Metis DAO publishes roadmap: developers to launch mainnet and hold hackathon

September 23, 2021

Metis DAO publishes roadmap developers to launch mainnet and hold hackathon

On 11 August, the developers of the Layer2 solution Metis DAO published a roadmap for the coming months. This is reported on the Metis blog.

Metis DAO is developing a Layer 2 solution to scale the Ethereum network. Metis users will be able to create decentralised autonomous companies (DAs), issue tokens and develop dapps for businesses.

The Metis DAO team has laid out a roadmap by month:

  • Early September - launching a public testbed and mining DAC tokens. The community will be able to create their own DACs, migrate native METIS tokens from tier one (L1) to tier two (L2), contribute them to stacking and earn on farming;
    end of September - expansion of DAC functionality. Users will be able to contribute METIS to staking to earn tokens from decentralised autonomous companies. Metis DAO will help ecosystem members with funding, marketing and development;
  • October - hosting an international hackathon. The team will enlist the support of the Ethereum community to spread the word about the benefits of the protocol and encourage developers to create projects in the Metis ecosystem.
  • mid-October - launch of Mainnet Pioneer v0.1. The Mainnet version will expand the list of assets that can be migrated from L1 to L2. Ecosystem projects and communities will be able to release their own tokens and dapp on L2;
  • October to December - protocol update. The Metis DAO team will launch a new version of the mainnet, expand functionality and add a framework for DAC creation. The developers will also make it easier to onboard Web2 projects, DeFi-protocols and blockchain applications with tools and templates for blockchain voting, mining and other smart contracts.

Recall that Metis DAO conducted Initial DEX Offering (IDO) on the Ignition platform in May.

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