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Yearn Finance (YFI) is currently one of the most hyped coins on the cryptocurrency market. Last year, the cryptocurrency recorded a price increase of no less than 100,000%, making it the most successful token of all time.

We took a closer look at the cryptocurrency and asked ourselves the following question in particular: Should we buy Yearn Finance or not?

Yearn Finance

Buy Yearn Finance: What you should look out for

Buying Yearn Finance made easy: The coin is particularly interesting for investors, especially due to the enormous increase in value in 2020. Therefore taken a closer look at Yearn Finance and explains below how you can invest in Yearn Finance. You should pay attention to the following points when buying Ripple so that nothing goes wrong:

    Where is the best place to buy Yearn Finance? We recommend buying via Binance.
    Do I want to hold Yearn Finance for the long term or trade actively? That depends on your own trading strategy.
    How does a Yearn Finance wallet work? You deposit a selected token in a pool or vault and can use the optimised yield farming of the protocol for yourself and earn "interest" (yield).
    Is it worth investing in Yearn Finance? Yearn Finance is one of the most promising and emerging cryptocurrencies.

Yearn Finance brokers and exchanges in comparison

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Buy Yearn Finance for beginners in just 3 steps:

Step 1: Register with a broker or crypto exchange.

Before you can buy Yearn Finance, you first have to register with a broker or crypto exchange that also has these coins in its range. In this case, we recommend the broker Binance.

To register on the Binance platform, you need a valid email address and a password. After a few minutes, you will receive an email with a confirmation link, which you follow to gain access to the trading platform.

After logging in for the first time, you will receive an overview with security warnings, which you have to confirm by checking the box, otherwise you will not be forwarded.

This is to prevent someone else from accessing your account and transferring the money elsewhere.

Next, the programme asks if you want two-factor authentication, which requires you to identify yourself via Google or SMS.

Binance makes it easy to buy and then sell cryptocurrencies. Yearn Finance is also part of the range, which is important in this case.

Step 2: Deposit money

Deposit money

The next step is to deposit money into your customer account. You have the option of funding your account with a credit card or by bank transfer.

Step 3: Buy Yearn Finance

To buy Yearn Finance, first enter the amount of money you want to deposit. Then look for "Yearn Finance" under Coin and select it. Then click on the credit card and then on buy. Another payment option is bank transfer. The coins should then already be in the wallet. To do this, click on Overview and see whether the coins are also in the customer account.

It can take up to 15 minutes until the cryptocurrency is displayed in the Binance wallet, which is why you should stay calm if nothing has been booked after five minutes.

What is Yearn Finance?

Yearn-Finance (or Yearn Finance) is a set of protocols running on the Ethereum blockchain that allow users to optimise their crypto asset revenue through credit and trading services.

One of several emerging DeFi (Decentralised Finance) projects, offers its services using only code, eliminating the need for a financial intermediary such as a bank or custodian. To do this, it has built a system of automated incentives around its YFI cryptocurrency .

The Yearn Finance platform consists of several independent products, including:

  •     APY - A data table that shows interest rates for various loan protocols.
  •     EARN - Identifies the highest interest rates users can earn when borrowing an asset
  •     VAULTS - A collection of investment strategies designed to generate the highest returns from other DeFi projects
  •     ZAP - Bundles multiple trades with one click, saving costs and labour

Broker or stock exchange - where is the best place to buy Yearn Finance?

Whether you want to buy Yearn Finance through a broker or on the stock exchange depends on your own preferences and previous knowledge. In general, buying cryptocurrencies is quicker, easier and less complicated with a broker than on the stock exchange. However, in some cases you may get the coins cheaper on the exchange. That is why we recommend buying the coins via Binance in the case of Yearn Finance.

In general, you need more intuition and basic knowledge if you want to buy cryptocurrencies via the stock exchange. In addition, it is easier to buy via the broker Yearn Finance, because here you know directly that the coins are also offered. This is because Yearn Finance is not available on every exchange.

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Pros and cons for Yearn Finance Investments


  •    Next generation DeFi platform
  •     Low fees


  •    Only available from a few brokers and exchanges
  •     Highly volatile and speculative
  •     Low returns hurt the whole market
  •     DeFi is still in its infancy

The next-generation DeFi platform continues to make waves across the industry. This decentralised ecosystem was built to address the market's most pressing issues. Today, Yearn Finance has a reputation for providing users with the highest annual percentage returns (APY) on their cryptocurrencies deposited in the industry.

Yearn Finance combines various technologies to combat centralisation within the sector. Everything about Yearn Finance reflects a strong commitment to decentralisation. For example, the company has never hosted an initial coin offering. It has also never had a pre-mining of YFI tokens. These factors have earned Yearn Finance a reputation as one of the most decentralised projects in cryptocurrency.

However, cryptocurrency also has its drawbacks. The current state of the DeFi sector is volatile and speculative. Investors buy these tokens in the hope that they can resell them at a later date at a higher value. This reliance on arbitrage trading puts the entire market at risk.

DeFi investors are also affected in terms of their returns. In the past, DeFi platforms have managed to secure good fees by lowering the interest rates they pay investors. These low yields only hurt the industry by creating an artificial barrier to adoption. Moreover, DeFi is still in its infancy. To that extent, there is still a lot of confusion about what this new sector encompasses, what the main functions, standards and overall returns are. For a new investor, especially someone unfamiliar with blockchain investing, these factors can be a barrier.

Yearn Finance vs. Bitcoin

As a beginner in cryptocurrencies, we therefore recommend that you first venture into Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the first and oldest cryptocurrency and is available at most brokers. Bitcoin was created back in 2009 to introduce a decentralised currency. If you want to get into the cryptocurrency market, Bitcoin is the best place to start. You can either use CFDs (Contracts for Difference) or trade and buy real coins.

Advantages and disadvantages of Bitcoin


  •    Oldest cryptocurrency
  •     High market capitalisation
  •     Incredible value increases
  •     Possible for a long-term investment
  •     Also suitable for CFD trading
  •     Payments can be made with real coins


  •    Strong price fluctuations
  •     Volatile and risky

So far, Bitcoin is by far better known than Yearn Finance. Even though Yearn Finance is a new cryptocurrency, it is not yet possible to make any forecasts, as the price of the currency can change within a very short time. Bitcoin, on the other hand, has been on the market for over 10 years and in principle you have many more options with the coin. Here we recommend our test winner among the crypto brokers: eToro.

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What are the fees when buying Yearn Finance?

  • If you want to buy Yearn Finance, we recommend doing so via Binance. Here, there are no fees for opening an account or even fees when depositing With the broker, however, you have to consider two different types of fees. Firstly, there are normal trading fees per transaction, the cost of buying Yearn Finance is 0.1% of the traded turnover.
  • If one wants to settle this amount in BNB currency, one gets a 25% or 50% discount, depending on the offer.
  • Every 30 days, this amount is deducted from the account and the larger the trading turnover in Yearn Finance and the larger the holding of Binance coins, the lower the percentage of Binance fees one has to pay. For withdrawals, costs are charged again, which depend on the respective currency.
  • With Binance Coin, you have to withdraw at least 0.22 coins and have a withdrawal fee of 0.11 Binance Coin.
  • All Binance fees are deducted in the withdrawn currency, which means that if you withdraw Yearn Finance, you will also be charged Yearn Finance as a Binance fee.
  • This 0, 1% is significantly lower than many other platforms. Often you have 0.5% or you only get 60 to 80% of the profit when trading CFDs.
  • On the Binance platform, one does not have the possibility to exchange one's cryptocurrencies into fiat currencies. If you want to exchange Yearn Finance into, for example, euros, you first have to send the cryptocurrency to a wallet that allows you to convert it into euros.
  • It is only a cryptocurrency exchange and does not have the possibility to make transfers to the bank account or transactions to the credit card.

Yearn Finance Share Price: Key Moments in the Yearn Finance Share Price History

Yearn Finance Share Price

With a price increase of well over 100,000%, Yearn Finance is one of the most hyped new cryptocurrencies currently available. However, the charts clearly show that the price is extremely volatile and subject to strong fluctuations. It only remains to be seen whether the hype will continue.

Buy Yearn Finance with or without a wallet?

That depends on your own preferences and whether you want to trade the coin against other coins or plan to have Yearn Finance paid out later. Although you can buy Yearn Finance via Binance and exchange it for other cryptocurrencies and also speculate on the price trend, a payout in fiat money does not work.

Those who attach great importance to security can set up their own wallet based on the Ethereum network. An example of this would be Metamask. Furthermore, if you decide to use a wallet, we recommend using a hardware wallet.

Yearn Finance

Buy YFI - our conclusion

Those who want to participate in the new cryptocurrency can do so via the cryptocurrency exchange Binance. However, one should bear in mind that Yearn Finance is a new cryptocurrency that is just 3 months old. Accordingly, it remains to be seen how the cryptocurrency will develop in the future.

The DeFi platform initially took the crypto market by storm and the price rose to record levels. Few projects of this kind display such a high level of decentralisation as Yearn Finance. The tokens are distributed within the community. The developer Andre Cronje himself is in charge, but changes are voted on within the community.

Yearn Finance is less risky than other DeFi projects, but it is still an investment experiment. If you look at the price trend of the last few days, you can see how quickly the price of the digital currency can fall and rise again. If you want to invest in Yearn Finance, we recommend doing so with a small amount of capital.

Buy YFI - our conclusion


How to buy Yearn Finance?

Yearn Finance can be bought via the broker Binance. However, you have to bear in mind that you cannot convert the cryptocurrency into fiat money here and that you cannot cash it out.

Will the Yearn Finance value increase in the future?

Yearn Finance is a new DeFi project whose forecasts are still uncertain. Trading in new cryptocurrencies is always risky. An increase in value cannot be ruled out, but assuming that the price is already so high, it may well be that the value will soon fall.

Can I use my Bitcoin Wallet for Yearn Finance?

If you use a hardware wallet such as Trezor or Ledger, you can also store Yearn Finance there. Bitcoins can also be purchased via the broker Binance, but this is a pure exchange.

How do I find Yearn Finance on an exchange?

Yearn Finance can currently be traded via a few brokers. The broker Binance currently offers Yearn Finance. After registering with this broker, you can find the cryptocurrency via the search field.

Buy Yearn Finance on Binance. A good idea?

Currently, there are not many brokers that offer Yearn Finance. Therefore, we recommend purchasing the cryptocurrency via Binance if you want to trade with it. However, we recommend having your own wallet so that you can store the coins safely.

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