Media: Amazon to start accepting bitcoin payments by the end of the year

July 26, 2021

Amazon to start accepting bitcoin

Technology giant Amazon plans to add support for its first cryptocurrency payments by the end of 2021, City A.M. writes, citing an insider.

   "This is not just a move to create cryptocurrency payment solutions sometime down the road. It is a full-fledged, well-discussed, integral part of Amazon's future operating mechanism," the source said.

According to her, bitcoin is the first step in realising the company's cryptocurrency ambitions. Amazon management allegedly intends to add other well-known digital assets as well:

   "Ethereum, Cardano and Bitcoin Cash are next in line, after which they [Amazon] will add about eight of the most popular cryptocurrencies."

The source claims that the initiative is "coming from the top, from Jeff Bezos" and the project is "almost ready to launch". The company may also issue its own token, it says:

   "It will be a tiered infrastructure where you can pay for goods and services or earn tokens as part of a loyalty programme."

Amazon to start accepting

In August 2019, Amazon posted a job posting on LinkedIn for a software developer to do, among other things, "work on blockchain". The company later removed the mention of blockchain from the vacancy due to media hype.

In early 2021, Amazon Digital and Emerging Payments announced it was recruiting developers and engineers for a new digital currency payment product in Mexico.

Earlier, cloud computing platform Amazon Web Services posted a vacancy for a blockchain specialist with experience in decentralised finance.

Recall that in July, the tech giant decided to hire a digital currency and blockchain product manager to work at Payments Acceptance & Experience in Seattle, Washington.

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