Buy ZCash (ZEC) Coin 2021: Price, Forecast & Guide

One of the more than 4,000 different digital currencies is ZCash. The crypto community is becoming more and more interested in these cryptocurrencies. When it was introduced on 28 October 2015, there was a real buying frenzy among crypto fans.

The price drifted to record-breaking heights on the day of the release. What excited investors is the high level of anonymity associated with ZCash.

Do you also want to invest in ZCash? We show you what you should look out for when buying ZCash and which brokers and exchanges are suitable. We also take a look at the price trend so far and give a forecast of the potential further price development.

Exchange Comparison: The Best Crypto Exchanges & Brokers to Buy ZEC

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What makes ZEC special?

As a so-called privacy coin, Zcash enables its users to carry out anonymous transactions.  Unlike transparent transactions, neither the names of the recipient or sender are stored on the blockchain, nor the amount of the transaction value.

Transactions are checked by miners for their reliability, but without disclosing personal information. This is ensured by the so-called zk-SNARK application. Here, the verifying miner knows that a valid transaction has taken place, but information about the sender, recipient and transaction value is not transmitted.

Alternatively, users can select transparent transactions or, if necessary, make their own anonymous information accessible to third parties. This could be necessary, for example, to prove that no laws were violated in the respective transaction.


Zcash Foundation Network

Coin / Token


Zcash founder

Zooko Wilcox - O'Heary

Zcash founding year


Zcash start

September 2016

Market capitalization

€ 1,273,486,598 (as of June 9th, 2021)

Circulation supply

11,952,175 ZEC (as of June 9th, 2021)

Maximum care

21,000,000 ZEC

Buy Zcash - what are the arguments in favour of the privacy coin?

    Vanishingly low transaction fees
    Anonymous transactions possible
    Possibility to disclose personal data if necessary
    Easily accessible and tradable on top exchanges and platforms
    Already highly accepted as a means of payment in the real economy


Fees and costs of ZEC Coin

Depending on where you buy ZEC Coins or if you want to trade ZEC CFDs, different fees will be charged depending on the platform:

  •     Transaction fees
  •     Deposit fees
  •     Withdrawal fees
  •     Overnight fees
A fee comparison of the platforms is worthwhile in any case, as both the ZEC Coin price and the profit can also vary with different fees.
costs of ZEC Coin
There are different fees when trading cryptocurrencies. The average Zcash transaction fee is hardly worth mentioning, as it is well under 1 ct per transaction. 

Buy Zcash with PayPal, credit card, instant bank transfer and more

Zcash is listed on most exchanges and trading platforms, so there is a wide range of payment options available to those interested. We recommend buying ZEC with our test winner eToro, which offers many payment options:

Payment option at eToro


Buy Zcash with a credit card


Buy Zcash with PayPal


Buy Zcash with SOFORT transfer


Buy Zcash with Rapid Transfer


Buy Zcash with Skrill


Buy Zcash with Neteller


Buy Zcash with SEPA transfer


Buy Zcash with Neteller


Buy Zcash with UnionPay


Buy Zcash with Apple Pay


Buy Zcash with GiroPay


Buy ZEC Coin Guide: Step by step to buy ZCash at eToro

We recommend buying Zcash at our test winner eToro. At eToro, ZEC can be traded as a real coin and as a CFD. As a state-regulated provider, eToro is subject to European supervisory authorities and there is deposit protection through the European Deposit Fund of the financial authorities. Buying Zcash as a real coin is possible at eToro in just a few steps:

Step 1: Register

In order to trade at eToro, you must first register and open a trading account. A valid email address and a secure password are required for registration. Registration is even faster with a Facebook account or Google account.

You will receive an email asking you to verify your email address. With a simple click on the button "Verify my email address" the registration with eToro is confirmed.

Step 2: Deposit money

In order to be able to buy coins at eToro, your trading account must first have sufficient funds. To top it up, simply click on the "Deposit Money" button. In the window that opens, you can select the deposit amount and the payment method. The minimum deposit amount at eToro is 200 euros. By clicking on "Deposit", the amount will be available for the purchase of cryptocurrency immediately or after a few days, depending on the payment method.

Step 3: Buy Zcash

To buy Zcash, simply enter the currency abbreviation ZEC in the search bar.

A selection will appear and clicking on the currency will open the trading window. Here you enter the desired amount for which you would like to buy ZEC and click on "Open trade" to complete the purchase.

Is Zcash mining possible?

As with most cryptocurrencies, new ZEC coins can be generated through mining. Zcash uses the classic Proof-Of-Work mechanism, which relies on computing power to add new blocks to the blockchain.

Block subsidies are currently split 80:20. This means that miners who add new blocks receive 80 % of the reward.  20% is split between the founders and the Zcash Foundation. Since October 2020, the block subsidy has been ZEC 6.25. To slow the rate of issuance, block subsidies are halved periodically to reduce the rate at which the total supply of 21 million ZEC is reached.
Zcash mining possible

Zcash Wallet: How does Zcash storage work?

If you buy real coins, you have to make sure they are stored safely. So-called wallets exist for this purpose, which function like a kind of daily money account. When choosing a wallet, users should pay attention to the compatibility with the respective coin or token and also to how securely coins are to be stored.

  •     Special hardware wallets and paper wallets offer the highest level of security. These so-called cold wallets are not connected to the internet and cannot be attacked by hackers.
  •     The situation is different with online wallets. Online wallets are also called hot wallets and are permanently connected to the internet or store the coins on the net. Resourceful hackers thus have the opportunity to illegally access the wallet at any time. Hot wallets are unsuitable for the long-term storage of coins and tokens.
  •     A desktop wallet also belongs to the so-called hot wallets and can easily be targeted by hackers.
The following wallets, for example, are compatible with ZEC Coin. In the case of Zcash, we have to distinguish between anonymous or shielded and transparent wallet addresses.

Shielded addresses:

Transparent addresses:

  • ZecWallet Full Node
  • ZecWallet Lite
  • Shielded Guarda
  • Ledger Nano S
  • Trezor
  • BitGo wallet
  • Coinbase Wallet
  • Jaxx Liberty
  • Atomic wallet
  • When is the best time to buy Zcash?

    Since cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile, it is difficult to predict whether a time to buy ZEC Coins is good or bad. Predicting positive and negative price movements is next to impossible. In order to achieve maximum profit from the highly volatile market, we recommend observing the market over a longer period of time.

    Basically, it can be said that it is always worth buying cryptocurrencies when the market or the desired currency is just recovering after a crash. In order not to miss this moment, regular observation of the market is necessary.

     buy Zcash

    Zcash speculate in the short term or invest for the long term?

    Buy ZEC Coin and invest for the long term or rather trade and make quick profits? Which option suits you better depends mainly on your own trading strategy.

    Due to the high volatility of the ZEC, a short-term investment is certainly conceivable in order to make quick profits. Investors can invest in the real coin or buy ZEC CFDs. The only thing to bear in mind is that trading with CFDs can be very risky. A total loss of the invested capital is just as possible as a high profit.

    In our view, long-term investments in the ZEC Coin only make sense if there is an interest in the project or in the usability of the blockchain.

    Tips for buying Zcash

    After we have dealt intensively with Zcash and the purchase of the coin, we would like to give investors a few tips here on what they should pay attention to before trading.

    •    The best way to buy ZEC is with our test winner eToro. eToro is subject to the regulations of European supervisory authorities and assets up to 20,000 euros are protected by the European Deposit Protection Fund.
    •     If you want to buy Zcash, you need a wallet that supports the coin. Here too, eToro offers the option of using a wallet from the platform. Those who do not wish to make use of this should choose a compatible wallet before buying.
    •     With regard to the type of investment, interested parties should be clear about their goals before buying. Those who want to bet on the exchange rate in the short term are well positioned with ZEC CDF trading. Those who want to invest in the technology and use the coin are best off buying real ZEC Coins.
    •     Before investors invest in a cryptocurrency, it is advisable to inform yourself well about the currency. Is the business model behind the coin convincing or do the developers and representatives of the project have enough experience? This and even more information can be indicators of the long-term success of a cryptocurrency.

    Zcash has been able to establish itself well on the market so far. The developers and operators of the network have enough experience to outpace strong competitors such as Monero. However, investors should not forget that the crypto market is subject to extreme fluctuations. Accordingly, high profits are just as possible as a total loss of the paid investment.

    Zcash Forecast: Does it pay to trade ZEC?

    Zcash allows users of the coin to choose whether to transact anonymously or transparently. There have also been some technically important developments in the past. For example, anonymous transactions are now possible even with weak devices thanks to a software update.

    The project itself is backed by strong investors such as JP Morgan, Pantera Capital and Digital Currency Group. There is also a benefit from many merchants who already accept Zcash as a means of payment.  Experts assume that the privacy of investors will become increasingly important and therefore also predict growth for Zcash. Forecasts predict that Zcash will rise to over 3,000 euros per coin by mid-2025.

    Zcash Price History: Historical moments & forecast

    Since the Zcash ICO 2016, there have been several events in the Zcashm price that are worth mentioning:

        October 2016: Zcash has its ICO and trades for €5,407 on Coinbase - The price immediately collapses to €33.
        June2017: Zcash's price explodes to €345 at the start of the 2017 crypto bull run.
        January 2018: Zcash reaches its all-time high of 738€ on 08.01.2018 during the Crypto Bull Run.
        May 2018: Zcash tries to recover from a price collapse when the bubble burst and briefly rises by 70%, but immediately falls again.
        December 2018: Zcash hits its then low of €41 during the crypto "winter".
        June 2019: Zcash rises to €98 per coin in the summer of 2019, but falls again.
        March 2020: During the Corona epidemic, Zcash hit its new all-time low (€22.43 per coin) after rising to €64.25 in February.
        August 2020: In the current bull run, Zcash stands at €66.87 per coin.
        January 2021: Bittrex announces that it will delist the privacy coins Monero, Dash and Zcash. This could be due to the decision to monitor private wallets by FinCEN in the USA. After a sideways movement since summer 2020, the Zcash price collapsed by 10%, but recovered again in mid-January and rose by 60%.

    How do you buy ZCash?

    Do you prefer real coins or CFDs? A tough question that you unfortunately have to answer for yourself. Would you rather see the digital coins in your wallet or participate in the price development? Here we have listed the significant advantages and disadvantages of both options for you.

    ZCash Broker


    •    Government Regulation & Deposit Protection
    •     No ZCash Wallet necessary
    •     Trading with leverage possible
    •     Many deposit and withdrawal options
    •     Mobile trading: Apps for Android & iOS available
    •     Demo account


    •    Only ownership of a certificate, no ownership of ZCash
    •     Obligation to make additional payments could exist
    •     Risky investment
    ZCash CFDs: With CFDs you bet money on the price development of ZCash. You do not own any coins. But you can invest more with the leverage effect. If you choose a leverage of 5, your forecast is multiplied by five. As you can see, there are high chances of profit, but also great risks of loss.

    ZCash Exchanges


    •    Actual ownership of ZCash
    •     Learning to use cryptocurrencies
    •     Variety of cryptocurrencies on offer
    •     (Partial) Trading via leverage possible
    •     (Partial) Mobile trading: Apps for Android & iOS
    •     Total loss limited to purchase (no margin call)


    •    No regulation & deposit protection
    •     Attractive target for hacker attacks
    •     Risky investment

    ZCash Coins: If you want to buy digital coins, you should start looking for a reputable broker. You also need a secure wallet, your digital purse.

    Since there are obviously two ways to buy ZCash, there must also be two types of ZCash investments:

        ZCash exchanges trade in "real" ZCash coins.
        ZCash brokers trade ZCash CFDs, which are financial instruments based on the ZCash exchange rate.

    But what are the advantages and disadvantages of real ZCash and ZCash CFDs?

    ZCash CFD


    •    Fee advantage when trading
    •     State-regulated and subject to deposit protection: you are protected in the event of a hack
    •     Protection against hacks
    •     No complicated wallet setup necessary
    •     Trading with leverage


    •    No "real" ZCash coins
    •     Fee disadvantage for long-term investors
    •     Risky investment: leveraged trading is subject to margin calls

    Real ZCash Coins


    •    Own real ZCash coins that you can manage yourself
    •     Steep learning curve
    •     Those who want to hold ZCash for the long term have an advantage here in terms of fees


    •    Vulnerable to hacks and cyberattacks
    •     You are responsible for managing the keys yourself - if the keys are lost, the ZCash coins cannot be recovered.
    •     Paper or hardware wallet required for truly secure storage.

    If you are now convinced and want to buy Zcash directly, we recommend our test winner eToro. Both real ZEC and ZEC CFDs can be traded here. Furthermore, you can test your trading strategies here on a free demo account and test the practical social trading function. Users can easily buy a variety of cryptocurrencies here, such as Bitcoin, using various payment methods.

    Social trading function
    Fair and transparent fee structure
    State regulated and licensed
    Variety of cryptos, incl. Zcash
    Free demo account

    Zcash advantages and disadvantages


    • Hardly any transaction fees worth mentioning
    • Offers users the choice between anonymity and transparency
    • Possibility to disclose own data if necessary
    • High acceptance as a means of payment
    • Available on top exchanges and trading platforms


    • Volatile cryptocurrency
    • Risk of anonymity being lost due to upcoming legislation by global governments
    • Strong competitors present in the market

    Conclusion: Buy Zcash or not?

    For us, Zcash plays as a privacy coin in the upper league of cryptocurrencies.  The choice for users between anonymous and transparent transactions within the blockchain does not leave us with the impression that users are using the coin to intentionally carry out dubious transactions. The possibility to make one's own data available to third parties if necessary also strengthens trust in the coin in our eyes.

    Unlike its competitor Monero, we do not see any danger with Zcash of ZEC establishing itself as an anonymous means of payment in the darknet. Likewise, the strong partners in the background of Zcash cause us to include the coin in our current portfolio.


    What is Zcash?

    Zcash is one of the so-called privacy coins that place a special focus on data protection and user privacy.

    Where can I buy Zcash?

    Zcash can be traded on almost all established platforms. We recommend trading on our test winner eToro.

    Real coins or CFD?

    Those who want to bet on rising or falling prices should invest in ZEC CFD. For investors interested in the usability of the coin, buying real coins is interesting.

    How is the price development of Zcash?

    After the initial hype of the price during its ICO, ZEC went into correction until it reached a normal market level. With a few exceptions, the coin's performance so far has been volatile and in line with the market situation.

    What is the Zcash forecast?

    Experts praise the development of the project and assess the partnerships concluded, such as with JP Morgan, as extremely positive; according to statements by crypto experts, ZEC Coin could well reach the mark of over 3,000 euros by mid-2025.

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