Jaxx Wallet Review 2021: The ultimate test

The Jaxx Wallet, better known as the Jaxx Liberty Wallet, offers much more than a traditional Bitcoin or Ethereum wallet. The Jaxx Wallet is a cross-platform multi-currency wallet that also provides access to crypto prices, crypto news and links to third-party services - all in a simple and intuitive app. But how good is the Jaxx Wallet really? Can the hot wallet convince in terms of security, user-friendliness and costs? We will find an answer to these and other questions in our big Jaxx Wallet Test 2021.

What is a Jaxx Wallet?

Jaxx Liberty, formerly known as "The Jaxx Classic", was launched in 2014 by Canadian provider Decentral with co-founder Anthony Di Iorio and has since been hailed as one of the most modern and secure multi-currency wallets in the trade press. Jaxx Liberty also offers an easy entry into the exciting world of cryptocurrencies, which is often difficult to understand, especially for beginners.

The Jaxx Wallet is also a cross-platform digital wallet that is available for a variety of operating systems. In addition to Linux, Mac, Windows and a Google Chrome add-on, the app is also available for Android and iOS, allowing users to access their digital currencies from the comfort of their own home as well as on the go - the options are as rich as with hardly any other provider.

Since July 2018, the improved Jaxx Liberty has been released, which not only brings a variety of advanced features, but at the same time lets users store almost all coins and tokens in a single wallet. In our reviews, we have so far hardly been able to test a wallet that can convince with such a rich selection of cryptocurrencies. The Jaxx Wallet is compatible with a large number of currencies, so that the wallet is particularly advantageous for customers who want to have a broad crypto portfolio. The compatible currencies include, among others:


With more than 80 currencies, such as Jaxx Bitcoin or Jaxx Bitcoin Cash (Jaxx Ripple or a Ripple client is not supported at the time of our test), users of the Jaxx Blockchain Wallet are really well equipped and can comfortably store all their coins and tokens in a single wallet. In the following sections, we will go into more detail on the topics of costs, Jaxx Wallet security and user-friendliness and explain in more detail features such as ShapeShift, where users can exchange currencies conveniently, quickly and inexpensively. Everything else about the Jaxx Wallet in the following article.

Setting up the Jaxx Wallet: this is how it works!

As already indicated in the introduction, there are a variety of ways in which the Jaxx Wallet can be used. A total of three different installation options can be distinguished here:

  1.     Jaxx Wallet for the desktop (Windows, Linux, Mac)
  2.     Jaxx Wallet as a browser extension (Google Chrome)
  3.     Jaxx Wallet as a mobile app (Android, iOS)

    In the following example, we explain how to download and set up the Jaxx Wallet in two simple steps using the Windows variant. Further down in the text, we go into more detail about the differences in installation between the various variants.
step 1

Download and installation

The easiest way to download all three versions is via the official website of the provider. All you have to do is click on the "Download" menu and then download the latest version for the desktop, browser or app. Of course, it is also possible to download Jaxx Wallet via external stores, such as Google Play. Once you have decided on a programme and downloaded the software, you can continue with the installation. All you have to do is follow the instructions. The installation is usually completed within a few minutes.

Users can then choose whether they want to create a new wallet or import an existing one. Already here, there are many options to set up the wallet exactly according to one's own needs in addition to the standard settings. Of course, it is also possible to make further settings at a later date. Once this step has been completed, the wallet is available to users. During the installation, users are also prompted to create a backup phrase as well as private keys - here, it is important not to pass on these passwords to anyone and to secure them as well as personal banking data.

step 2

Buying cryptocurrencies

The second step is to fill the wallet with cryptocurrencies. There are several options here. For example, the Jaxx Wallet is connected to a number of marketplaces such as Changelly or Simplex, so that wallet holders can easily buy or sell Bitcoin, Ethereum and Co. from the various providers.

Of course, it is also possible to have other people send cryptocurrencies to the Jaxx Wallet. Those who want to have bitcoins sent to them can view their own address for this purpose or also conveniently use the QR code. The wallet worked flawlessly during our tests - buying, selling and managing bitcoins and co. has never been so convenient and easy.


Jaxx Wallet Functions & Features

1. Compatibility

The Jaxx Blockchain Wallet is a cross-platform multi-currency wallet that works on all popular operating systems and can store a variety of different currencies. Jaxx works for Mac OSX, Windows, Linux 32 as well as 64 for the PC variant. The Jaxx Wallet is also available as a browser extension for Google Chrome. If you want to manage your coins and tokens on the go, you can download the Jaxx Wallet app from Google Play or the Apple Store.

2. User-friendliness

Even though the Jaxx Wallet offers a variety of different in-depth features that are probably more suitable for professionals, the Jaxx Wallet also provides beginners with a good introduction to the matter thanks to the attractive and intuitive user interface. Beginners do not feel overwhelmed at any time and can learn to enter the world of cryptocurrencies quickly and easily, even without any prior knowledge.

3. Customer support

The customer support of Jaxx Blockchain Wallet is professional and, according to our experience, answers all questions within a few working days. If you have general questions, such as "Jaxx not available", you should check the provider's FAQ section beforehand for the appropriate answer. Unfortunately, the customer support does not offer a live chat or a telephone hotline. According to the provider, this is due to the large number of fake accounts on the internet.

Therefore, Jaxx customer support can only be reached via the contact form and Twitter support. However, care is required here: There are many fake accounts that pretend to be Jaxx customer support. Therefore, if you have any questions, you should first visit the website to get the contact details of the support. Furthermore, passwords should never be passed on, not even to Jaxx support. This is emphasised on the provider's website.

Mobile & Desktop Installation

The Jaxx Wallet can be installed in three different ways. In addition to a variety of operating systems and a browser extension for the desktop, the Jaxx Wallet can also be downloaded for Android and for iOS. Which versions are required and what else should be considered is described in detail in the following section.

  • Jaxx Desktop Installation

  • Jaxx Google Chrome Extension

  • Jaxx Mobile Installation

Jaxx is available for many operating systems for the desktop. The following operating systems and minimum requirements are as follows:

    Mac OSX: Jaxx Liberty requires OS X 10.9 (or higher).
    Windows: Jaxx Liberty requires Windows 8 (or higher)
    Linux 32 / 64: Jaxx Liberty requires Ubuntu 12.04, Fedora 21, or Debian 8 (or higher)

Where can I download the Jaxx Wallet?

download the Jaxx Wallet

Jaxx Wallet Download: The Jaxx Wallet can be easily downloaded from the Jaxx website. In the download section, users get an overview of all operating systems for which the Jaxx Wallet is available. Here, users can click on the respective systems to be redirected. This is sometimes safer than searching for the Jaxx Wallet directly in external stores, such as the Google Chrome Web Store, as there is always the risk that users will download a fake version.

Jaxx Wallet Types

  • Desktop/Online Wallet

  • Paper Wallet

  • App

  • Hardware Wallet

The mission of the provider Decentral can be summarised as follows: "Working together to unite blockchain projects around the globe. A small step into this increasingly connected world has already been taken with the different types of wallet that connect different operating systems. No matter whether Apple, Microsoft or Linux - desktop users can use the Jaxx wallet across platforms and also use it on the move.

Jaxx Wallet Fees

Jaxx Liberty is (almost) completely free of charge. Neither are account maintenance fees or other costs charged, as you find with many wallets. The transaction fees that are paid when sending money to another person are determined by the respective network, without Jaxx profiting from this. Exactly how much is paid here depends on the respective network's charge and one's own preferences.

With the Jaxx Wallet, the transaction fees are kept variable. Users have the option to choose between "Lower", "Typical" or "Higher" in order to determine for themselves how much money they want to spend on a transaction. The general rule here is: The less is paid, the slower the transaction proceeds and the risk that the transaction will not take place becomes higher. It is therefore advisable to opt for "Typical". This makes more sense, as you still have to pay the fees if the transaction is cancelled.
Accordingly, there are no Jaxx Wallet fees on these services, which makes the wallet stand out from the crowd of digital wallets not only in terms of features, but also in terms of price-performance. The only fee charged by Jaxx Wallet is through the ShapeShift service. ShapeShift enables the uncomplicated exchange between two digital currencies. A small fee of only 0.5% of the amount is charged for this.

Transaction fees


Fee of the respective network


Transaction fee from Jaxx Wallet

free of charge

ShapeShift fee from Jaxx Wallet



The Jaxx Wallet convinces with high security standards. For example, neither user information nor the digital assets are stored on a central server. The backup phrase is created by the standard BIP39 library. Furthermore, login is also possible by facial recognition or fingerprint, so that a maximum of anonymity and security is guaranteed on the part of the provider.

However, Jaxx points out to users that with the Jaxx Wallet, as with any other wallet, the user himself bears a high degree of personal responsibility with regard to Jaxx Wallet security. For example, users must not lose the backup phrase under any circumstances. Furthermore, malware on the computer that enables remote access can lead to hackers gaining unauthorised access to user data. In addition, passwords must not be passed on to third parties. If these guidelines are adhered to, the Jaxx Wallet is quite secure.

of Jaxx

Pros and cons of Jaxx

Jaxx Liberty is a highly functional multi-currency wallet, which is also supported by all popular operating systems, both for desktop and smartphone. In total, over 80 cryptocurrencies can be stored, allowing crypto fans and investors to build a diversified portfolio on a single platform. In addition, the Jaxx Wallet convinces with the highest security standards and guarantees a high level of anonymity.

But to call Jaxx just a wallet would certainly be an understatement. Because in addition to the wallet functions, there are many other features that users receive. These include a news viewer that informs users about the latest developments in cryptocurrencies and provides them with current market data on prices and trends. Furthermore, the Block Explorer allows users to interact directly with the blockchain and view transaction data.


  • A desktop and mobile wallet for almost all operating systems
  • Over 80 cryptocurrencies are supported
  • High security standards
  • More than just a wallet
  • Can be used free of charge
  • Beginner-friendly menu navigation


  • No telephone customer support or live chat

Despite all these great features, the Jaxx Wallet is considered one of the most cost-effective wallets of all - because no costs are charged, neither for account management nor for transactions. The only costs that go to the provider are charged by the ShapeShift service, which makes it much easier for users to exchange coins.

Even if these advantages sound complicated to some readers, it remains to be said that the Jaxx Wallet was designed to be beginner-friendly. Even people who have no experience whatsoever with cryptocurrencies will quickly find their way around and get an easy introduction to the exciting world of cryptocurrencies. A great concept that makes the Jaxx Wallet stand out from the crowd of conventional wallets.

The only deduction in the B grade has to be given to the customer service. Although the customer service is fast and competent, it can unfortunately only be reached via a contact form or a Twitter account. If there is no telephone service, we would have liked to see at least a live chat so that burning questions or problems receive the necessary attention immediately.

Is the Jaxx Wallet a scam?

Attentive readers of our report will probably already be able to assume from our previous statements that the Jaxx Wallet is not a scam. We have thoroughly tested the Jaxx Wallet over a period of several months - all transactions were carried out without any problems and we were always supported by the customer service in case of questions and problems. Furthermore, there are no indications online from other users that the Jaxx Wallet could be a scam.

of Jaxxs

A better alternative to the Jaxx Wallet?

Although the Jaxx Wallet has very high security standards, the fact that the Jax Wallet is a hot wallet - i.e. a wallet that is connected to the internet - should not be overlooked. For people who handle smaller amounts, hot wallets offer both the necessary security and a high degree of user-friendliness. The Jaxx wallet is certainly one of the best representatives of hot wallets, so there is no better provider here. Nevertheless, it must be mentioned that people with higher amounts on their accounts should switch to a hardware wallet sooner or later. The fact that hardware wallets are not connected to the internet provides the greatest possible security, so that large sums of money are protected in the best possible way.

According to our Jaxx Wallet experience, eToro offers the best complete package when it comes to cryptocurrencies. Anyone who is new to the crypto business or simply wants to buy cryptos in an uncomplicated way cannot avoid eToro.

  •    Free wallet
  •     Fair and transparent fee structure
  •     First class customer support
  •     Wide range of cryptocurrencies
  •     Free demo account


  • Working time 24/7 all days
  • 1 free meeting room
  • Max 15 team members
  • Free Tea & Coffee

Conclusion of our Jaxx Wallet experience

The Jaxx Wallet offers everything you would expect from a good hot wallet: The best possible security standards, a cross-platform application and compatibility with all common cryptocurrencies make the Jaxx Wallet one of the most popular crypto wallets worldwide. In addition, the wallet can be used free of charge and the Jaxx Wallet fees alone leave the competition far behind.

Due to the easy handling and the intuitive user interface, the Jaxx Wallet is not only popular with professionals, but also with beginners. People who want to get a good start in the world of cryptocurrencies are in good hands here. Our Jaxx Wallet experiences are consistently positive, so we can recommend the Jaxx Wallet to every crypto friend.


Is the Jaxx Wallet secure?

Jaxx delivers the highest security standards for hot wallets.

Does Jaxx have a mobile wallet?

The Jaxx Wallet can be used for desktop as well as iOS and Android.

Installing Jaxx in the browser - What should I pay attention to?

Anyone who downloads the wallet should make absolutely sure that it is not a fake account. If you are redirected to the stores via the provider's page, you can be sure that you are downloading the original.

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