Jack Dorsey talks about plans to integrate bitcoin into Twitter

July 23, 2021

Jack Dorsey talks about plans to integrate bitcoin into Twitter
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey named bitcoin as one of three key trends shaping the future of the social network, along with artificial intelligence and decentralization. This was reported by TechCrunch, citing the company's second quarter earnings report.

Dorsey noted that integrating cryptocurrency into existing products and services should be a "big part" of Twitter in the future.

He also reiterated that he believes bitcoin is the best candidate for the "native currency of the internet".

   "If there is a native global currency on the web, we can develop our products much faster. By doing so, we can reach every person on the planet," Dorsey said.

He noted that Twitter won't be the only service aiming to adopt digital assets. Another major social network Facebook may introduce digital currency Diem, Dorsey stressed.

   "There's a clear need for that. I think the internet's native open standard is the right way to go. So we will concentrate on bitcoin," he said.

As a reminder, Dorsey has long talked about bitcoin as the best implementation of the internet's global currency. In 2020, he said blockchain would define Twitter's future, and in June 2021, he did not rule out integrating the Lightning Network tier-two solution into the service.

Jack Dorsey talks about plans to integrate bitcoin into Twitter

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