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Our Quantum Trading test highlights and analyses the software provider of automated trading solutions in detail. Automated trading systems are all about software and indicators that can become active for the individual trader on the basis of artificial intelligence and algorithms. Sit back and let them generate profits - that's the motto.

But is there any truth in this promise? Does it really work, or is it just an empty promise? Is Quantum Trading a serious platform? We took a closer look at the offer and have summarised our Quantum Trading experiences here.

Quantum Trading Technology - The most important facts

  • Quantum Trading is the provider of an automated trading bot that can be used directly through the platform.
  • The trading bot uses a complex algorithm to identify and complete successful trades in cryptocurrency trading
  • The minimum deposit is 250 EUR, credit card is supported as a deposit method
  • The software should be regarded as an investment experiment, risks exist and profits are not guaranteed.

What is Quantum Trading?

Quantum Trading LogoThe term quantum trading originally described in general terms the use of ultra-powerful quantum computer technology to execute high-precision trading algorithms. These algorithms use quantitative techniques and track historical price trends and current market developments in real time to open promising trades.

History of the software

The developers behind the Quantum Trading technology do not seek media recognition and are quite modest. Thus, relatively little is known about the founders; the focus of their work is the technology produced.

A group of mathematicians and statisticians as well as successful traders worked together to design the Quantum Trading technology. The algorithm developed was then tested extensively to ensure the most accurate success rate possible.

The exact functioning of the algorithm is kept secret - no wonder, after all, imitators are to be kept away. What we do know is that both historical price data and factors of the current market development - such as foreign exchange rates, inflation rate, market sentiment and financial news - flow into the analysis.

Indicators, functions, trading tools

Quantum Trading TestAt Quantum Trading no individual indicators are offered, but a combined trading software is distributed. Numerous indicators are already integrated into this software, which know how to interpret and interpret the current market developments. The platform offers expected functions such as the following:

Open trades: all trades that have been opened independently by the trading robot and are currently still running can be displayed here.
Transaction history: with a few clicks, all trades that have been made and closed so far can be viewed, including their profitability and the time of opening and closing.
Technical analysis: the user has the option of displaying the current price developments of the traded assets in a price chart.
Especially the use of the technical analysis tools is very helpful, because it allows the user to assess current market events and to trade with more clarity.


Security is a big issue with online brokers and trading platforms; as an investor, you only want to invest your money with reputable providers. There are now many providers of automated trading systems in this rapidly growing market - unfortunately, we have repeatedly uncovered black sheep in our tests.

Quantum Trading is a reputable provider and stands out positively. The use of the website is secure, the entire data traffic is encrypted with modern RSA technology - as can be verified with the security certificate. Likewise, the provider guarantees that the privacy of users is ensured through compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO).

Another important security issue for many investors is regulation. Automated trading robots and cryptocurrency trading are a very innovative and young area of the financial markets in which there are still no clear legal regulations.

Accordingly, Quantum Trading is not yet subject to any financial supervisory authority, so it is an unregulated provider. This can become problematic if a conflict arises between investor and provider in which no supervisory authority can be involved or mediate.

Customer service

It is not uncommon for questions to arise when trading online. You may have questions about the trading software, payment conditions or custom settings. Unfortunately, Quantum Trading is not very convincing in the area of customer service:


  • The only way to reach the customer service is the provided contact form - this is sufficient, but we would have hoped for a live chat or telephone hotline as a more convenient option.


A special feature of Quantum Trading: the provider does not charge its customers any fees. There are no registration, deposit or transaction fees when trading with Quantum Trading.


  • The payout of the profits earned is also possible in principle at any time; there are no payout fees, as is quite common with other trading platforms.
Quantum Trading Login

Quantum Trading Login and Registration

It only takes 3 simple steps to open an account with Quantum Trading and start trading.

Step 1: Register your account

First of all, you have to register for the provider's services. All you have to do is fill in the registration form next to the video.

To do so, enter your first name, last name, email address and telephone number, tick the box to agree to data processing in accordance with the Data Protection Act (DSGVO) and click on the button "Join us now!

The data will be transmitted and the trading account will be opened.

Step 2: Make a deposit

Quantum Trading depositThe second step is to make a deposit into the provider's trading account. Several accepted deposit methods can be used for this, such as credit card (VISA, Mastercard) or bank transfer.

The provider has set a minimum deposit of EUR 250. This is a standard trading amount that is also required by other automated trading systems such as Bitcoin Evolution, Bitcoin Profit or Bitcoin Billionaire.

We also recommend starting with 250 EUR to slowly familiarise yourself with the way it works. The investment amount can be increased at any time; a gradual increase after the first trading successes is advisable.

Step 3: Start trading

Now you will be contacted by telephone by the client manager and given access to the Quantum Trading software. After a few minutes, all the necessary settings are made and trading can begin.

The algorithm becomes active according to the settings made, the risk tolerance and the trading capital deposited. We recommend waiting for the first trading results and definitely requesting a first payout to convince yourself of the provider's seriousness. If a satisfactory return is achieved, further money can be deposited.

Quantum Trading App

Mobile trading is already taken for granted by most users today - the convenience of trading from anywhere at any time via smartphone is simply great. Unfortunately, there is no Quantum Trading app that would offer users this advantage.

However, it is possible to open the website in the browser of the mobile device. The display of the trading platform, which is optimised for mobile devices, is successful, and the current trading success can still be viewed at any time.

Quantum Trading experiences and user opinions

Profit App in the test

For our Quantum Trading test, we also wanted to consult and evaluate the user opinions of existing users. However, we hardly found any reports of Quantum Trading experiences on the internet. This is probably due to the fact that the innovative provider has only been on the market for a short time and the user base is only now likely to increase rapidly.

However, a few posts in community forums had very positive feedback on Quantum Trading. They praise the software's ease of use, and some users also report surprisingly high profits - although these are not necessarily the same for all users.

Some criticism is also voiced in the user reports; a native app for smartphones would be a welcome improvement. One user also asks whether the platform could perhaps use more asset classes for trading in order to achieve more stable profits.

Is Quantum Trading a scam?

Some readers have asked whether Quantum Trading is a scam. There is a lot of uncertainty about automated trading systems on the internet and some scepticism is always appropriate before investing your money.

Unfortunately, Quantum Trading has done little to address this issue.

Oil Profit a scam

There is neither a clear imprint nor detailed information about the team behind Quantum Trading on the website. More transparency would help investors to gain more trust in the tool.

To all appearances, Quantum Trading is serious and provides its users with a valid, reputable service. If one disregards the somewhat exaggerated promises of high profits and, on the other hand, sees the provider as an investment experiment, the use of the software can definitely be worthwhile.

It should always be pointed out that even the most modern trading algorithms and trading software cannot guarantee a profit. Their operation is very advanced and yet prone to error, market developments may be subject to unprecedented influences ("event risk") or order execution may not always be possible in some circumstances. In the worst case, a total loss may even be imminent.

Therefore, we urge all readers who wish to use Quantum Trading to always start with the minimum deposit and to slowly familiarise themselves with the functioning of the programme.

Quantum Trading Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Quantum Trading can be used on all devices
  • Minimum deposit only 250 EUR
  • Free use of the trading robot


  • No native app for iOS/Android
  • Somewhat lacking transparency of the provider

Our conclusion on the Quantum Trading test

Overall, our Quantum Trading technology experience has been very positive and promising. The provider provides its users with an innovative and advanced automated trading robot that offers a competitive edge through the combination of quantum technology and artificial intelligence.

Despite all the confidence, we advise our readers to proceed with caution and prudence. It is therefore essential to make only the minimum deposit at first. Then you can test the trading software for its effectiveness.


What is Quantum AI?

Quantum Trading is an advanced trading software that uses quantum computer technology to analyse the international financial markets and identify trading opportunities. It can automatically trade on behalf of its users.

Is it worth buying indicators from Quantum Trading Technology?

At Quantum Trading Technology, the indicators are already built into the trading software, so individual indicators are not even available for purchase. The effectiveness of the indicators should be tested without increased risk by investing the minimum amount.

How much money should I invest?

Despite its high accuracy rate, profits are not guaranteed when trading with Quantum Trading - trades can also turn out to be loss-making. The minimum deposit is 250 EUR and offers a good, risk-free test of the software.

What are the requirements for me to trade successfully with Quantum Trading Technology?

As a user, you do not need any previous experience or special knowledge. What is required is a minimum deposit of 250 EUR and a little patience. In stable market conditions the software works better and can trade more reliably and profitably.

Is Quantum Trading reputable?

Quantum Trading is a reputable provider that wants to make the world of Quantum Trading accessible to everyone. This even goes so far that no trading fees, commissions or royalties are payable.

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