NFT startup Immutable has raised $12.5m in less than an hour

October 7, 2021

NFT startup Immutable has raised $12.5m in less than an hour

Immutable has completed a tokenseal on the CoinList platform. It took the Australian startup less than an hour to raise $12.5m to develop its second-level scaling protocol.

The record-breaking $IMX token sale on CoinList is complete! - Over 720k unique registrations - 25K+ new token holders in the @Immutable X community - Raised over $12.5 million in less than 1 hour A huge thank you to everyone for the incredible support & participation

According to Immutable X, the number of IMX token holders has exceeded 25,000 and the number of registrations in the tokenseal has reached 720,000.

The IMX native asset is positioned as a "Stripe for NFT", providing a "gasless" issuance and trading of non-interchangeable tokens.

Developers who were unable to purchase tokens due to excessive demand for CoinList, the project has offered a reward of 30,000 IMX for creating services based on Immutable X by the end of September.

Representatives of the startup plan to integrate the protocol with large marketplaces like Mintable and OpenSea.

Earlier, Immutable raised $60 million in a Series B funding round.

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