges now offer the VET token. However, we recommend that investors buy Vechain from the regulated and established broker Libertex, where you don't have to worry about keeping it in a Vechain wallet.

Buy VET at Libertex. A good idea?

Yes, buying Vechain at Libertex is the best way to participate in the broker's price performance. The regulated broker offers Vechain buying for a small commission of around 0.35%. Moreover, thanks to Vechain CFD, you can also take a short position and buy Vechain with 1:2 leverage.

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