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Did you know that much of the world's trading is now done by automated trading robots? These automated trading systems are basically trading software designed by humans to open and close trading positions in real time based on mathematical models and extensive analysis.

Because sound algorithms are used in the process, it is also referred to as "algo trading". The fact is: More and more institutional investors are turning to trading bots because they can trade reliably, efficiently, cost-effectively and around the clock.

The problem is: private investors and traders have so far been denied the use of automated trading robots. Profit Secret promises to change exactly that. With it, users from all over the world can use professional automated trading software even with small amounts.

What is Profit Secret?

Profit Secret is an automated trading robot that trades shares, securities and so-called CFD instruments for you. The trading bot uses complex algorithms that have been developed by experts from past share price developments.

  • An algorithm decides how the price of a certain share is likely to develop based on current events on the financial markets.
    Because Profit Secret's automated trading robot also trades contracts for difference, which can also be used to sell securities, you can make profits with rising and falling prices.
  • The use of trading bots, also known as algo trading, is becoming increasingly common on the financial markets and is also completely legal. With Profit Secret, private investors like you finally have the opportunity to trade using data-based algorithms instead of gut feeling.
What is Profit Secret

How does Profit Secret work?

Using Profit Secret is simple: you deposit money and let the trading robot trade for you automatically. Before that, you have to set a few parameters and tell the automated trading system what your risk tolerance is so that it can take appropriate trading positions for you.

Simply log in with your account. You can deposit additional amounts or request a payout of your winnings at any time. You can also check the profitability of the trades or, if you wish, trade manually yourself.

However, we recommend that you only trade manually once you have gathered more detailed information with the platform.
Profit Secret uses extensive and precise trading algorithms to make its decisions to buy and sell specific stocks at the time. These algorithms are based on statistical and mathematical models developed by experts. The experts look at how the prices of shares have developed in the past and which factors, such as unemployment, currency rates, economic growth and other variables, may have affected them and to what extent.

The automated trading robot then permanently monitors the international financial markets and can interpret the correlations between individual factors and price developments in order to predict whether prices will now rise or fall. Because Profit Secret trading robot can work extremely quickly and accurately, the right positions are taken before other traders.

This makes it possible to achieve above-average profits and returns, which explains the high success rate of the trading robot.

Register for Profit Secret - this is how it works

You can start automated trading with Profit Secret in four easy steps:

Step 1: Registration

The first step is to register your account with Profit Secret. To do this, simply fill out the form directly below the video, in which you enter your name, email address and telephone number. The latter is required so that you can later make use of your personal consultation.

After filling in the form, you will be shown a personal password. Make sure you write this password down, because you will need it later for trading.

first step is to register

Step 2: The deposit

Now you will arrive at the partner platform, where you are already logged in with your user account. Your access data are your email and the password you have just been shown. The required minimum amount of 250 ‚ā¨ is already preset, you just have to click on the button, choose your desired deposit method and fund your account with it.

This amount is already common in the industry and is also used by other robots, such as Bitcoin Supersplit, Bitcoin Code or The News Spy.

Step 3: The consultation

You will be called by a personal advisor of the platform within the next few hours, who will discuss your personal investment goals and suitable strategies as well as investments with you.

Step 4: Start trading

Congratulations! You can now start trading. Pay attention to the investment recommendations discussed and decide on investments that you know or whose market dynamics you can assess and follow well.

You can now start trading

Profit Secret Experiences and Reviews

An important step in evaluating a provider like Profit Secret is to look for Profit Secret experiences and reviews. We did a lot of research online and came across very few reviews overall.

The reviews we read were mostly written by satisfied users who reported profits with the automated trading system.

A few websites, on the other hand, reported negative results with Profit Secret. A closer look soon showed that these websites only wanted to present and promote other providers, which is why we consider these Profit Secret experiences to be false reports. It was merely an advertising effect for competitors instead of informing readers.

Since Profit Secret is a fairly new provider, we are not surprised that we have not yet found many reviews about the service. We are sure that more reviews will appear on the internet in the coming weeks.

Experiences and Reviews

Is Profit Secret serious or a scam?

Profit App in the test

In the last few months, many providers have come onto the market with their trading robots, and unfortunately there have also been black sheep time and again, which have resulted in users being defrauded. That is why many users ask themselves whether Profit Secret is serious or scam.

In principle, a little scepticism is always appropriate with a new provider, we also took a closer look at the trading bot. We have a very positive impression of the website, there is no reason to believe that Profit Secret is scam.

Instead of the private experiences often shown by other providers, the statements and quotes of well-known investment experts such as Warren Buffet are shown with regard to trading. This is followed by three short investment tips before examples of currently completed profitable trades by users presented with anonymised names are shown.

What we like very much about the website is that there is a link to the valid general terms and conditions as well as to the privacy policy. These legally required details are often omitted or incorrectly linked on suspicious websites, but on Profit Secret we find official details - a clear indication that it is a reputable provider.

In view of the high profits, it comes as little surprise that the site operator points out in the footer that these are deliberately chosen, extraordinary success stories that may not be replicated to this extent. In addition, we learn that the website is financed by the recommendation of other services.

Advantages and disadvantages at a glance


  • The software of Profit Secret does not have to be installed on the PC, but can simply be called up in the browser on the desktop and smartphone.
  • In the Profit Secret test, we were able to find clear terms and conditions and a privacy policy, which speaks for the seriousness of the provider.
  • Trading can be started after an industry-standard minimum deposit of ‚ā¨250.
  • In addition to automatic trading, users can also carry out manual trading themselves. However, this trading style is primarily recommended for experienced traders who have been working with the platform for some time.


  • Our search on the internet for Profit Secret experiences yielded very few results overall, which could be due to the fact that it is a very young provider. The reviews we found were mostly positive and reported profits.
  • Unfortunately, we did not find any more detailed information about Profit Secret's customer support.


After extensive analysis of the website, we have the impression that Profit Secret is serious and not a scam. As a user, you can rely on an automated trading system that can generate profits by trading stocks and securities as well as stock CFDs with rising and falling prices.

So if you prefer to rely on modern algo trading to profit from automated trading on the international financial markets, Profit Secret can be a suitable provider for you.


Why use automated trading software?

Institutional investors have invested large sums of money in the development of these trading systems. These systems have continuously proven their effectiveness in recent years. It was not uncommon for large hedge funds and institutional investors to achieve double-digit returns on the capital markets year after year. Of course, these large investors have no great interest in making these trading robots available to private investors as well. Otherwise, small investors could also trade profitably with ease and let these trading bots work for them.

Is Profit Secret legal?

Perhaps you are now concerned whether the use of automated trading robots is allowed at all. We can reassure you and confirm that Profit Secret is legal. As already mentioned at the beginning, most trades on the international financial markets are now carried out via algo trading with trading robots. You can therefore let the Profit Secret trading bot work for you with a clear conscience.

Are there hidden fees at Profit Secret?

We cannot find any indications of fees. There are no fees for deposits or withdrawals, nor are there any transaction fees or commissions to pay. However, we cannot unequivocally determine whether there are hidden fees during trading.

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