My Neighbor Alice expectation: What will the ALICE rate do?

Companies have been building games on the blockchain for a long time. Being in charge of your own in-game items and making money with them while you play in your free time. It almost sounds too good to be true, but there are several projects working on this.

One of them is ALICE. An interesting project with a working use case and sold NFTs. In this article, we will explain My Neighbor Alice, what the ALICE forecasts are and we will also look at the MY Neighbor Alice expectation.

What is My Neighbor Alice?

My Neighbor Alice is a multiplayer game. In the game, you can build your settlement on a bought island. You can build houses, bridges, farms, streets, animals and much more. By playing the game you meet new friends and you can collect items that you can use later or trade/sell.

ALICE brings together two target groups. The gamer who loves building games and the crypto fanatics. A lot of money can be earned with NFTs and this can attract both target groups.

What is My Neighbor Alice

A similar coin is Decentraland. In this game, too, you can buy a virtual piece of land and customise it according to your wishes. Just like in Decentraland, ALICE allows you to build a community and trade your NFTs on an in-game marketplace.

Besides playing for yourself and building your own island, you can also help your neighbour. And you guessed it, that's My Neighbor Alice. This interaction allows you to earn rewards by completing tasks. The reward for the completed task can be used to sell, or to use for your own island.

Everything in the game can be an NFT and apart from selling it, you can also rent it out. It sounds pretty cool that you can build up a passive income by playing a game.

The ALICE coin is built on the Chromia platform. This is a blockchain platform on the Ethereum network. Chromia was created specifically to improve scalability for dApps (ALICE is a dApp). The My Neighbor Alice expectation can therefore depend on the performance of this network.

Besides the fact that Chromia plays a role, the users also play a big role. The more users on the network the better this can be for the ALICE value.

My Neighbor Alice course

The ALICE price has seen big jumps, especially in the beginning. As of 15 March 2021, the ALICE coin can be seen on Coinmarketcap. Within two hours, the price rose from 18 dollars to 36 dollars. An unprecedented rise which quickly corrected itself. One day later, the ALICE price was back at 18 dollars.

After that, the My Neighbor Alice price went up and down quite a bit, but certainly not as much as in the beginning. For an actual price fluctuation, you have to look at the past 24 hours. In the last 24 hours, the difference in ALICE price was 2.21%.

The ICO of My Neighbor Alice was on February 4. The small amount of $2.2 million was raised. Perhaps a small amount, but it was a very successful ICO. During the ICO, 1 ALICE crypto sold for 0,125 dollar. In comparison, the My Neighbor Alice price is currently at $13.31.

Do you want to know more about the price because you want to do more research yourself? Then you can start your own research below. We have collected additional My Neighbor Alice data for you.

My Neighbor Alice course

My Neighbor Alice expectation

Earlier we discussed the use-case of My Neighbor Alice crypto. The coin can not only be used to buy in-game items such as an island, but ALICE coin holders can also use it to strike.

By striking, users can earn extra coins. You put your own coins to work to keep the network safe and get rewarded for it. This means, however, that you will not be able to get coins in the meantime. With staking, you receive a portion of the transaction costs, or for example, a small percentage when someone buys an in-game item on the marketplace.

The coin is also important for contributing to improvement proposals on the platform. Because you have a share (ALICE crypto) you can participate in the management process. Now you might think that it doesn't matter as long as you get coins through staking, but you will be rewarded for participating here as well.

It can be an ideal way to earn your extra money. Because your total My Neighbor Alice value can increase alongside the ALICE rate. Although the My Neighbor Alice price expectation is hard to predict, it doesn't hurt to earn coins passively.

You can find this project interesting for several reasons. If you find it interesting because you want to invest, it is always important to do your own research. If you only want to play the game, you don't need to put a lot of money in it. Investing, on the other hand, always involves risks, so be aware of that.

For your own research, historical information about the coin can be useful. For example, the trading volume is an indicator. If the volume increases, it could be that confidence in the coin increases. More people are trading the coin and that means higher liquidity. The trading volume of My Neighbor Alice in the last 24 hours is $130,617,612.

My Neighbor Alice price forecast 2021 - 2028

Blockchain and the gaming industry go well together. There are many gaming companies that are now focusing on the technology. Together with the NFTs, this could change the future of gaming. But of course, the games have to gain popularity.

In July 2021 you can download ALICE on Steam. By doing so, they bring the game to the general public and the question is whether it will catch on. What effect this will have on the ALICE price forecast remains to be seen, but it could be one of the factors that causes the My Neighbor Alice price to rise.

For a positive ALICE price prediction, the number of users is important, but also the popularity of the NFTs can help the ALICE price. For now, we can at least look at the difference in the ALICE price in the last 7 days. This was 6.25%.

Furthermore, we have found some My Neighbor Alice predictions and placed them below. The ALICE price predictions go up to 2028. Please note that the ALICE value in 5 years remains difficult to predict.

















My Neighbor Alice

When you want to buy a coin, you can always look at the amount of coins that are already on the market. For My Neighbor Alice, there are now 17,400,000 ALICE coins available with a total supply of 100,000,000 ALICE. The total market cap is $231,728,216.

Another thing you should always consider is the moment of entry. It is difficult to determine a good time to invest, but the trick is to buy the coins in a dip. More people think that it is difficult to determine. Plenty of investors have made mistakes. Investing in crypto currencies is and remains risky and you can quickly be dozens of percent negative.

The predictions on the internet are often uncertain and that is why it is so important that you don't blind yourself to them.

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