About Lion's Den - What is behind the Bitcoin Lion's Den scam?

Get rich easily with a low investment and little effort: This is what most of us dream of. It is precisely this dream that is currently being exploited by a frequently seen scam on the net.

With the popular and well-known TV show Die Lion's Den (The Lion's Den) on the VOX channel, various Bitcoin trading portals are profiling themselves as safe and trustworthy and leading users behind the light. How exactly this scam works and what you should know about the Bitcoin Lion's Den scam, you can find out here.
Companies have accumulated almost 3% of all bitcoins

Lion's Den Bitcoin: Rip-off advertises with celebrities and fake advertising Lion's Den

  • The Lion's Den is a very well-known TV show in the German-speaking world. A team of five celebrity experts listen to pitches on innovative products and support them with funding if they are interested.

  • The successful concept has already helped many great products to become reality. The best-known experts are Judith Williams, Carsten Maschmeyer and Frank Thelen. And it is precisely their level of awareness that a current bitcoin trading scam is shamelessly exploiting.

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That's what's behind the scam

On Facebook and other social media, users are lured to the Lion's Den Bitcoin start-up with fake ads. These ads show a photo from the start-up show with a flashy slogan that arouses interest. For example: "Get rich in just 7 days. The biggest deal in the history of Lion's Den!". That sounds like an enticing offer - many click on it. The ad then leads to the page of a supposed newspaper like "Bild" or "Die Zeit". This website looks like the original of the respective newspaper, but it is fake. This can be recognised by the URL, which often has only minimal differences.

On this page, an article appears about two students who have allegedly developed an automated Bitcoin bot and are looking for investors for their new software. The fake article tells how Judith Williams invested €250 live and immediately skimmed profits. Fake quotes from the show highlight how the lions struggled to invest in the product and the two students landed a great deal as a result. The celebrities and the good reputation of the show are meant to build trust among users. The aim of the fake site is to register as many users as possible with the Lion's Den Bitcoin startup.

Bitcoin Cave of Lions scam promises big profits and high returns

The ads promote a product that doesn't even exist. The rumour about the Lion's Den Bitcoin startup is false! Those Lion's Den Bitcoin trading bots that the ads report do not even exist. The idea is to collect data from users and encourage people to invest in the trading bot - usually with € 250, which is exactly as much as in the supposed advertisement. The potential investors are made attractive promises: huge profits in the shortest time with an automated trading system.

One thing is clear, however: this is a scam, because there is no such product. Official statements from VOX have already confirmed that the two students were never on the show - nevertheless, the scam seems to work. Fraud on the internet and cybercrime in general are nowadays everyday phenomena that many internet users fall for. It is all the more important that investors learn where to invest seriously!

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The best Bitcoin robots in the test

We took a closer look at some of the Bitcoin robots available. Unauthorised advertising with Die Lion's Den is unfortunately often associated with them. It quickly becomes apparent that most of these robots unfortunately have fraudulent intentions. Dubious page interfaces, testimonials about instant giant profits, a missing imprint and no possibility to obtain further information about the company,... - all this should set your alarm bells ringing!

In a careful review of all Bitcoin robots, we found two products that can work. Extremely high profits are unlikely there too, but nevertheless, with the right strategy and sufficient background knowledge, you can definitely achieve good results.

The most important point: The payout also works! This is the portal Bitcoin Trader or Bitcoin Era.

Bitcoin Trader is an automated trading software that invests in the cryptocurrency Bitcoin and scans price trends on the market. The cloud-based software thus takes over the task of a broker and speculates on the exchange. 

Bitcoin Era works in a very similar way; we could not prove any fraudulent intentions with either of the two providers. An investment attempt can be made via these portals with a lot of caution - but we do not recommend more than the minimum deposit.

Good robots for an investment experiment

Bitcoin Billionaire
Bitcoin Code
Bitcoin Evolution
Bitcoin Loophole

Bitcoin Bank Breaker
Bitcoin Pro
Bitcoin Revolution
Bitcoin Trader
Cannabis Millionaire

Libra Profit System
Profit Revolution
QProfit System
The News Spy
Weed Millionaire
Crypto Comeback Pro

Beware of these Bitcoin Robots and Scams

However, most Bitcoin trading robots are pure rip-offs - don't fall for them! It's always better to be wary of supposedly enticing offers and look closely. Here is a list of Bitcoin robots that you should definitely not trust:

1k Daily Profit
30k Challenge
AI Stock Profits
Algo Robotics
Automated Crypto System
Binäre Geldmaschine
Binary Option Auto Trading
Binary Robot 365
Bit Bubble Tech
Bitcoin Blueprint
Bitcoin Boom
Bitcoin Champion
Bitcoin Era
Bitcoin Formula
Bitcoin Generator
Bitcoin Hero

Bitcoin Method
Bitcoin Millionär
Bitcoin Miner
Bitcoin News Trader
Bitcoin Rush
Bitcoin Secret
Bitcoin Storm
Bitcoin System
Bitcoin Trend
Bitcoin Up
Bitcoin Wealth Club
Immediate Bitcoin
Brit Method
BTC Prestige
Calloway Software
Cannabis Craze

Cannabis Wealth
Crypto Capital
Crypto Code
CryptoCrash Fortune
Crypto Edge System
Crypto GPS
Crypto Legacy Pro
Crypto Nation Pro
Crypto Robot 365
Crypto System
Crypto VIP Club

Crypto Bank
Cybersecurity Profits
Qoin Capital
Dubai Lifestyle App
Dubai Profit Now
Elite Trading Club
Ethereum Code
Fintech Ltd
Forex Robot
Geprüfter Trader
Green Tree Profit
I Bitcoin Genius
ICO Money Maker

Immediate Advantage
Immediate Edge
Krypto Reichtum
Libra Maximizer
Max Your Profit
Minerva Trading Bot
One Bitcoin A Day
Option Robot
Profit Formula
Quantum Code
Ripple Code
Robo Trader
Smart Simple Bot
Tesler App
USI Tech
Wealth Matrix
Olympus Market

This list can be continued at will and is constantly changing. That's why we recommend keeping your eyes open and checking extremely tempting offers thoroughly first. Some of the things you should be aware of to protect yourself from the Lion's Den Bitcoin scam are discussed below.

How to protect yourself from the Lion's Den Bitcoin Robot scam

Basically, you should be aware that seemingly unbelievable success stories on the Internet should always be questioned critically! With a little prior knowledge and a cautious, considered approach to your money on the Internet, you are always well advised! Nevertheless, there are a few things you should pay attention to, especially in connection with the Lion's Den Bitcoin scam:

Reference to Die Lion's Den

In general, it is advisable to be careful when advertising with the celebrities of the Lion's Den jury. The reference to the show is unfortunately shamelessly exploited. If you can see Frank Thelen or Judith Williams in the pictures and read about a Bitcoin Code Lion's Den, scepticism is definitely advisable. Always pay attention: Can you find an official logo of the channel? Do all the little things around the appearance of the website seem genuine?

Paid advertising or testimonials

A very important point here is the question of whether the portal uses paid advertisements. If a product appears in the Google search, this is usually not a good sign! Paid ads on Google can be recognised by the label "Advertisement" or "Ad". On Facebook, advertising is also marked in a similar way. Also remember that many of the supposed testimonials may be bought and therefore not genuine.

Check the page URL

Check the link of the website: Does the ad lead to a well-known news portal such as "Die Zeit" or "Bild"? Then take a closer look at the link and check whether it actually leads to the news portal. Often the differences are minimal: for example, only one character may be different - pay attention to little things! Checking the rest of the content, articles and sections of the page can also help to unmask fake pages.


Fraudulent sites usually do not have a proper imprint. The terms and conditions page (often called "terms") can also provide information about whether the site is trustworthy or not. On fraudulent sites, this content is usually completely missing. Contact options should also be checked. In general, it is advisable to obtain as much information as possible about the dubious company.

Payment method

You should also pay attention to the method of payment. We noticed that many portals with a connection to the Lion's Den Bitcoin Startup scam only offer limited payment options. A good sign, for example, is the service provider PayPal, which is generally considered secure.

What should you look out for in a Bitcoin Robot?

Even if it sounds good to let a Bitcoin Robot take over the work and invest in cryptocurrencies so easily, caution is advised. If you search for the above-mentioned, secure Bitcoin trader Lion's Den on Google, no paid advertisements appear - a good sign! We took a closer look at one bot in particular related to the Lion's Den Bitcoin:

One of the bots that takes advantage of the Cave of the Lions celebrities is, for example, the Bitcoin code Cave of the Lions. This portal uses the tricks already mentioned to create security with the presence of celebrities. This is not a serious offer. Slogans like "Make millions with only € 250" are meant to attract users. The ad on Google leads to a page of "The Sun" - but the link is different and there are no other articles or sections on the website.

MicroStrategy has bought another $177m worth of bitcoins

If you click on the page, you quickly notice that there is no proper imprint: This does not inspire confidence! Bitcoin Code is supposed to be an algorithmic software that locates good entry points for trading bitcoins and can thus allegedly predict trends in bitcoin trading. The exact methods of how this works are not mentioned. Likewise, there is no way for the user to learn more about the company.

A demo mode is supposed to show how quickly one can allegedly make profits with the programme - the auto-trading function is supposed to help with guaranteed profits. The registration process is very simple and clearly laid out: Users register with their name and an e-mail address. But in order to use the portal, a considerable sum has to be paid in: € 250.

The scam here is that the sum is not deposited directly on the site, but with a questionable broker that does not comply with the regulated provisions. The chances are high that you will never see this money again.


Bitcoin rip-off by the Lion's Den - Conclusion

Be wary of offers like those from the Lion's Den Bitcoin startup. If you pay attention to the points we have mentioned, you can effectively protect yourself from this scam. However, we generally recommend that you approach all Bitcoin robots with a certain degree of caution.

Trading with cryptocurrencies, and Bitcoins in particular, still has its finger on the pulse, as a study shows. However, think carefully about how and where you invest, and it is better to remain vigilant about lurid headlines. This way, you can easily protect yourself from the Lion's Den Bitcoin rip-off and others of this kind.

One last tip: Choose the highest level of security for your investments and use only secured and state-regulated portals.
The eToro platform, for example, is particularly recommendable and combines many advantages. With the Bitcoin CopyTrader, you can easily and securely invest in Bitcoins there. The CopyTrader makes it possible to copy the investments of experienced investors and thus create secure investments. The best thing about the portal: it is trustworthy, certified, easy to use and offers a broad portfolio of other assets in addition to trading in Bitcoins.

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What types of Bitcoin scam are there?

The scammers have developed various scams. You should beware of Bitcoin extortion, fake Bitcoin exchanges, crypto giveaways, identity theft, malware, phishing emails and phishing websites, the Ponzi scheme, pump n dump, pyramid schemes, ransomware, scam coins and scam wallets.

How can I protect myself?

The article explains some helpful defence strategies. But the most important thing remains that you never disregard the necessary caution. Does an offer sound too good to be true? Then it might be a scam. Nobody on the internet wants to give you money, so when you come across a dubious offer, you should first ask yourself: What does the other person get out of it?

I think I've been caught in a Bitcoin scam! What can I do now?

Here on CryptoImprovementFund we have created a guide for such cases. Just follow the link above the FAQs.

Why are cryptocurrencies so often abused for scams?

The blockchain provides a high degree of anonymity. Therefore, it is obvious that black sheep realise their scams with the help of the coins because prosecution is more difficult.

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