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Cryptocurrencies have become a real alternative to traditional investment opportunities. Of course, the digital coins have their advantages and disadvantages, go through their ups and downs, but overall there are many interesting investment strategies in this sector. Accordingly, more and more people are turning to digital assets. Not only is direct investment in bitcoin and the like popular, but also crypto robots as an investment strategy.

If you rely on a reputable trading bot, you can build up a passive income stream. Since investing in virtual coins is already associated with some risks, you should be careful not to choose a fraudulent provider. Otherwise, you have no chance at all of making a profit with this investment adventure. In our Stellar Profit test, we find out whether Stellar Profit is a reputable bot.

What is Stellar Profit?

  • Stellar Profit is a trading robot that specialises in cryptocurrencies. This is an automatic trading software that makes everyday trading much easier for traders. The trading bot takes care of everything from calculating the probabilities for the price development to executing the trading actions.
  • Extremely practical and also highly effective. Of course, as a passionate crypto trader, you don't want to miss out on this. The only question is, does Stellar Profit work seriously or is it a Stellar Profit scam?
What is Stellar Profit

Stellar Profit: Structure of the website

If you want to gain your own Stellar Profit experience, you should go to the platform and open a Stellar Profit account there. The platform is quite clearly structured, so that even beginners can easily find their way around. However, a closer look reveals that two important components are missing from the platform:

  • Firstly, there is no customer service and
  • secondly, the lack of an imprint.
  • These are actually things that belong to the basic equipment of every reputable provider.

How does Stellar Profit work?

If we first continue to assume that Stellar Profit is an average crypto robot, the way it works is quickly explained:

The crypto robot calculates the probability for the development of the various digital currencies based on algorithms. According to the calculation results, the trading bot then decides whether it makes sense to sell or buy the cryptocurrencies.

All this happens within a few seconds and around the clock. No human trader can match this efficiency, which is why the bots are so popular.

However, it is important to note that not every trade is a successful trade. Even when using crypto robots, profits are not necessarily the order of the day. Many uninformed investors do not know this and are disappointed.

Stellar Profit: Experiences, user reports and our assessment

If you want to find out how far apart the theoretically promised offer and the actually delivered offer are, you should read the user reports on the internet about the respective product. After all, deceived or disappointed users rarely keep their opinions about a provider to themselves. Before making an investment, you are well advised to get an overview of the opinions of other customers.

In the case of Stellar Profit, however, these opinions do not really look good. Users often report bad experiences with the crypto robot. Perhaps it would be a good idea not to overestimate this crypto robot.

Stellar Profit Experiences

The team behind Stellar Profit

Unfortunately, not much can be said about the team behind Stellar Profit. After all, it is almost impossible to find out even a little about the team behind Stellar Profit. In any case, no useful information about the operators can be found on the platform itself. So who is actually behind the offer is uncertain.

However, the lack of transparency shows us as users that something is not right here. Reputable providers have no reason to hide.

The customer support at Stellar Profit

Unfortunately, stellar Profit does not offer customer support. This indicates that the operators do not attach any importance to customers receiving any kind of support. So if there are any problems when depositing, withdrawing or trading with stellar Profit, there is no way to contact the operators.

How to open a Stellar Profit account

At this point, we will not look at how to open a Stellar Profit account. Instead, we will focus on opening a Bitcoin Profit account. Because this provider seems much more serious.

Step 1: The registration

The Bitcoin Profit platform is clearly laid out and user-friendly. It is therefore no problem to find the registration area. Moreover, only a few data are requested, which makes the registration process extremely time-saving.

However, registration is only possible for users over 18 years of age.

Step 2: The deposit

Once the account has been set up, it is time to make a deposit. In addition to credit card deposits, deposits can also be made via Postepay, iDeal, SEPA, Skrill and Trustly.

The minimum deposit is 250 euros, which is customary in the industry. For the beginning, it is recommended not to exceed this amount. Once you are more familiar with the platform and have made your first profits, you can always increase the investment.

Step 3: Trading

As soon as the deposit has been booked, you can let the crypto robot get to work. To do this, you make the desired settings in automatic trading, such as the amount you want to trade, and let the robot work.

You can follow the trading actions of the bot live via the platform. You should observe the results closely. If the market suddenly reacts differently than expected, you can correct the settings and thus optimise your profit.

The special features of Bitcoin Profit

Conclusion on Profit Formula

Since Stellar Profit cannot shine with any positive features, let's take a brief look at the special features of Bitcoin Profit:

  • Bitcoin Profit has a risk management system. Users can set the risk individually and adjust it to their risk tolerance.
  • There is a demo account with which you can extensively test the functions of the platform before trading with your own money.
  • Bitcoin Profit also offers so-called reverse trades. If the market situation suddenly changes and you probably make a bad deal with a trade, you can still turn around and reverse the whole thing.

It is a pity that Stellar Profit does not have such special features.

Is Stellar Profit a scam?

Profit App in the test

It is likely that Stellar Profit is a scam and that Bitcoin Stellar fraud is involved in the investment. At the very least, some facts suggest that there is something fishy going on here or that the quality of the offer is extremely poor.

The lack of an imprint and customer service is actually indication enough that we are not dealing with reputable providers here. Why should a reputable provider make such a big secret about himself and make any contact between providers and customers virtually impossible?
Furthermore, there is no mention of the risk that exists when trading with cryptocurrencies. 

Many reputable providers explicitly point this out.

In addition, the platform is often offline and therefore often and suddenly no longer to be found on the internet. Of course, this is anything but reassuring for customers who have already invested money there.

All this does not really give a good overall picture. Even if one does not necessarily want to speak of a fake at this point, unfortunately one cannot speak of a good crypto robot either.

Stellar Profit a scam

The conclusion about Stellar Profit

Even if you can't be 100% sure that there would be a fraud when using Stellar Profit: Our Stellar Profit test has shown that you should rather stay away from Stellar Profit.

Both the imprint and the customer service are missing. Furthermore, the platform does not provide any background information about the crypto robot itself. In addition, the website is often offline and cannot be found on the web. All in all, a rather questionable offer.

Result: It can therefore be assumed that the Stellar Profit crypto robot is not necessarily a recommendable automatic trading software.
If you still want to have a trading bot at your side, you could try Bitcoin Code, Bitcoin Trader or our favourite, Bitcoin Profit, for example. With these, the chances of making a profit are much better.

Our conclusion: Too many signs of fraud.
Best alternative: Bitcoin Profit.

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