Samourai Wallet joins Tor Project funding programme

September 30, 2021

Samourai Wallet joins Tor Project funding programme

Bitcoin wallet Samourai Wallet has joined the Tor Project Membership programme, supporting the non-profit organisation with a $50,000 contribution. The project team has pledged to donate on an annual basis.

We are proud to have joined the @torproject as Vidalia Onion members. We make tremendous use of the open source software maintained by the project and are very pleased to pledge on-going support for the important work they do

According to the Tor Project, Membership members receive three "special benefits":

  • access to the Onion Advisors group, which assists in the integration of the Tor System;
  • participation in exclusive meetings with the Tor Project team;
  • public promotion of a member.

The programme offers three levels of membership. The most advanced, Shallot Onion, is awarded to members who choose to donate $100,000 or more per year, Vidalia Onion status from $50,000 per year and Green Onion from $10,000 to $49,999.

In addition to Samourai Wallet, anti-virus software developer Avast, analytics company Team Cymru and VPN service Mullvad are also eligible for Vidalia Onion status.

Samourai Wallet uses CoinJoin bitcoin transaction anonymisation technology as well as the ZeroLink protocol, which allows the source and destination of each transferred coin to be hidden from third parties.

As a reminder, in 2020, Europol stated that the growing popularity of Samourai Wallet made it much more difficult to investigate darknet activity.

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