Poll: 11% of UK adults plan to buy cryptocurrency

July 19, 2021

One in ten British adults owns digital assets and 11% are considering buying cryptocurrencies in the next 12 months. This was reported by Peer2Peer Finance News, citing a survey by Ziglu Bank.

According to a survey by the institution, operator of a cryptocurrency payment P2P app, only about 3% of respondents said they would definitely make their first digital asset purchase. 8% rated their plans as "very likely".

29% of those willing to invest in cryptocurrencies said they wanted to test the market by spending a small amount. 27% cited the expectation of increasing asset values as their motivation.

Exchanges to Buy Bitcoin in the UK

For 26% of potential investors, the impetus was the rising popularity of the cryptocurrency market, while 23% cited increased security.

8% said they are encouraged to buy cryptocurrencies by their loved ones. Other reasons respondents cited for their willingness to invest included the emergence of platforms through which access to cryptocurrencies has become easier and cheaper, as well as improved regulation.

Recall, according to a survey published in January 2021 by bitcoin exchange Gemini, 13.5% of Britons had invested in cryptocurrencies in the previous year and a half.

In June, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) counted 2.3 million investors in digital assets in the country.

They are most popular with young people aged 18 to 29 - for 45% of them, digital assets were their first investment, according to a survey by private equity platform Interactive Investor.

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